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    Royal Rumble 2006

    No. Sting was really fucked in his title reign(s) in 97/98. Orton's first reign was bad, and it took him years to recover from it. But nobody has been given a more condescending World Championship reign than Rey. Not even close. Are we only talking "World Heavyweight Champion" or WWE Title as well? If so I still think Chris Jericho's Undisputed reign was the worst. It was the biggest example of a burial I've ever seen. I mean hell Jericho wasn't even a factor in the WrestleMania 18 main event. He might as well not even been there the match was booked as if it were HHH vs. Stephanie.
  2. LaParkaYourCar

    So, "Ring of Hell"...

    Whoa, in that interview that part about Russ Haas is just messed up. I didn't know that's how he died.
  3. LaParkaYourCar


    Really? So that did go through. Well I have a bad feeling about it going another season, but I'll watch. It just feels like it's time for the show to end. I love it, don't get me wrong, but I can tell it's starting to wind down creatively.
  4. LaParkaYourCar


    I'm not a big fan of season 4 for some reason. Season 3 is easily my favorite. If I were to rank them this is how I'd rank. Season 3 Season 2 Season 5 Season 4 Season 6 Season 1 Season 3 just felt different from the rest. I'm not sure how to put it, but it felt bigger than the previous seasons had felt. Maybe it was the whole play out of the JD/Elliot storyline and the Turk/Carla Marriage storyline that made it feel like a really important season. So much happened during that season. Some of the most solid writing on the show took place during it. I still like the show, but sometimes it feels like it's bordering on becoming a self parody. I'm sort of glad this is the last season as I'm not sure it can go much longer without jumping the shark all together.
  5. LaParkaYourCar

    Mick Foley

    Here's a question. How many people read Mick Foley's Hardcore Diaries? I highly recommend it, not as good as his first two, but definitely a good read, if only to see how sad the WWE writing team truly is.
  6. LaParkaYourCar

    OAO JR's blogs

    Rome is notorious for his hate of Pro Wrestling, so any shots they can take at him they will.
  7. LaParkaYourCar


    Same here! Someone on here has to know spanish!
  8. LaParkaYourCar

    OAO JR's blogs

    Did JR refer to JBL as "Mr. Marijuana"??
  9. LaParkaYourCar

    Undertaker's New Finisher

    Am I the only one that thinks this move looks like crap? First time I saw it I thought Taker was stuffing someone's head in his crotch. Even if it is a legit move in MMA it still isn't an aesthetically good looking move. In wrestling it should look good as well as looking effective.
  10. LaParkaYourCar


    I don't mind her so much, in fact I'm finally getting into her character and I'm glad they ended the JD/Kim relationship. I wouldn't want the show ending with JD stuck in a loveless relationship.
  11. LaParkaYourCar

    Sandman Released :(

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think Angle was in the WWF when the Steve Austin crucifixion happened. Didn't that happen early in '99? I thought Angle joined in late '99.
  12. LaParkaYourCar

    Harry Potter Movies

    No I'm pretty sure that was supposed to be Snape's Worst Memory. Why would they film stuff for Deathly Hallows this soon? Daniel would look different by the time the DH movie is made. Bartok I take it you've read the book so it's easier for you to like the movie because you know the info they left out. I talked to someone who never read the book and watched the movie and he was totally lost and disappointed in the movie because nothing was really explained very well.
  13. LaParkaYourCar

    Harry Potter Movies

    I heard they were filming that scene, I even saw that they casted the actors for it, but it didn't make the movie??
  14. LaParkaYourCar

    Why do guests look at the most bizarre things

    Wow I had forgotten about Thunder and Nikki.
  15. LaParkaYourCar

    Harry Potter Movies

    Bob, I think the point most people are making about the Ron/Hermione dynamic is that the movies build her up more than him. Hermione is given all of Ron's best lines (the Mudblood explanation, the scene in the Shrieking Shack 'You'll have to kill us to kill Harry!'). As for the third movie and the so-called 'Super-Hermione', that was a side-effect of the story. The books followed a certain pattern of who the featured charactes at the end are- Sorcerer's Stone- The Trio Chamber of Secrets- Harry and Ron PoA- Harry and Hermione Goblet of Fire- Harry Order of the Phoenix- The Trio, Neville, Luna and Ginny HBP- Harry and Dumbledore Deathly Hallows- the Trio, then Harry alone. These patterns translated into the films, and so I never got why people got so upset at Hermione in PoA. Asides from being stressed out, she was exactly like she was in the book. I don't think she was like the book at all. The stressed out factor changed everything. In the book she overworked herself to the point she was lashing out and that's why she hauled off and hit Malfoy. In the movie she's calm and collected the whole time even though she's taking twice the amount of classes as everyone else and it makes her seem super. Add on the fact that the screenwriters gave Hermione Ron's shining moment from the book. ("If you want to kill Harry you'll have to kill us first") That's why I have a problem with her portrayal in POA.
  16. LaParkaYourCar

    The Harry Potter Spoilers Thread

    All I know is Lavender is referred to as a blonde a couple of times.
  17. LaParkaYourCar

    Harry Potter Movies

    Once you read the whole series it becomes obvious that Chamber of Secrets is actually one of the most important books. Everything that happens in the final scenes with Tom Riddle and the Diary have huge implications on the last two books.
  18. LaParkaYourCar

    The Harry Potter Spoilers Thread

    Yeah having a kid kill someone might have been a bit much. Other than Harry killing Voldemort of course, but that had to happen. I finished reading the book the other day and it is easily my favorite of the 7 books. So many powerful moments...I would hate to see a hack job movie made of this one. I was marking out left and right while reading this book. As a big Ron/Hermione supporter I loved the scene where Ron destroyed the locket. Such a powerfully emotional scene with the Horcrux taunting Ron about Hermione never loving him and then sealing the deal by forcing Ron to watch an image of Harry and Hermione kissing. Ron stabbing the locket and then breaking down into tears was incredible writing. Of course this book was filled with moments like that.
  19. LaParkaYourCar


    There's always The CW.
  20. LaParkaYourCar

    The Shield

    I bet you it's Mara that Shane tells about killing Lem.
  21. LaParkaYourCar


    I'm surprised. Dave Matthews actually did pretty good. Was this his first acting job?
  22. LaParkaYourCar

    Who's Line is it Anyway?

    I love this show. I've always liked improv comedy. I was just wondering if there were any other fans on here of this show?
  23. LaParkaYourCar

    The Post Your Cell Phone Thread

    Okay now picture it really scratched up and beaten up and that's my phone.
  24. Limewire doesn't slow my computer at all. I like that it will tell you when a file is corrupted before it finishes downloading and I tend to find better bit rates on songs with Limewire.
  25. LaParkaYourCar

    Ozzfest '06

    Wait Metallica is working with Rick Rubin now? Did they finally ditch Bob Rock? There might be hope still left for them!!