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    Stupid quotes or 'slips' from your life or that

    I just heard the most awful cat noises outside my window. Sounded like someone was raping a cat. Sorry I know that was random
  2. LaParkaYourCar

    **SMD Spoiler**

    That's an exact quote from the Smackdown spoilers so the wedding is next week on Smackdown.
  3. LaParkaYourCar

    Brock bombing as champ?

    I actually like Brock's wrestling skills.....I just don't like that he's champ.
  4. LaParkaYourCar

    Raw Rating

    bps that post reminds me of Maven's Eyebrows' sig pic
  5. LaParkaYourCar

    Raw Rating

    Exactly. RVD has 4 titles in one right now. His belt means more than HHH's ever will. I'm praying that's the storyline they're going with. RVD feels it's a slap in the face. He held up the two titles at the end of RAW as if to say to the crowd which one of these is the real RAW title.
  6. LaParkaYourCar

    Raw Rating

    Why does everyone want something "drastic" to happen? Drastic things have been happening for a year now. The Split, nWo, Bischoff, and now the RAW title. They need new writers...I guess that could be drastic. Keep Heyman, but drop the rest of the writing team.
  7. LaParkaYourCar

    WWE thinks..what?

    WWE seems to have a problem ending storylines that are recieving no reaction at all. Like the Fink/Lillian thing and the endless parade of Bubba/Trish vs. Regal/Nowinski or Molly/Nowinski matches. That's all RAW is anymore. Every week's RAW seems like the last one except the backstage and promo segments are different. RAW is always 30 min of HHH, some match involving Bubba Ray and Regal/Nowinski, T&A, and someone getting the 3 min. treatment. The only saving grace is RVD, Book Dust, and Tommy Dreamer
  8. LaParkaYourCar

    Sex toy for girls of ALL ages!

    Hmmm sounds good sign me up
  9. LaParkaYourCar

    The person above you thread!

    ^Likes MST3K