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  1. Gert T

    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    As a Bengals fan I would like to say THANK GOD, that Bob Bratkowski is going to get fired. Too many weapons to be so conservative. I hope Hue Jackson becomes the new O Coordinator.
  2. Gert T

    UFC 93: Franklin vs. Henderson

    I only saw Belcher-Kang & Rua-Coleman That was a pretty crazy end to Belcher-Kang, as Kang dominated him much of the fight. I was watching it online, and was away from the CPU and couldn't believe when I heard the audio saying Kang tapped. I really cannot add too much more to Coleman-Rua that has not already been said; Coleman got beaten down and Rua tried to look as unimpressive as he could seemingly. Liddell-Rua loses a little luster as a ME after that performance yesterday.
  3. Gert T

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    And to be honest, I think (or hope) that Buff wasn't the one pushing for that match anyway. Although if they made a WCW History DVD I would love to see the extras be the 10 best matches(88-01) and the 10 worst.
  4. Gert T

    History of Boxing's Heavyweight Championship

    Does Lewis lose some luster on the All-Time Hvywt. List because of challengers during his reigns?
  5. Gert T


    Trying to get thru all the Seasons before the 21st......doesn't look good. Forgot how much they played up Boone being a douche before he hooks up with Locke. I also liked how Locke scolded Claire for giving the baby away, and how everything changed.
  6. Gert T

    UFC 93: Franklin vs. Henderson

    My GF has a huge hangover so I am trying to convince her to stay in bed until 6 pm, so I can go to the bar to watch this............ And it's her B-Day. Don't know if I have the balls to pull it off!
  7. Gert T

    The 2008 MLB Offseason Thread

    Game six of the 2004 NLCS. Astros tie the game in the ninth, Cards win in the 12th on Edmonds' home run. The win forced game seven for the Cards. Also game five was a scoreless game until Jeff Kent's three run walkoff in the bottom of the ninth. Here's the Mariners/Indians game. http://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/CL...200108050.shtml That was my first year of teaching and I hadn't mastered the art of getting off of the phone with parents. I am ashamed how many swears I missed out on celebrating that Edmonds HR. Nothing in the Cards run of 06 could touch the intensity of that game. The funny part was I was rooting for the Cardinals to just not give up a run because I knew Lidge was untouchable.
  8. Gert T

    UFC 93: Franklin vs. Henderson

    Where would that put Coleman for his next fight IF he does beat Rua and the nightmare scenario comes true?
  9. Gert T

    MMA Playground: TSM Fight Camp?

    Got my wagers in for UFC 93 with 5 minutes to go. If those can't transfer into the TSM league, that's cool, I will just start for 94.
  10. Gert T

    MMA Playground: TSM Fight Camp?

    Am I able to join this season?
  11. Gert T

    MMA Comments that Don't Warrant a Thread

    Is Florian next in line for a Lightweight Title Shot against Penn if he isn't successful against GSP? And if Penn does win, who would probably be the two guys fighting for the LW title?
  12. Gert T

    JAxl's Public Service Announcement

    Yeah that was some scary shit.
  13. Gert T

    UFC 96: Jackson vs. Jardine

    Wouldn't that be a pretty short turnover between fights for Shogun? (Not that I know what the normal layover is)
  14. Gert T

    kkk Bowl: The Postseason

    I don't know, I think in a quirky twist of fate, the Cards blowing out the Panthers is going to help you advance.
  15. Gert T

    UFC 96: Jackson vs. Jardine

    And with that, I believe I will be heading to Nationwide Arena tomorrow.
  16. I am thinking that the WWF was still 50/50 on the Show as World Champion so they threw Boss Man in there, might as well not sacrifice a younger star.
  17. Apparently the big wigs at WCW knew that The Almighty Oz was going to be a bigger draw!
  18. Gert T

    Simpsons Episode Draft

    With my last pick: Thank God Its Doomsday/Season 16, Episode 19
  19. Gert T

    UFC 96: Jackson vs. Jardine

    Well I looked at the previous post before your last one so I thought "I am an F'n idiot, its right there". Question for the vets in this thread. I have only watched a handful of UFC PPV's, and I know 96 isn't a real high profile card, but is the live experience worth paying for? I was by Nationwide Arena today and checked out the prices, and was a little surprised, but am still thinking about going.
  20. Gert T

    UFC 96: Jackson vs. Jardine

    Did Carwin v. Gonzaga get moved from the show in Columbus? I saw that on your post of the lineup three days ago.
  21. Gert T

    You can't hold a good drafter down

    Are we going to go through with the Family Guy character draft as planned?
  22. Gert T

    The College Football Thread 12/31 - 1/6

    Maybe but Texas still had two timeouts, so they would have had a decent amount of time left, and I would rather have them (Texas) have to score a TD. No matter what happens Thursday or the rest of the NFL playoffs, can we retire the "nobody believed in us, we proved people wrong". I heard Ken Whisenhunt say it after winning a home playoff game as a 1.5 pt underdog and I heard Quan Cosby say it after the game tonight.
  23. Gert T

    Simpsons Episode Draft

    Sorry The Hills of Kentucky were not pleasant............... With my next pick I select: Today I am A Clown/Season 15, Episode 6
  24. Gert T

    Christian Cage / WWE

    Pardon me for sounding dumb, but who is Kizarny?
  25. Gert T

    Poker Pro Draft

    Good pick Chris, same wavelengths