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  1. Conspiracy_Victim

    WWE Raw Discussion- 4/13/09

    Or they could just go the Japanese anime route and every time Josh saw a hot chick he could just go off and start bleeding like a Flair vs. Muta match.
  2. Conspiracy_Victim

    WWE Raw Discussion- 4/13/09

    I seem to remember Eric Bischoff having to get excited over picking Nidia one year. That was a sell job and a half.
  3. Conspiracy_Victim

    WWE Raw Discussion- 4/13/09

    RAW is McMahons!!
  4. Conspiracy_Victim

    WWE Raw Discussion- 4/13/09

    Well, Rey Rey's SD bound now.
  5. Conspiracy_Victim

    WWE Raw Discussion- 4/13/09

    I like the air traffic controller/pilot voice at the beginning of Evan's music, but he needs a new song. Way too generic.
  6. Conspiracy_Victim

    WWE Raw Discussion- 4/13/09

    They're McMahons, they have grapegruits! Rey vs. Bourne? I'll take it although I'm scared that the rape of ECW is imminent.
  7. Conspiracy_Victim

    Star Trek XI

    Well, they snuck in a screening in Austin by pulling a bait and switch with Wrath of Khan. Knowles is practically wetting himself over it. Sounds like Pine manages to pull off a slightly less "I'm awesome" Kirk, and Quinto balances the human and Vulcan sides of Spock without tipping too far either way. Both reviewers for AICN make special mention of Karl Urban as Bones though. Sounds like we can now get excited to see it.
  8. Conspiracy_Victim

    OAO Anime/Manga Thread

    Yeah I'm just finishing it up now. Hidan is hilarious tell everyone to "Fuck off" and bitching at Kakuzu. In other news, Mandalay Pictures acquired the film rights to "Full Metal Panic". Although they apparently want Zac Efron in the Kosuke role. I want to get the role of Webber, even though I lack the mullet.
  9. Conspiracy_Victim


    I can picture 3 count singing it Is Tank singing backup?
  10. Conspiracy_Victim

    Fallout 3

    Use a laser rifle (or the unique variant), and you can get a ton of shots off...8 or 9? You can take out almost anything in one barrage, then go right into VATS after and do it again. If you have anything that increases crit bonus, it's just killer. Cool. I've got the Metal Blaster (from the Pitt) and it's a fairly powerful laser rifle (40 or so) so I might give that a shot. At this point I'm just experimenting anyway.
  11. Conspiracy_Victim


    Desperate attempt to grab viewers? Yeah I don't know why they put together that promo. A simple "with guest stars Scott Bakula and Chevy Chase!" should be enough. I thought for sure Forrest was going to get disgraced and sent back to D.C. when she and Casey get caught having sex in the armory or something.
  12. Conspiracy_Victim

    How I Met Your Mother

    I need to fit, "A gentleman's wager! HUZZAH!" into conversations somehow.
  13. Conspiracy_Victim

    Fallout 3

    I hope it's new perks. Although if it's just what we've got I can build the mother of all tanks out of it. Really though by the time I get in to the mid 20s I'm going to have just about all my skills maxed out (except maybe unarmed and 1 other) so a lot of points are going to be wasted. Plus "Grim Reaper's Sprint" at 20 is awesome. I wanted to build a small guns specialist so I took Gunslinger, Sniper, and the Action Boy perks. Get Sidney's Ultra 10mm machine gun and you can get 5 or even 6 shots out of VATS, which will kill just about anything short of a Deathclaw or Sentry Bot. Get a kill, get all your APs back, rinse and repeat. You can pretty much clear out a room and watch the skulls go flying. I oughta go back and take Bloody Mess to make it look like an early John Woo flick.
  14. Conspiracy_Victim

    Fallout 3

    BTW, for those of you with the add-ons, do "You Gotta Shoot 'Em in The Head" before you do "Operation: Anchorage". The game only recognizes one set of T51-b armor and the game thinks you've gotten it out of the Fort if you get the armor from the Outcasts. If this is a spoiler, sorry. Also, the Pitt is fun, but man is it choppy, and still a little buggy. I'm still waiting for Broken Steel. I need that cap raise. When it happens, are there going to be new perks with it, or are you just going to get to go back and take 10 more perks from earlier in the game?
  15. Conspiracy_Victim

    FOX Sunday Night 08/09 - now in HD!

    "How are we going to organize the teams?" "How about the white guys against the black guys?" "Patrick! Stop being an instigator!" If only Seth would stick with being humorous instead of trying to make a social statement FG would be so much better. The bowling alley and McDonald's scenes were both hilarious.
  16. Conspiracy_Victim

    PlayStation 3

    Well, I guess Sony saw the light. Even if I could have afforded it, I had serious reservations about shelling out $500 for the PS3.
  17. Conspiracy_Victim

    Rock Band!

    I always enjoy me some Journey. I'm still waiting for Billy Squier's "Lonely Is the Night" though.
  18. Conspiracy_Victim

    South Park Season 13

    The kazoo turned it from "funny" to "classic moment". Brilliant TV.
  19. Conspiracy_Victim

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    Imagine if he had taken Neo and Sean Connery had taken the role of Morpheus, as was rumored before Sean turned it down because he "didn't understand" it (although in retrospect I suppose he was right). That would be a bizarre looking kung-fu sparring session.
  20. Conspiracy_Victim

    Rescue Me

    Two and three are definite, plex. They've already done interviews about the episode, it's going to be like the 5th or 6th episode I think. I'm skipping it.
  21. Conspiracy_Victim

    Rock Band!

    I wasn't big into grunge, but Jeremy and Evenflow for sure. Any other tracks worth it for the guitar/bass parts?
  22. Conspiracy_Victim

    NCAA Tournament

    I'm looking forward to seeing what A&M can do with UConn. Thabeet seems to have a problem with guys who like to muscle up down on the low block (see: Pittsburgh game) and Elonu doesn't mind playing physically down low. Is the guards play like they did for most of the BYU game it might be a pretty close game.
  23. Conspiracy_Victim

    Comments that which don't warrant a thread

    I dl'd it since I had heard good things about it. It's pretty good, I liked it.
  24. Conspiracy_Victim

    NCAA Tournament

    I'm 3-0 so far, although I was REAL close to picking Butler for a while.
  25. Conspiracy_Victim

    NCAA Tournament

    Yeah, they're my final four team out of the bracket. Luckily mine's just for fun, not for money, or else I'd really be pissed right now.