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  1. Yeah gotta fit in the commercials at Edge/Benoit so we can have the Big Show and Lesnar confrontation or whatever in all it's glorious majesty.
  2. Conspiracy_Victim

    Help needed from anybody who has played...

    Well he's not REALLY a secret character. *game spoiler* It's just Isildur from the intro level. He's got basically the same stuff as Aragorn and is level 10 when you unlock him. Doesn't really offer anything new, just a different character model.
  3. Conspiracy_Victim

    Help needed from anybody who has played...

    I gotta go with my boy Aragorn. Good speed, decent hitting power and his arrows will hit what you aim at about 90% of the time. Plus I like his instant kill combos the best and at the end his flame sword ability will REALLY help on the "secret" level. When you get to Breached wall and past the first few waves of the suiciders, try firing arrows at the orcs as they run past you. Assumming a couple/few do (they will, trust me) kill anything coming after you first, then start firing arrows and taking the occassional swipe at the group around the door until the next wave of bombers runs up. Kill all but one or two, then wait until he/it gets near the door. Hit him with an arrow and blow him up. He'll take out most of the group around the door and do a fraction of the damage to the door. When the catapult arrives knock out the crossbowers and Uruk-Hai in front of the catapult with your distance weapons QUICKLY, then starting hitting the different sections of the catapults with your biggest FIERCE combo. It'll be close but you'll make it. Once you knock out the catapult the level's done. Like I said, get used to protecting the door because the last level is a lot like it, only with more shit flying at you and a bigger target they're going for. As to the secret character, it ain't Gandalf. And it ain't Boromir either (that's who I wanted it to be despite the whole death issue). All in all it's a damn cool game (EA did a tremendous job mixing the movie footage into the game) but awful short so they could shoehorn in all the extras.
  4. Conspiracy_Victim

    Help needed from anybody who has played...

    Hehe Yeah Breached Wall is a fun one. Wait until the last level it makes the Wall looks fairly simple by comparison. BTW: Gimli sucks. He may be able to take a hit but you better hope you don't have to hit a moving target at any distance. His little hatchets suck!
  5. Conspiracy_Victim

    Help needed from anybody who has played...

    Block the tentacles when they attack (try to get all three parried at one time, the others will still attack). When they are parried they'll stand up in the air. Chop one off and when the Watcher's head pokes out of the water, fire an arrow at it. It'll take a bit of timing but once you get it down it's easy. Balin's Tomb is a bit tougher however....
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    Smarks Favorite Movie Tourney, round 3

    OK guess I'll give it another go. GROUP A A Clockwork Orange (IMHO Kubrick's finest, tough choice though) Back to the Future Blazing Saddles (I still think Kane is overrated) Clerks GROUP B Die Hard Fight Club (another tough one) Goodfellas Jaws GROUP C Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Pulp Fiction Reservoir Dogs Schindler's List GROUP D Shawshank Redemption, The Tombstone Trainspotting Usual Suspects, The And there you have it
  7. In response to the whole TE heel thing, they could do it rather easily. Based upon the selection special and (I didn't get to see tonight's episode) the tall guy, Chad, came off as kind of a me-first guy. That would make for an easy heel character. Or, if someone like Jonah wins, they could easily make him an arrogant, look how easy it was for me to make it character. That's just my opinion though. The female winner would probably be more difficult to make a heel. However, given the sterling ring work of Ms. Miles and Ms. Gayda, I don't think we'll have to worry too much about seeing the female winner anytime soon anyway.
  8. Conspiracy_Victim

    Final Fantasy X-2?

    Spoilers ahead for X so be warned.... OK then, Since the spirits that formed the aeons were released after the defeat of Sin, I would say that they weren't part of the game. HOWEVER since summonings seem to be part and parcel of the FF series nowadays, the summons may just take a new form. It looks to me like the Al Behd beliefs of the use of "machina" were reintroduced to society and are now slowly becoming part of everyday life of X-2, which is 2 years after X if I recall. END SPOILERS Anyway, the game itself sounds interesting enough what with trying to introduce elements of platforming to the area screens, although the thought of Yuna acting like Lara Croft scares me somehow. I just want to see Lulu again in her old getup personally.
  9. Conspiracy_Victim

    Smarks favorite movie

    Ugh, some REAL tough choices to make. Well, time to do my bit for democracy. GROUP A A Clockwork Orange Alien Army of Darkness (sucker for Bruce) Better Off Dead (ditto for GOOD Cusak movies) Braveheart Casablanca (C'mon folks Kane is overrated!) Clerks (Hardest choice for me, but Smith bias wins out) Day the Earth Stood Still, The GROUP B Die Hard Ferris Beuller's Day Off Fight Club (another tough one to call) Godfather, The Goodfellas Heat (in my opinion High Fidelity is NOT a good Cusak movie sorry) Jaws Leon: the Professional GROUP C Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Naked Gun, The North by Northwest Pulp Fiction Reservoir Dogs Saving Private Ryan Schindler's List Silence of the Lambs GROUP D Shawshank Redemption, The Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Taxi Driver Tombstone Trainspotting Truman Show, The Usual Suspects, The Young Frankenstein (Brooks at just about his finest)
  10. Conspiracy_Victim

    I just played the Metroid Prime demo at EB, but...

    Now I only played the original old school Metroid so I'm not totally sure what has changed over the years, but I felt like throwing in my bit. First of all, Metroid (as far as I know) has ALWAYS been a 3rd person game. Making a 3rd person game into a FPS has always seemed difficult, if not impossible, to do without losing some of the atmosphere of the game. Can anyone else imagine a first person...Castlevania? Yeesh it would just look like a bunch of updated Doom rejects wandering around a Wolfenstein castle. However, in 3rd person the Belmonts (and other characters) seem more tangible. Same with Metroid. When I think Metroid, I think of a little armored figure running (and rolling) up, down, and across my screen. Trying to put me into Samus' boots makes it seem almost generic. All the music and particle effects won't change the fact that it's basically the same as every other FPS. Again, this is just my opinion and hey, I personally liked Halo and several other FPS and may even check this one out once I get done playing Vice City. BTW: sorry Miyamoto but if the players' point of view is as the main character and the game involves destroying other characters in the game, it is a first person SHOOTER, not an FPA. also BTW: I check out Gamefaqs when I'm stuck at a certain point, but the message board looks like it's been overrun by 13 year olds and people who think that games should be able to be beaten at one sitting.
  11. Conspiracy_Victim

    Kingdom Hearts

    Long time lurker figuring I should put in my .02. I actually just finished it last night. I saved before the last series of battles (it's like 11 different boss battles with no save point in between although you fight the same guy about 4 or 5 times) and it's a great finish. Mainly I beat it to see the "secret" scene at the end of the credits (BTW finiding those damn dalamations is a pain after the first, ooh, 60 or so). I beat it at level 61 fairly easily and now I'm going to go back and level up and try to beat all the secret bosses, Ultimate Weapon, etc. I tried Sephiroth at 60 and couldn't even get in a hit before he wiped me out with 2 swings. I figure I'll try again at 70 or so. The Ice Titan isn't much easier, although more predictable.