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  1. LaParkaYourCar

    Do you think there will ever be WM 30?

    LOL it's funny to look back on ourselves 10 years ago. Wait a second...that was 10 years ago!? Man time flies.
  2. LaParkaYourCar

    All Time Worst Television Network/Channel Executives

    Like it or not a lot of what you listed are big money makers for FOX, especially the sports, so that definitely does not qualify him to be the worst exec ever.
  3. LaParkaYourCar

    The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Thread

    I just wish they would stop referring to it as the "25th Anniversary". Does no one in WWE know how to count?
  4. LaParkaYourCar

    Paul London blasts Hardy, HHH, McMahon, Bourne, Kidman and Brother Ray

    Well he is homosexual, and was probably drunk...so he just thought Nicole was a man and went for the wrong hole and she took offense.
  5. LaParkaYourCar

    Paul London blasts Hardy, HHH, McMahon, Bourne, Kidman and Brother Ray

    I'm sorry, but I have a hard time buying John Cena as "the hardest working man in the business" when everything he does in the ring looks half-assed. I just don't see it in his ring work. He might keep himself super busy and take on a lot of projects, but his ring abilities show a total lack of work to me.
  6. LaParkaYourCar

    Once Great Cable Channels That Have Gone Downhill

    ABC Family has some crappy orginal dramas on at night though. Pregnant teenage girl drama! I did find it funny that last weekend (?) there was a 700 club Telethon on ABC Family...and it was in HD! lol. 700 Club is on ABC Fam every day, you dolt. In HD. LOL. Oh thank God it's in HD. I just can't watch wacked out religious fanatics in standard definition.
  7. LaParkaYourCar

    Your guilty pleasure of the moment

    Aly and AJ....what?? Don't laugh....I'm being serious.
  8. LaParkaYourCar

    Book recommendations

    LOL when I was a little kid I tore my brother's copy of that book to pieces. When my mom asked who did it I came up with this elaborate excuse as to why it wasn't me that went something like this: Mom: Who tore up the book? Me: To see Grover Mom: No, not why did you tear it up, who tore it up? Me: Over by the crib Mom: No not where did you tear it up, who tore it up? Me: A man Mom: Which man? Me: A different one Mom: I think it was you wasn't it? Me: Maybe.
  9. LaParkaYourCar

    2009 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards

    Good point...guess shows like this cover the last two years or something.
  10. LaParkaYourCar

    Once Great Cable Channels That Have Gone Downhill

    Brenda Song however, seems a bit out of place on the new show (which is really, the fourth season of "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody") without Ashley Tisdale. It made more sense when somebody closer to London's age provided a counterbalance to her spoiled, ditzy rich girl persona. I think the problem is the writing for London as of late has been kind of lackluster. The only exception is the seaHarmony episode in which she was brilliant. Most of the time on the show now her jokes seem to be repettitive and flat. I miss the old London because her character just isn't the same as it used to be. Add on to that the fact that Brenda Song is starting to look dangerously thin as of late.
  11. LaParkaYourCar

    2009 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards

    Because of his recent mess I guess. Also this just in Katy Perry to make out with another girl on stage if she wins!! Get your cameras ready kiddies!!! Kidding of course.
  12. LaParkaYourCar

    Once Great Cable Channels That Have Gone Downhill

    Nah like I said Disney is taking this thing to the bank and loving it.
  13. LaParkaYourCar

    Once Great Cable Channels That Have Gone Downhill

    I don't know. The original had a great atmosphere to it too. I think because Ashley Tisdale and Kim Rhodes were both leaving the show they figured it was time for a change of scenery.
  14. LaParkaYourCar

    Once Great Cable Channels That Have Gone Downhill

    Suite Life on Deck isn't as good as the original, but it's still amusing. Plus it had the episode where Zack and Maddie finally kissed so it's already won points in my book...too bad they've acted like it never happened every episode since though. I am kinda interested to see Sonny with a Chance too.
  15. LaParkaYourCar

    Once Great Cable Channels That Have Gone Downhill

    We should have known what type of "comedy" channel TBS was going to be when they started airing horribly unfunny commercials about how funny their channel is. Call me odd, but I like the current Disney Channel. I'll admit it right now I'm a big Suite Life fan (both incarnations) and I loved Phil of the Future a few years back. Plus as was stated before they're laughing all the way to the bank, so I'm sure they're not worried. ABC Family...isn't this the same ""family"" channel that aired Cruel Intentions at one point? What a joke.
  16. LaParkaYourCar

    2009 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards

    Wow KID's choice....I kissed a Girl??? Because we all know kids love the Girl on Girl action!!
  17. LaParkaYourCar


    I love this season so far, but having main characters missing for whole episodes is kind of frustrating. Also we need more Turk/Carla interaction. Honestly I didn't find Gooch to be that pretty. She was oddly cute in a way, but that's about it.
  18. LaParkaYourCar

    Smallville: Season 7

    They could have done the whole "Lana gets powers" thing without putting Clark and Lana back together again. The whole Clark/Lana relationship has been given closure about 5 times now and the fact that they keep opening it back up is frustrating. Especially when they were finally going forward with the Clark/Lois relationship this season. At least Lois is absent for all of this on the show right now so they don't go and set their relationship development back to square one.
  19. LaParkaYourCar


    I loved the Cookie Pants episode. It really shows how JD and Elliot's relationship has evolved.
  20. LaParkaYourCar

    Smallville: Season 7

    What the hell??? All that good work so far this season has been thrown down the drain the second Lana came back on the show. Now all of the sudden it's the Clark and Lana show again. I swear this show has become like really bad fan fiction. Just when they are finally going forward with Clark and Lois they go and do this.
  21. LaParkaYourCar

    Royal Rumble 2009

    LMAO @ Beth Phoenix making Melina kick herself in the back of the head. I had never seen a move like that before.
  22. Wow Mr. Miyagi (shudders to think who will play him) will come off as a total asshole in this one. Is he really going to make a 10 year old kid Paint the house, paint the fence, sand the deck, and wax the car? "Mr. Miyagi I can't paint anymore my arm is about to fall off!" "Shut up you little brat...back to work!"
  23. LaParkaYourCar

    Taylor Swift melts my ice-cold heart.

    I really don't think she's as pretty as people say. She's kinda awkward and has to cake on the makeup to look good. Plus in the interviews she did after breaking up with that Jonas brother she kinda came off like a psycho bitch to me. Like the kind that would burn your house down if you broke her heart too badly.
  24. LaParkaYourCar

    Harry Potter Movies

    http://www.apple.com/trailers/wb/harry_pot...hegobletoffire/ I'm pumped for this. This was my favorite book of the series so far.
  25. LaParkaYourCar

    New WWE Writer

    Does this mean we can see a storyline involving Sarah Michelle Gellar sometime soon? She's still with Freddie isn't she? Buffy vs. Gangrel...book it!!