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    When I went to Vegas, I went to the Stratusphere for a show and got a free buffet (they give them out in practically every hotel there it seems) and lets just say that after 10 minutes, I realized just how unsanitary the cafeteria was and I certainly wouldn't stay there. I stayed at the Monte Carlo this past July, had a blast...but yes, everyone will try to come up to you in the street and ask you for SOMETHING... Dames
  2. The Dames

    *OFFICIAL* TSM Owner bashing thread

    You're absolutely right. I tried not to think up bad ideas. Dames
  3. The Dames

    The Smarks Board circa 2001(?)

    Ah, the old debate. You have NO idea how close this site was to being named Vanilla Midgets Dames
  4. The Dames

    *OFFICIAL* TSM Owner bashing thread

    I'm speechless. Dames
  5. The Dames

    So, Princess Leena was banned

    Goddamn cock tease of a thread. Dames
  6. The Dames

    1 Ticket to Summerslam

    This is a single seat ticket to this Sundays Summerslam. It's in the Loge 22 section, Row 12, seat 10. It's a great view of the ring. All I'm asking for is 100 dollars. If interested, PLEASE let me know ASAP so I can arrange for the ticket to be overnighted tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is the absolute latest day I can ship the ticket. PM me here or email me at [email protected] ASAP Dames
  8. The Dames

    1 Ticket to Summerslam

    Yeah...I got screwed over by someone on Ebay or else I wouldn't have done this... Dames
  9. The Dames

    You know something?

    Once I stopped writing them, I pretty much stopped watching them, so I don't recall what I missed. Care to recap quickly, Corey? I'm glad I got to see the best X Division matches in early TNA at least... Dames
  10. The Dames

    TSM seems ready...

    *marks the fuck out for the Dragonzord* Dames
  11. The Dames

    TSM seems ready...

    All you mo' fuckers owe me about 3 grand for EXISTING, bitches. Dames
  12. The Dames

    Who Called Admin Bot?

    I got overwhelmed with "real life" ever since I moved up to CT. Job, car, responsibilities, etc... I felt TSM slipping bigtime as a priority until eventually, I had to come to the realization that I just couldn't do it anymore. Even after that, I still stayed on until I couldn't afford it anymore. My lack of dedication caused everyone to turn heel on me. It's all good though, I blame myself. But, I still lurk daily. More than you think. Dames
  13. If they're actually paying attention to continuity, it involves the original screwjob from many months ago from Raven. There was a mystery involving Jackie Gayda which caused Jarrett to get dirt on her, etc. The mystery was never "solved" but it implied that Zbsyzko was in cahoots with Jarrett and D'Amore when Raven was cost the belt and therefore, Raven deserves to be in the title picture again. Throw him into the Brown/Rhino/Joe situation and Joe can get a win on him after Raven takes on the other two in some decent brawls. Just sayin', that's my take on it. Dames
  14. The Dames

    The influcence of mixed martial arts in pro wrestling

    ...I meant Homicide, dammit. Dames
  15. I've been very..."accepting" of the concept of Extreme Rules vs. No Extreme Rules matches in ECW, but every ECW World Title Match should be extreme rules. At least that wouldn't annoy me nearly as much. Dames
  16. The Dames

    The influcence of mixed martial arts in pro wrestling

    I disagree. First off, pro wrestling has been around for ages as has the dreaded 5 count, long before MMA was ever popularized so it isn't a spin on anything. Batista did nothing MMA-like in his match with Kennedy. He was just DQ'ed for not obeying the rules. Ref stoppages in MMA are for fighters safety. Secondly, the best example I can think of is Bryan Danielson's title defense against both Roderick Strong and Homocide, which ended after the ref called the match due to a barrage of elbows, which wouldn't have happened had MMA not exploded as much as it has. The fans booed the finish then and I thought that was probably the best it's ever looked. Dames
  17. The Dames

    The influcence of mixed martial arts in pro wrestling

    I needed to chime in here, I agree with you, it doesn't normally come across as believable, but this isn't a good example. The match was not ended because of strikes, it was ended because Batista wasn't listening to the ref and continued to choke after the count of 5. Not the same, at all. Dames
  18. The Dames

    Who's had the same avatar forever.

