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    Danger Zone 9-30-2005

    HOLD UP..... Ghost Whisperer was # 1 in its timeslot!?!? I was almost POSITIVE that the show would be canceled midseason, but I'm a faithful JLH fan and I'll wait til the show is DONE. I watched Time of Your Life and Garner sure as hell made a better career move than JLH did since. Dames
  2. The Dames

    OAO 10/1 Impact Thread

    I agree. AMW definitely needs to explain the turn, especially since they had tons of reasons to turn on EACH OTHER in the past 3 years. Anyway, the one thing that bothered me the most (and I know that this may sound silly) was the fact that Konnan said that the fans at the Impact Zone made TNA what it was...and completely disacknowledged the Nashville fans when doing so. Granted, they got burned out but a MAJORITY of TNA's history occured in Nashville, at the Fairgrounds, but when I think about the early days of TNA, I think of the HEEL SECTION~! and the controversy that arose after Raven/Jarrett 1 there. THOSE were the fans that MADE TNA....that paid every week to go there. Not the Universal fans who go there for free with admission to the park. Nashville does deserve some credit. Hell, I almost considered moving there when I was "offered" a position from Jerry Jarrett and Don West, even though I knew it was BS at the time.. It would have been a bigger transition from The Bronx to Nashville as opposed to The Bronx to Bristol, CT. Dames Dames
  3. The Dames

    Danger Zone 9-30-2005

    Oh come on. Like you wouldn't put her over. Did you watch Ghost Whisperer this AND last week? Huh? Huh? Dames
  4. The Dames

    OAO 10/1 Impact Thread

    Uh....no. Matt signed a one-night deal with TNA and literally morphed into his brother for the match, don't you remember? He might not have the charisma, but the guy can shape-shift like a mo-fo. ANYWAY, continue discussing this fine wrestling program tonight and ignore Dames' getting everything wrong-ness. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ...If you actually witnessed Matt Hardy wrestle for TNA while he was under the no compete clause from WWE, I'd like whatever you were smoking, PK. Especially, since TNA refused to put him on the show once they realized he was just using them. I'm not trying to come across like a TNA mark...I just want some competition so Vince can have a fire lighted under his ass. I think thats what we all want here, just so wrestling in general can get better. I'm tired of the SHIT we've gotten from WWE in the last 3-4 years since WCW died. Dames
  5. The Dames

    OAO 10/1 Impact Thread

    You mean Jeff, don't you PK? Monty is actually a Goldberg-esque phenomenon. Not a great worker, but explosive enough and actually more charismatic to get you into him. He actually works better if he's NOT in a "squash jobber" mode. That was part of my fear when I heard he was going in with a 30 second squash tonight. Hardy vs. Rhino is your typical Raw midcard main event and not what I would have chosen as the main, but you want to get your "names" out there, I guess. Don West, although he really, really tried, isn't a great commentator, but Tenay really makes up for him and he's better than Ross/Lawler together. I just want people to give the product a chance and not write it off immediately, since this was 10x better than WCW was in its dying days and they still pulled in relately decent numbers for a cable station at the time. WWE needs competition. Period. Dames
  6. The Dames

    SNL in HD

    Sorry, full frame vs. Widescreen TV, I'm COMPELLED to choose widescreen. Good video quality vs. GREAT video quality, I'm COMPELLED towards GREAT. HD > YOU. Sorry, Bob. I put you over enough this weekend... Dames
  7. The Dames

    SNL in HD

    I dont even have an HDTV, but I get the HD channels and it makes such a difference in video quality that I seriously get upset if something fucks up and I have to watch it in standard full frame format. I'm spoiled at this point and I will be buying an HDTV in the future. HD or death. Dames
  8. The Dames

    Yankees-Red Sox Thread

    I know I don't want the Sox in the postseason. Would it be as fun if there was no Sox/Yanks matchup in the AL East? No... But it would be a hell of a lot easier to get those WS rings and that's the bottom line, isn't it? Dames
  9. The Dames

