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  1. Five Question Footlong


    1. What kind of changes can we expect from Samurai Mike taking over as the head coach in San Francisco?

    Everybody says its going to be more Gore rushing, but I am not sure that will happen, hopefully a more intense team, on both sides of the ball.


    2. If Indy loses on Monday, are they in deep shit? Are they in deep shit already?

    Yes, they are in deep shit, and they already are. Its a tough division.


    3. If Dallas loses this week, are they in deep shit? Are they in deep shit already?

    Yes they are in deep shit, for the same reason as the Colts. And the fact that (and I hate to pile on), but I just do not see Wade Phillips creating any intrinsic or extrinsic motivation.


    4. Will British people (in general) ever give a fuck about the NFL? Can you defend the NFL wanting to play these games overseas?

    No they won't care, but I understand the NFL doing it. The stadium will sell out, an in business, you always want to spread your market.


    5. What does St. Louis have to do to maintain momentum and keep winning games? What does New England have to do to knock the Rams back down a peg?

    Keep Marc Bulger upright. New England just has to show up. If Steven Jackson is banged up a little, the Pats will win comfortably.



  2. This needs a serious bump. Its almost dinner time so I cannot go too in-depth here.


    I thought the first three episodes were solid A's. This weeks was more of a B, but seems like a placeholder episode setting up some shit hitting the fan next week.



  3. Saw the replay, Rivers was on the ball, so I have no beef with that, however he did dip his helmet a little bit leading into the block. Should be interesting if the NFL will fine more.


    Interestingly, Troy Polamalu, who said the NFL was becoming a "pansy game" left the game with 10 minutes left in the game when Cedric Benson ran him over.



  4. My seat is in the south end zone, so I really did not get a good look at it, nor have I seen the replay.


    The fact that Hines Ward wants to block as a WR is commendable. The problem I have with him is he frequently will level guys who do not have a direct angle on the ball carrier or will go after guys that are on the other side of the field of the ball.


  5. The memorable 2008 Bengals season continues as starting LB and 2008 1st Round pick Keith Rivers will most likely miss the rest of the season. He broke his jaw in the first quarter, actually Hines Ward broke his jaw.



  6. San Diego at Buffalo (0.5) - SD

    New Orleans at Carolina (3.5) - CAR

    Minnesota at Chicago (3.5) - CHI

    (9.5) Pittsburgh at Cincinnati - SHITS

    (8.5) Tennessee at Kansas City - TEN

    Baltimore at Miami (2.5) - MIA

    San Francisco at N.Y. Giants (10.5) - NYG

    (7.5) Dallas at St. Louis - DAL

    Detroit at Houston (8.5) - HOU

    (1.5) Indianapolis at Green Bay - IND

    (3.5) N.Y. Jets at Oakland - NYJ

    Cleveland at Washington (7.5) - CLE

    Seattle at Tampa Bay (10.5) - TB

    Denver at New England (3.5) - NE



    NY Jets 24 pts.



  7. And I think it would be very tough for Ohio State to lose three games at this point.


    If Penn State runs the table, the spot is theirs, unless as previously mentioned, Texas and Alabama go unbeaten.


    And based on the 2nd half of the Georgia game, and UK and Ole Miss, I would be shocked if that happens.








    BYU at TCU - BYU



    Georgia Tech at Clemson - Clemson

    Purdue at Northwestern - Northwestern

    Wisconsin at Iowa - Wisconsin

    Wake Forest at Maryland - Maryland

    Vanderbilt at Georgia - Georgia

    Ohio State at Michigan State - Michigan State (BLASPHEMY!)

    Kansas at Oklahoma - Oklahoma

    Pittsburgh at Navy - Navy

    Stanford at UCLA - UCLA

    Kansas State at Colorado - Colorado

    Missouri at Texas - Texas

    LSU at South Carolina - LSU

    Virginia Tech at Boston College - Boston College


    Tiebreak #1: How many total points will be scored in the Missouri/Texas game?


    Tiebreak #2: How many rushing yards will Michigan State's Javon Ringer have against Ohio State?