    Hey guys, remember me? This mug has been my avatar for about 5 yrs now with a 2 month cup of coffee for a weird looking Domocun. Just sayin'. Dames
  19. Because there have been too many incidents where people have come into the "No Holds Barred" folder and believed that they had free reign in it, we have changed the name of the forum as well as place it where it belongs, in the "Forums Stuff" section. These are the (hopefully) clear rules of Hardcore Discussion. 1. Flaming is allowed here, stupidity is not. This isn't the "Stupid Crap" folder, so don't post any. This is especially geared towards gimmick posters. 2. Racism, bigotry and homophobic comments are not allowed in Hardcore Discussion and you can be banned for it. 3. Death threats towards any other poster on the TSM forums is not allowed and is considered a bannable offense. 4. The defense of "I didn't read the rules" won't help anymore. It is expected that you have read and acknowledged this post prior to posting in Hardcore Discussion. Dames
  20. Let the shit talking commence. Dames
  21. The Dames

    Movies that everyone loves that you cannot get the love for

    See, I wouldn't call Tony a total jerk. He was clearly a very loving brother and a good friend...it wasn't until his rage, feelings of inadequacy and jealousy took over thanks to Cocaine (a hell of a drug) that he went buck wild and burned all of his bridges. He gave his mom and his sister some money to try and help them out (and to brag about finally making it a bit) and basically took Manny under his wing and made him a pretty penny as well. And he didn't screw over anyone that he didn't think had it coming to them until he was high off of a MOUNTAIN of Cocaine. Dames
  22. The Dames

    Movies that everyone loves that you cannot get the love for

    I'm surprised that I'm the first one to try and explain this as maybe people don't understand why we "get" Scarface. I've been asked this plenty of times and I think its because its a gangster version of a rags to riches story that anyone who grew up as a minority or poor can relate to on some level. Tony is an illegal immigrant who came with literally the clothes on his back and was able to "earn" himself a huge empire which collapsed to his own selfishness and greed. The lesson most of us get out of it is...you can do it too, just don't indulge in excess to the point you end up like Scarface. Rappers love it because Tony is "tough" in that he doesn't take any crap from anyone (especially since he doesn't have an intimidating stature) and is true to himself. Also, since most rappers go into it to basically make a ton of money without "selling out" and the rags to riches story of Scarface is akin to their goals. Add in the fact that it was VERY edgy for its time (most F bombs in a single film until the South Park movie broke the record & a level of violence that caused protests in 83) and you have whats essentially a cult classic that has expanded to a culturally iconic film. Plus the movie is VERY quotable... Dames
  23. The Dames

    When Did Dames Stop Being Cool?

    Truth is, I never thought I was cool to begin with and I honestly believe that a lot of the people who thought I was only did because I was the owner. Some I know for a fact were true supporters that I consider friends, like Sass, Kotz, Barron and Malibu. Anyway, the lesson that I have learned here is this: drinking and posting don't mix. I tend to get pretty emotional when I'm drunk. As for me, I'm always lurking. I just don't say anything anymore, mostly cuz you guys are entertaining and I don't really feel like chiming in half the time. Oh well. Some people have a problem with me for reasons I'm still not sure of, but I really could care less at this point. Dames
  24. The Dames

    TSM Cliches.

    124. I am the owner of TSM. THE OWNER DAMMIT! UNFUCKWITHABLE~! Dames
  25. The Dames

    Hey BITCH

    Honestly, Getting pretty hammered, watching the season finale of the Shield and posting about it... Only to get shit on by her in her first post in a thread on a show she's never posted about, just to piss me off. Guess what, it worked. Oh well. Dames