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    New Shirts at WWE ShopZone

    The Imagi-Nation is what Jeff calls his fucked up backyard. It's full of aluminummies , moats, watering holes and a recording studio. I read this all in Raw Magazine.
  2. Patty O'Green

    NHL 2003 for PS2

    I rented it and I don't like it. The computer seems to run the same play over and over again. It skates behind the net passes the puck for a one timer and scores a goal almost everytime! However I did have fun when I played it against my friend. I also don't like the camera selections. This last gripe is minor but Sandy Moger is still on the LA Kings. I don't even think he's in the league any more.
  3. Patty O'Green

    An odd question

    I'd sell my first born child to see Christain win a world a title.
  4. Patty O'Green


    I'll do a half assed job of defending Christain seeing that he's my favorite wrestler. He's had some small character progression. He went from tag team champ to being jealous of Edge to being a cry baby to finally being a guy who hates America. He's still just a midcarder though. He has gotten wrose in the ring, but if I was part of a stable that was constantly getting beat up, I'd wrestle like shit to.
  5. Patty O'Green


    I've heard good things about Animal Crossing and Sunshine. However, I've played Sonic 2 and I can honestly say it's not worth the money. You would have to pay me to ever play that game again.
  6. Patty O'Green

    What do you do when you're...

    I drive around and listen to music. One time I drove for 4 hours straight. If I don't drive, I just sleep. If you're constantly feeling depressed you should see a counselor.
  7. Patty O'Green

    Who is the better Wrestler?

    I've noticed that Benoit and Angle seem to be two of the most popular wrestlers on this board. So I was wondering who you thought was better, Angle or Benoit?
  8. Patty O'Green


    I don't think I have a Wal- Mart near me. But if I need t-shirts and athletic pants for working out I always go to K-Mart or Target.
  9. Patty O'Green

    Time Splitters for PS2

    I don't have any tips but if you don't mind cheating and have a gameshark here are some codes: v1.0 - (M) Must Be On ECB784201456E79B v1.0 - Invincible 1CADA6681456E7A6 v1.0 - All Cheats Available 1CADAA7461DFB00C