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    Skull Radio~!

    On Sunday, February 18, 2007, at 7 P.M. EST, the inaugural broadcast of SWF: Skull Radio will take place. This will be a live internet radio broadcast that will be hosted by Alan Clark and me. During the course of these shows we will discuss happenings within the Smartmarks Wrestling Federation and only the Smartmarks Wrestling Federation. Don’t worry though, if you miss the live broadcast it will be recorded and available in MP3 format or Podcast directly after the conclusion of the live show. For the first edition, Alan Clark and I will give our thoughts on Tom Flesher’s State of the SWF address and some of the suggestions mentioned in the thread about how to keep this place alive. Also, we will give our match-by-match thoughts on the February 14 edition of Storm, predictions for the next Storm, and discussions of storylines going on and starting before we go live. If you’d like you may call in during the broadcast and we will gladly take your calls and let you add to the discussions. The phone number for you to call will be posted on the day of the show. I know Clark and I might get some negative reaction about this but this is one thing I’m trying to do in order to spark some life into the community and possibly have a fun thing for us to do once a week. Clark was more than happy to offer his services as co-host and honestly, I was more than thrilled to have him help out with this. One thing to mention. the call in number is a 646 area code, which is Manhattan, New York. I’d highly suggest using a cell phone with a nationwide calling plan to call in or some voice over internet, such as Skype. If anyone would like to make suggestions for topics they’d like us to discuss feel free to post them in this thread, and on Sunday come here for the phone number and link for the broadcast.
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    Skull Radio~!

  3. Secret Agent

    Storm Comments

    So he couldn't finish the match after his two minutes were up?
  4. Secret Agent

    Edge injured; out of action for undetermined length of time

    Why can't they just put the belt on Kane? I mean, for all that he's given to the WWE, a one day run some years ago is the best they can do? Come on, now. Sorry, I've just always liked Kane and I feel like he should get a chance for at least a... i dunno... month or two run with the belt before Mark Henery is even considered.
  5. Secret Agent

    Skull Radio~!

    No show this week, Johnny doesn't feel up to another solo show this week. We'll continue next Sunday with Skull Radio 21.
  6. Secret Agent

    Offseason College Football Thread

    They had to vacate victories. Meaning the teams they beat don't get to count the games as wins. They still lost. I say Oklahoma should refuse to vacate the Holiday Bowl victory until Oregon vacates their 2006 screw job win over OU. Other than that; having to vacate all the wins of a less than memorable season isn't too bad of a penalty, but it hurts the players who had nothing to do with it more.
  7. Secret Agent

    Storming comment-types!

    Carnival? That trains long left the station.
  8. Secret Agent

    PROMO: In Sweden, No-one Can Hear You Scream

    Not if they start doing this to faces.
  9. Secret Agent

    2007 Bored's College Football Pick 'Em Sign Up Thread

    If you want OU bad enough, I will change mine to Ball State and let you have the Sooners. Really? Okay, I'll do it, thanks!!
  10. Secret Agent

    2007 Bored's College Football Pick 'Em Sign Up Thread

    You need to step off of that. It's time to finally let me have my team for a change! I've been waiting for 3 years.
  11. Secret Agent

    SWF Storm Card - 7-12-2007

    That got to be a little bit too much. Imagining a rock festival is going on takes a lot less strain on the old brain.
  12. Secret Agent

    SWF Storm Card - 7-12-2007

    You send it to me; I'm marking this match fo sho!
  13. Secret Agent

    Teddy Hart signs development deal?

    The meaning of the word snigger is 'to snicker'. He had it right.
  14. Secret Agent

    SWF Storm Card - 7-12-2007

    We are an E-Fed so is it so hard for everone else to stretch the imagination and pretend the concert is going on while we're there?
  15. Secret Agent

    The OAO Official SWF 2006 Party Birthday Thread

    I guess it's the celebration to end all celebrations! Happy Birthday to the crown prince of Buffalo, New York, Tom Flesher! Damn, you're halfway to fifty now, Tammo!
  16. Secret Agent

    Skull Radio~!

    *blocks Fulminatus and Drea's numbers*
  17. Secret Agent


    A countdown to August 01, it would seem. Whats up with the 'tossing games' forum?
  18. Secret Agent

    Skull Radio~!

    Click here for Skull Radio 20
  19. Secret Agent


    If you think that movie is terrible I don't see how you could possibly praise any of the Godzilla movies that followed it, now those were truly some stinkers. Besides, just because you didn't like the movie doesn't mean nobody else did. It was a decent popcorn flick and thats about it. Anyway, as far as Cloverfield goes. Apparently, the 01-18-08 might not even be a release date, but the name of the movie itself. On the website 1-18-08.com/ there isn't much but there are two pictures that are time stamped 01-18-08, so apparently thats the day all this happens on. Also there is some blog on Ethanhaaswaswrong and a site Ethanhaaswasright that promises something on August 01. I'm sure there is more stuff somewhere, but thats all I've seen so far.
  20. Secret Agent


    So you'd rather have an actor in a suit for Godzilla? The Tri-Star Godzilla wasn't that bad. The monster didn't look like the orginal Godzilla, but it was done very well. Anyway, since Paramount is producing this I doubt that Godzilla is involved.
  21. Secret Agent

    Storm comments

    The Asai Moonsault to inverted DDT is my fault. I was watching a video of an A.J. Styles match and he did that, and I thought it'd be cool to have WC do it. I didn't even consider the Sunny in England and thats more my fault for not being accurate on knowing what that move is, but paying closer attention to your stats would have most likely helped with that one. Calling the Sky Surfer the So-Cal is another mess up on my part. I didn't pay close enough attention to his stats. As far as the way Austin was handled. I figured that Toxxic has a lot more experience with W&D than Austin does as well as tag teaming in general. Not that he sucks in charater or as a writer; I certinaly don't feel that way about him, we just figured the big brother-little brother dynamic would be a good way to approach this. I also had him control Johnny for a considerable amount of time in the latter half, so I tried to not make him come off as second rate. Heck, I even wrote Austin escaping the MI Slam... of course now days it seems to becoming more like the Discus Clothesline spot, where everyone dodges it, but thats something else all together. My intention was not to write Austin off as someone who was a bumbling fool so I help that explains some of it. Finally, I wish you'd post your match, I'd sure like to see it. Unless, of course, you're planning on saving it for later.
  22. Secret Agent

    Alvin and the Chipmunks

    Why? Are any of the voices being reprised?
  23. Secret Agent

    Transformers The Movie

    I just saw the flick and thought it was a good summer action movie. However, my biggest grip is that during some of the big Autobot Vs Decpticon fights it was sort of hard to see what was going on. Almost to fast if you ask me. The special effects where very good though. I'm thinking they used an animatronic Bumble Bee for some of his stuff which made him come off very realistic looking. My question about it though:
  24. Secret Agent

    7/5 predictions.

    Hello, Fugue.