  9. That would be tough. I did that stuff when I was little, (I was a Patriots fan through school, since our mascot was the Patriots) but I really feel that would be tough to switch now. I haven't bought a jersey since 2003 (mostly due to the fact of price vs. no guarantee of how long a player would be there) and have plenty of gear that I can support them from home, but I am really tired of this shit.


    I heard a stat from Marino or Boomer that this is the 8th time in franchise history they have started 0-6. This is their 41st season playing in the NFL and 20% of the time they have started 0-6?!


    Its funny because its the same tune we were singing between 1992-2003 (that Mike Brown needed to hire outsiders to be in charge of personnel), but we impressed that the team went from 2-14 to 8-8 in one season.


  10. Almost 2,000 Bengals tickets for Sunday's game against Pittsburgh are up for sale on stubhub.com and almost 5,000 are available for the game against Jacksonville.


    As a season ticket holder since 2000, I am glad to see people bail. I would have back in June, but already had my 20% deposit down. Should have just ate the 20% loss, as I am pretty sure I am not going to anymore games after Sunday's against the Steelers. Mike Brown will not get another dime of my business in concession or parking revenue.


    Its just a shame that Palmer may be out for the season, as it will give the apologists another excuse after a horrible year.





  11. Michigan State yes, but wait until the rest of the schedule hits. Minnesota and Northwestern are frauds, Northwestern just less than Minny.


    It will be interesting to see how Ohio State moves in the next two weeks. They could really shoot up with wins at MSU and against Penn State. However, their offense looked HORRIBLE today.



  12. (2.5) Chicago at Atlanta - CHI

    Miami at Houston (3.5) - MIA

    Baltimore at Indianapolis (4.5) - IND

    Detroit at Minnesota (13.5) - MIN

    Oakland at New Orleans (7.5) - NO

    Cincinnati at N.Y. Jets (6.5) - NYJ

    Carolina at Tampa Bay (1.5) - TB

    St. Louis at Washington (13.5) - WSH

    Jacksonville at Denver (3.5) - JAX

    (5.5) Dallas at Arizona - DAL

    (5.5) Philadelphia at San Francisco - PHI

    Green Bay at Seattle (2.5) - GB

    New England at San Diego (5.5) - SD

    (7.5) N.Y. Giants at Cleveland - CLE



    NY Jets 31 points




    Clemson at Wake Forest - Clemson



    Louisville at Memphis - Louisville



    Texas vs. Oklahoma (in Dallas) - Oklahoma

    Iowa at Indiana - Indiana

    Colorado at Kansas - Kansas

    South Carolina at Kentucky - Kentucky

    Kansas State at Texas A&M - Texas A&M

    Notre Dame at North Carolina - Notre Dame

    Michigan State at Northwestern - Michigan State

    Arizona at Stanford - Arizona

    Iowa State at Baylor - Iowa State

    LSU at Florida - Florida

    Penn State at Wisconsin - Penn State

    Oklahoma State at Missouri - Missouri


    Tiebreak #1: How many total points will be scored in the Texas/Oklahoma game?



    Tiebreak #2: How many passing yards will Missouri's Chase Daniel have against Oklahoma State?




  14. M5Q:


    1. Who is the best QB in the league up to this point?

    - Eli Manning, just ahead of Drew Brees and Favre


    2. What the fuck happened to San Diego's running game?

    - The combo that everyone has talked about, Lo Neal, and mileage


    3. Indianapolis is dead last in the league in rushing and dead last against the run. Baltimore is 4th in the league in rushing and FIRST against the run. Do the Colts need to get lucky again?

    - This is an interesting matchup, the Ravens D is playing great, but they just lost Kelly Gregg for the season, so that may open up the run for the Colts, if only a little bit. They do not need to get lucky, but this looks like a 17-10 game.


    4. How long does Rod Marinelli keep his job?

    - But gut says he does not go since he wasn't fired during the bye week. However, I think the Fords would hate to roll into the Thanksgiving game in the national spotlight at 0-11. My guess is after Week 8 if they get blasted at home Washington.


    5. Tennessee has two players with 4 INTs this year, and another with 3. By far the most in the league. Can this defense carry them into the playoffs and win there?

    - Can they carry them to the playoffs, YES. Can they go far, maybe although it will be a tight wire act if they cannot consistently score. But with White & Johnson they may be built for bad weather.