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  1. The Dames

    Raw on Monday....

    I prefer the 100's because I'm a short d00d and I like to see the action without people and/or signs in my way. Dames
  2. The Dames

    Raw on Monday....

    I know a few of you are going to Madison Square Garden for Raw on Monday. I know this has been done before, but I figured more people have probably gotten tickets by now. So, who's going? Section 129 if you guys want to meet The Dames. He'll be signing autographs and taking photos from 8-11pm. Dames
  3. The Dames

    Annoying People

    Hey, there's nothing wrong with Maven's Eyebrow's sig pic...its HI-larious. Anglesault annoys me because he takes everything Angle too seriously. Come on, who really keeps track of wins and losses?? Dames
  4. The Dames

    Raw on Monday....

    Nah. I doubt I'll wake up early enough to go down there. Besides, its probably just going to be a ton of speeches and crap like that. Dames
  5. I liked Highlander:Endgame as a sequel, bridging the Old school with the New School. Dames - Prince of the Universe.
  6. The Dames

    King of the Ring King of the Ring round one

    Wow......the entire left side wins. Bret, Triple H, Owen and Austin and Dames - KOTR 2003
  7. The Dames

    Low Ki

    The Dragon Wing Span - I've never heard of that one before....maybe you're talking about the snap suplex into the Dragon Clutch. The Dragon Clutch you've already covered. The "Tarantula" style Dragon Clutch that you mentioned is called The Bite of the Dragon, which I've never seen 'Ki bust out until TNA, which is odd because I've followed his career for quite a while now. The upside down Dragon Clutch that he applies off the top rope, Tenay calls the Hanging Dragon. The cartwheel kick that he does is called the Tidal Crush, no Dragon move there. Dames - Ki
  8. The Dames

    10 Gazillion Reasons

    *Points to palm of my hand* 40. Because he knows where the power lies! Dames - One Powerful SumBitch
  9. The Dames

    Which Board Skin do you use?

    I just use the Standard one. Dames - Creator of all Skin Wrappers.
  10. The Dames

    Stupid Bitch

    I was once on the receiving end of a DDT by my ex. Granted, I went with it, but it was still a funny moment. I miss her. Not all girls are evil though....some of us just fuck up once in a while too you know. Dames - He Kicked Out! He Kicked Out!
  11. The Dames

    Can I use Internet Explorer?

    Most of the time, I just use AOL to sign on and IE to go everywhere. Try that. Dames
  12. The Dames

    Scariest movie PERIOD

    You know, I'm really surprised that a lot of you actually saw IT, because if I can recall, it was a made for TV movie that came out on ABC. How did you guys see it? I saw it when it aired on TV. Dames
  13. I would also have to go with the Kiss My Ass Club. I remember thinking that exact same thing too..."I'm actually embarrassed to be a fan." Dames
  14. The Dames

    the 1&only Confidelocity Thread

    Sometime before TLC 2 because I remember seeing that exact same vignette during a show at WWF NY in early 2001. Dames
  15. I'm going to go with the first one, because since KOTR, I've had no qualms about saying that Brock is going to win the title. Nothing else would shock me more. Dames
  16. The Dames

    The Thing

    My boy EQ(Viva La Poop) and I were watching Raw when the commercial for The Thing came on. He said "Holy Shit!" and I said...."Let me guess, you're going to get it?" He said "Hell no, i'm surprised they'd advertise a shitty game like that!" He then ran down all of the reasons why it looked shitty from the commercial alone.....this guy is a video game genius. I'll tap him to come over here and give you guys the low down when he gets back from the Jersey Shore. Dames
  17. The Dames

    The One and Only Request Thread

    How about a plug for the site? Or if there's any NWA talent on those shows, plug my reviews Dames
  18. The Dames

    My retirement from the Smart Marks

    Mr. Bear, seeing as how you are now merely blocks away from my domicile, if you ever want to chill, just let me know. Dames
  19. The Dames

    best in game music

    Ok, I don't know about Cap vs SNK 2, but the music for MvC2 is HORRIBLE. None of it is fighting music and its all pop-ish which makes NO sense for that genre. The most annoying is the "I'm gonna take you for a ride" song that plays OVER AND OVER in the character selection screen. Some of the worst music ever. Dames
  20. The Dames

    Random Observations

    Yay! I got a plug! Dames
  21. The Dames

    Scariest movie PERIOD

    The Exorcist for me......but IT scares the shit out of me.....I never saw the ending because of the Giant Spider thing it turned into. Dames
  22. The Dames

    Indy Shows

    Sometime in June or so, Jac Sabboth said that he was burned out and that it may return, but as for now.....no more ICW. Dames
  23. The Dames

    SK Rant for Week 10

    Fellas.....screw SK.....because MY review is finally up on the main page. Dames
  24. The Dames


    No problem with my account fellas....and there ain't no way I was banned. Basically, I meant to register as The Dames when I first got here and for some reason, I couldn't, so I went with TheDames7. So, I just fixed it and deleted the old name. Thanks for wondering....lets me know people care Dames
  25. The Dames

    Ring of Honor Bus Trips

    Actually, I've been on them and they are worth the cash. Dames