    OAO 10/1 Impact Thread

    I know Strong is big, but he isnt a loser either. Ill take your word on the 3 way Dance and the Alfa Male. In regards to AJ, I have seen a lot of his stuff, and it was the same then. Its fundamentally what is wrong with him, he is not a real wrestler. He is this spot monkey who throws in his gymnastics to fool people into thinking he is great. He is RVD. And with Jarrett and Nash, you cant have it both ways. Either your creating a new fed for WWE fans to see their old stars, but in a better light. Or your creating new fans from guys like Joe and Styles. Trying for both will probably make you fail at both. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> AJ is NOT RVD as AJ does have a much better concept in terms of selling and his offense isn't completely ludicris or weapons based. His spots are spectacular, but he can mat wrestle a hell of a lot better. Tonight was about showcasing his style and pizass (sp?), not his substance. Wait til his 30 min IronMan with Daniels before you write him off. As someone who's watched AJ before his TNA time, believe me, I wouldn't sing his praises if he was nothing but a spot monkey. As for Jarrett and Nash, like I said in the internet show, you can't put the title on a fresh face just yet. You want SOME familiarility while you introduce guys you WANT on top so when it happens, you're satisfied. I dont' expect Nash to win, hell, I don't expect anyone to beat Jarrett for at least 4-6 mos...but when someone does, I expect it to be someone new and fresh and I'll be pissed if its not.
  10. The Dames

    OAO 10/1 Impact Thread

    Yes, the show is an hour. The Naturals are a good team, but they aren't anywhere near the level on AMW's match quality, although they have improved lately. They only really got their push since they were associated with Candido around the time of his death but new talent is new talent. Eventually, the tag straps will come back to AMW in order to set up 3D/AMW, I'm sure, but the Naturals are better than all of WWE's tag teams right now. If anything, the division that TNA is lacking the most in is actually their heavyweight division. The X Division is stacked and the tag division is better than WWE just by the fact that they have 3 legit condenders as opposed to WWE's tag teams whose champs aren't even credible. Dames
  11. The Dames

    OAO 10/1 Impact Thread

    First off, it was Faith No More dude. Second, Rsssh, Strong isn't one of the focuses of TNA, Styles is and at least he got to get SOME offense in, unlike Monty Brown's opponent. Speaking of that, Brown has given much better Pounces to people, that was a bit of a disappointment, especially if you see his match with Abyss at last years Turning Point. The guy can put on a good match with the right guy, but showing about a minute of the guy won't really do much for you right away, especially with his Serengeti stuff. Styles wasnt trying to tell a story with this match. See his matches with Daniels or Samoa Joe for that. This was a 5-8 minute showcase of his offense to an audience that has never seen him before. Think about it that way, since thats how it was intended. It wasn't intended to be a marquee match up or a PPV build up against Strong, it was intended as a Styles showcase so it's ok in my opinion to let Styles show just a portion of his amazing offense to a new crowd. The 3 way dance could have been better, I agree. If you watch the PPV's TNA has put on in this past, this match pales in comparison, but at least it shows that its going to be fast paced, shows moves you've never seen before and has guys that are willing to go balls out, which is more than you'll see on WWE TV these days from the cruisers, which is no fault of their own. Jarrett and Nash on top, while I don't WANT them on top, is only to show the world that is tuning in for the first time (which most of are marks) that this is where these guys have been lately and while you might not care, I'm sure you've seen or spoken to enough marks that happen to like Nash or the Dudleys to show enough interest in it. If you put it on fresh faces right away, you have to showcase them...instead, give them a build first. Dames
  12. The Dames

    OAO 10/1 Impact Thread

    As someone who started watching TNA when they were PPV only and got a number of people interested with my reviews, tonight was a great night for TNA. Even though the Dudleys were stale as hell when they left WWE , I marked out when they came out. AMW is a GREAT tag team that turned down a WWE offer and have easily had the best tag matches in TNA since their inception. AMW just recently turned heel after a 3 year run and dammit, those two teams can put on a show...but AMW needs to be put over first to the new crowd. This wasn't even a showcasing of the entire roster. You've still yet to see Samoa Joe, Abyss IN ACTION and Christopher Daniels light the screen up. I'm so proud of the TNA product right now. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Dames
  13. The Dames

    Warrior DVD Trailer

    Now, I know there's a thread on the DVD already, but I didn't see anyone post this just yet. PWInsider has found the trailer for the new Warrior DVD which confirms that this is just going to be a burial beyond belief... mms://wmsvod.wwe.com/dvdtrailers/200508/ultimatewarriordvd300.wmv Copy and paste this into your browsers... Dames
  14. The Dames

