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  1. Chunk

    Teddy Hart Coming to ROH on 3/13!

    I really hope he shows up and is made to buy a ticket and sit with the fans. Can you imagine the reality check when the smart fans in attendence realise its not a work and heckle the living shit out of him all night. Normally I wouldnt wish that upon anyone, but in Teddys case I think it could do him some good. If it turns out to be a work, somehow id feel a little cheated. But you have to admit that if Gabe and Rob put the differences aside they do have a man that will generate HUGE heel heat from the moment he leaves the curtain.
  2. Chunk

    Terry Funk on teaming with Raven

    Ive only seen up to show 80, but this pairing seems strange to me. How come Sandman gets to work match after match while they tease the return of Raven, only for Raven to then return and team with Funk and not Sandman? All that "Sandman will go to any length to beat punk and julio" seems pointless as Sandman is now out of the picture.
  3. Chunk

    How Come Noone Posts The TNA Observer News?

    Hmmm, interesting. Lets say i have a "friend" that might be interested in downloading the Observer on a regular basis. Where can I .... er i mean ..... where could he partake in such downloading?
  4. Chunk

    Chyna not on the 2/18 show

    Two words: PUSH PUNK! That is all.
  5. Chunk

    The Tenchu series.

    I rented the second one (Stealth Assasins?) and thought it was ok. Not really that brilliant, ...... but OK!
  6. Chunk

    Zandig Bringing in Teddy Hart for 3/5

    Its also metioned in another thread: http://forums.thesmartmarks.com/index.php?showtopic=50155
  7. Chunk

    Chyna not on the 2/18 show

    Meh. Cant say im really that disappointed.
  8. Chunk

    Hacking windows programs

    Yeah, you'd think that would be the case, but it's not. It's illegal thanks to the Windows user licence and a few well lobbied bills from Washington. Welcome to Microsoft's America. Really? I had no idea that was the case. I know it is Legal to hack an XBOX and install Linux, as long as you dont expect to then keep your warranty. If your buying it and then modding it for your own use, that shouldnt be illegal. Its like buying a car and then not being legally allowed to carry out maintenance modifications on it. Crazy!
  9. Chunk

    TNA Staff Discuss Contenders For DOA

    I can see them giving it to Piper. I hope they dont .... but I can see them giving it to him. Tenay wouldnt be too bad IMO, but would they then need a new play by play guy?
  10. Any of you guys have a capture card and some free hdd space? *Hint hint* Its not on over here in the UK.
  11. Chunk

    Damnit,Kanyon Has A 90 Day No Compete Clause

    I dont understand why TNA have the same stipulation. WWE would never sign someone who was able to work TNA anyway. And on the TNA side, surely it wouldnt be bad to have a guy on your roster that is also working for the WWE, and is getting massive exposure on a weekly basis because of it.
  12. I haven't posted for a while, but I've started to again now. Anyway, what ever happened to the word association thread? That beauty was getting huge when I was around last. I've tried to search for it, but no luck. If it hasn't gone for a good reason, can I start a new one?
  13. Chunk

    Battlestar Galactica picked up for 13 episodes

    How many shows made up the "mini series" that aired previously? Sky TV have just shown the first of a two part Batlestar Galactica program over here in the UK, and im not sure if it is the same thing that is being mentioned here. When I say they've "just shown it", I mean it was on tongiht. I sort of fell asleep for the end, but I didnt think it was too bad. I would definetly check out the series if it is shown over here.
  14. Chunk

    Brosnan to play Bond again....

    Good news. He's not getting any younger, but I really like him as Bond.
  15. Chunk

    The word association thread

    Damn, I liked that thread. All those posts gone to waste The board isn't complete without the longest thread in the history of the world!
  16. Chunk

    ROH DVDs to be in stores?

    I agree. Even if your only going to use them to get up to date for the full releases, its worth it for $6-10.
  17. Chunk

    Internet Explorer Doesn't Launch

    I get errors all the time too. It's usually I think "exec" and "kernell" errors. Something like that. Try Firefox, works a treat.
  18. Chunk

    Internet Explorer Doesn't Launch

    Im having similar problems with IE 6. Since i installed it , i get mshtml.dll errors which force explorer to close, and every IE window to shut down. I havent been able to fix the problem, so if anyone has any ideas ...... let me know. In the mean time, ive set up Mozilla fire fox. If you havent used it, i highly recommend it.
  19. Chunk

    help with vids

    Probably a codec you need. I had the same problem. Downloading the latest divx codec from http://www.divx.com/ fixed it for me.
  20. Chunk

    Disk space going down little by little...

    Could it be temp files? Or maybe if your playing multiplayer games, everytime you connect and someone has a new map or new skin, it might be saving it to you HDD?
  21. Chunk

    ROH Tournament Brackets

    Wasn't Alex Shelley supposed to be in the Pure tournament? How come they replaced him with Daniels?
  22. Chunk

    Sick Nick Mondo Tribute

    Good stuff. I wasnt a huge fan of Mondo myself, but I have respect for him none the less.
  23. The wrestling channel that weve been getting excited about over here in th UK, now looks certain to happen. Heres the newest info: (from wrestle-zone.co.uk) How awesome is this going to be!? I know it will only effect a minority of visitors to this board, but I think its worthy news as it will be the first of its kind anywhere in the world. I think I might be investing in a second Sky subscription.
  24. Chunk

    Official Preview! 9/3/03

    Why are they having a break?
  25. Chunk

    CZW International News

    Book Soon! There are some very cheap flights going (e.g I've got flights to Venice for 20 pounds inc. airport tax). I've descided to make a trip out of it and thus I'm spending 7 nights in Italy, Belgium and Amsterdam. The whole thing comes to 187 pounds travel and accomadation because everything is so cheap in off peak times. Thanks for the advice. If you dont mind telling me, where did you book flights for £20? Thats much cheaper than I have been able to find.