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  1. LaParkaYourCar

    Box Office Report 6/16-6/18

    So in Running Man will Austin be running around with those knee braces on? That would be pretty funny to watch.
  2. LaParkaYourCar

    The OAO Mystery Science Theater 3000 Thread

    I found Rocketship X-M on Youtube. Frank's first episode!
  3. LaParkaYourCar

    Nacho Libre

    Maybe it was falls count anywhere?
  4. LaParkaYourCar

    Hell's Kitchen Season 2

    Don't watch this show on an empty stomach. It just made me hungry. And am I the only one who thinks "Fishmonger" sounds like an insult?
  5. LaParkaYourCar

    Nacho Libre

    I saw it today and loved it. It was definitely a homage to the old El Santo movies. I too was trying to figure out who Ramses was. Anyone notice the Human Tornado's cameo?
  6. LaParkaYourCar


    Has anyone seen the all out attack on Scientology that YTMND has been doing recently? Great stuff.
  7. LaParkaYourCar

    The Youtube Thread

    That's freakin hilarious. "See all these fans dressed as chairs? They promoted the fuck out of this show. Everyone came dressed as chairs. This lady right here was hugging me and gave me a kiss. That's her son, that's her husband, that's her baby's daddy. Look now they're doing the wave."
  8. LaParkaYourCar


    No, that guy really shot him. Everything after he lost consciousness, that was the halluciation in his head. That's not what he was asking. He was wondering if the reasoning for the shooting was the real reason or was that just in House's head. More than likely House recognized the guy on some level and inside his mind he put two and two together or it was some sort of guilt for telling her that the guy had an affair, which manifested itself in House's dream as the reason he shot him. Hope that made sense.
  9. LaParkaYourCar


    So will that medicine really cure his leg pain now that they're really gonna try it? I don't think they should lose the visual of House limping around everywhere not to mention the cane is a nice touch. The character of House would take a big hit if he just normally walks around everywhere I think.
  10. LaParkaYourCar

    Ghost Rider Trailer

    I thought it looked pretty cool personally. I'd like to see this.
  11. LaParkaYourCar


    So the whole episode was a halucination?
  12. LaParkaYourCar


    Okay that eye popping was the grossest thing they've done on this show.
  13. LaParkaYourCar


    Maybe it's just me, but I'm not a big fan of her real low notes. It sounds like she struggles to get them out.
  14. LaParkaYourCar

    ECW gets a normal time slot

    So wrestling is Science Fiction? I can see where it's fiction, but science???
  15. LaParkaYourCar


    I'm pulling for Taylor. Kat seems like Kelly Clarkson-lite to me and Elliot is just bland as hell.
  16. LaParkaYourCar


    House almost breaking a lil girls finger....is there anything this guy won't do to solve a medical mystery?
  17. LaParkaYourCar

    Smallville Season 5 Thread

    Once again Smallville delivers when it comes to the Season Finale. Why can't they put that much effort into the whole season? That scene at the end with Lex standing on the rooftop while there's carnage in the streets was awesome. Poor Chloe she was just getting trampled and there's absolutely no one to save her right now. Lionel is in the same boat. My only complaint is: I guess I don't need spoiler tags, but just incase.
  18. LaParkaYourCar

    FFVII: Advent Children

  19. LaParkaYourCar

    Smallville Season 5 Thread

    I know that but at the beginning of the episode Clark saw his dad's ghost in the graveyard, which was taking place in the present time, and there was snow on the ground.
  20. LaParkaYourCar

    Smallville Season 5 Thread

    So it snows in May in Kansas according to Smallville. It was snowing when Clark was in the cemetary and yet when they looked at Lionel's calendar it was May.
  21. LaParkaYourCar

    FFVII: Advent Children

    I bought it yesterday. I love it, but I too am a bit annoyed by Tseng's apparent resurrection since the game and the fact that Rufus not only survived, but seems relatively unscathed. The Geostigma was about the only thing wrong with his body in the movie it looked like when he finally stood up from the wheelchair.
  22. LaParkaYourCar

    Prison Break

    Why were they playing the "House" theme song at the end there?
  23. LaParkaYourCar

    The 2006 NFL Draft Thread

    Jay Cutler looks like he's the son of Taylor Hicks from American Idol.
  24. LaParkaYourCar

    The 2006 NFL Draft Thread

    What did that have to do with the Jets?
  25. LaParkaYourCar

    The 2006 NFL Draft Thread

    I thought Cutler's mom was handing him a gun for a second there.