    Pick Christian's new shirt

    The Black one is the best one, IMO. Dames
  15. I want to start this out by saying that this site and the forums have given me a great sense of pride and happiness in the last few years and I would like to say thank you for that, first and foremost. I'll be frank with all of you. As much as I want to continue with the site, right now, I'm at a point in my life where financially, I cannot. I've never wanted to let this site go and those of you who speak to me online know that I've always had a place for this site since it was all I had at one point. As of the 15th of August, Mike the Admin will officially take over TSM, the board & the site. What he will do with the site will be entirely up to him. Nothing changes until the 15th, however. My hope is that he will keep the forums up and allow TSM to remain as it is for now, but that's all up to him. I know this may seem abrupt, but lately, I've had to come with the grips of reality that I haven't contributed nearly as much as I should have to the site and it's suffered greatly for it. Combine that with the added stress of all of my bills piling up on me and I feel guilty for having to reach such a decision. But right now, this is what I have to do for myself. First, I would like to thank ALL of you for coming to TSM and making it a part of your lives in some sort of way. The fact that people here have made bonds and will always have memories of this place is enough for me to be happy with. I want to thank the great staff that TSM has had, both past and present, for all of your hard work and dedication to what has been at times a thankless job. A special thank you goes out to Dr. Tom & Sass for taking care of this site when I took my extended leave of absence...and never really returned full time. I want to thank JHawk & Kingpk for continuing to update the site with Raw & SD reports weekly when no one else continued. JHawk deserves a second applause by having written the most articles and being here with me since day one. I want to thank Goodhelmet & Stephen Joseph for being there with me when TSM was first conceptualized and walked me through the first few months of it all. I want to thank Mike the Admin for everything he's done for me as well. I want to thank EVERY staff member who's been a part of TSM, Zack Malibu, Brian, Canadian Chick, Loss 4 Words, Illustrious One, APO, Kotz, HTQ, Areacode212, alkeiper, Kahran Ramsus, treble...and I KNOW that I'm missing some of you guys and I'm sorry about that. I'd like to think that I've had good relationships with all of you and I hope to keep in touch with a lot of you in the future. So...I am officially stepping down as the Owner of TSM as of August 15th, 2005. It was a great 3+ year run. Damian "The Dames" Gonzalez
  16. The Dames

    OAO Smackdown! Thread

    I don't buy the "too short" argument. Look at Taz in '97...shorter than most cruisers and people bought that the guy was tough. It's the build up and execution that matters. Dames
  17. The Dames

    Dusty Rhodes signs with WWE

    Now, I'm not saying that Rhodes = WARGAMES, but since he did come up with the idea, HHH has another ally in terms of getting WARGAMES on WWE TV. Dames
  18. The Dames

    OAO Smackdown! Thread

    The moment he was clotheslined out of the ring by Funaki in the first 10 seconds of the match, I realized that WWE is going to fuck up another can't miss prospect. Dames
  19. The Dames

    OAO Smackdown! Thread

    Batista made me laugh for the first time since the turn... Dames
  20. The Dames

    The Cost of Oil.

    Is anyone else who saw "The Oil Storm" starting to freak out. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ...YEAH! I'm creeped out already. FX should play it again and freak EVERYONE out. Dames
  21. The Dames


    ...I concur with the gimmick poster belief on this one. Dames
  22. The Dames

    Carrot Top...

    Alright...I'm officially pissed off that I'm not as in shape as fucking CARROT TOP. *does 100 push ups* Dames
  23. The Dames

    The Damian Gonzalez Memorial Thread

    ....I disabled pictures to come into this thread just so I can call you a bastard. Bastard. My name is still in Red mofos!!!! Dames
  24. The Dames

    TheSmartMarks Wrestling Radio Show!

    Alright, I just finished watching the show. It would help if you had a set outline as to what you were going to talk about to cut down on your tangents, but I think you did a REALLY good job flying solo for your first ever broadcast. I will gladly take you up on the offer to be interviewed, I think it would be a great back and forth conversation, but I wouldn't want the focus to be on me much at all, more along the lines of discussing the weeks news and stuff like that. Just say the word and I'll help in any way that I can for you there. Just curious, how long did it take for you to get everything done, since it seems you were discussing wrestling from 2 weeks ago. DA, you're off to a great start. Dames
  25. The Dames

    TheSmartMarks Wrestling Radio Show!

    I'm downloading it as we speak so I can give it a listen. This was actually something that I wanted to do when I had my own radio show back in college, but I wasn't in charge of the format. I'd love to be a guest! Dames