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  1. SP Brian Matusz


    Oooooohhhh......OK, but I think you're looking at stashing him on your bench for a season minimum, possibly up to two. A September call-up is possible but he's pitched zero innings in the O's system thus far and the strategy is to not rush the prospects which we have done to peril in the past. Heck, Weiters was raking it all last season and they diligently kept him down and in fact he's raking again in ST, yet they're insistent he's in the minors until May.

    It wouldn't shock me if you don't get any stats out of Matusz until mid-2010 as it's likely he's at AA all 2009 and they'll likely take the same approach of giving him a couple months at AAA (and delay his service/arbitration clock) with a later 2010 call up.


    Just saying. :)

  2. I like that MJ didn't send me a PM. Didn't even know it was my pick.


    I'll take Randy Wolf.


    Sorry, I didn't know it was expected that we send the next person a PM. I sometimes get one, I sometimes don't. I just assume people check the thread once or twice a day to see if they're up. Hopefully I didn't cause you to lose out on Asdrubal Cabrera :)

  3. I'm definitely a huge homer, but I feel like I can independently justify all my O's picks. Wieters, I admit I picked way earlier than normal, but there's no doubt he's the #1 prospect in baseball and I really didn't want to lose him. Roberts is top 5 2B, Markakis top 10 OF, Jones is an easy breakout candidate and Guthrie is one of the best pitchers who was available. So, no regrets.

  4. mlb_g_tejada_300.jpg

    Miguel Tejada, SS


    Ok, I know he's had a no-good, very bad off-season, and he's suddenly 2 years older, but unless he spends time in federal prison (a possibility, granted), I need a shortstop, and he still gives you top 10 production from your SS. Plus he's a former Oriole, so you know.

  5. Yeah, I'll come up with something tonight. I'm at work right now so I can't really do it, but I've got everyone's email address. Nearly everyone was registered on the yahoo league anyway so we should still be fine.


    Looks like we're back to normal. Might be a good idea to have a backup board for this anyway though.

  6. G-A-L-L-A-R-D-O = phrase not found, it wasn't spelled right on the first page. Gollardo? Isnt that a CC Sabathia insult?



    Weird, the correct spelling didn't come up when you searched. It was spelled wrong in post 1 and post 3, but post 2 had the correct spelling. Oh well, if thats the only name I misspelled, I'll be pleased.


    Well, not that it matters but James Shields didn't come up when I first searched because he's listed as James Shield.


    Erick Aybar is still available guys!


    And plenty of Molinas!