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  1. Hey congrats Canucks fans, and good luck against the Wild in the next round. I was ready to give my support for Vancouver against the hated Avalanche, but Minnesota did the job thank goodness. Also do you guys think Joel Quenville is on his way out? I like the guy but in the NHL, sometimes winning isn't even enough and I think they've only reached the conference finals once (2001) since he was there.

  2. I was actually going to post this as a topic as dumbest thing done when drunk. We went on a mission trip to Chicago last summer and the second night we went to this bar that had dollar bottles. About a 20 spot later, seven of our group of 9 went back on the "L", we met these people at the bar, and went to another one that was open until 4, once we got to that bar I took 3 shots of Jaeger, but it was hot as hell in there so I walked out and waited for my friend. After I got tired of waiting I left looking for the subway. Next thing I remember, I wake up at about 8:30 in an emergency waiting room of a hospital. Now I do not know how I got there, but all of my credit cards on cameras were still on me. Fortunately the profs did not know I showed up late to the school we were tutoring at, because I probably would have been sent home immediately and out of 500 bucks and 6 credits. And I also had an ungodly hangover!

  3. Sorry I've been gone for three days, didn't want to make it seem I disappear just because the Blues lost! Should be a huge Game 6 tonight.


    And I agree with starvenger, it is a shame that the Oilers ALWAYS get the Stars, and they play them really well, just never enough to win a series. So how many of these games entering Game 6 are going to the 7th? I think Colorado/Minnesota and Philly/Toronto probablky will.

  4. Box score shocker of the night:

    Greg Ostertag 18 points!?


    ALthough Marbury is the better point guard in the series, I don't think Parker will be his bitch, I mean really what did Marbury shoot 9-28? The Spurs will take that every night. Should be great series, although to me that game showed why the Spurs will not beat the Lakers.

  5. Sorry, I was a bit drunk when writing the title, I agree Flair should stay on as a manager, just not a wrestler. I agree he is out there busting his ass, but it just looks bad, considering what he used to be. And he should win an Oscar two weeks ago for really looking scared even though it was only Nash coming out.

  6. No you're right I did not click on the link, but I do not think I will be phased by it too much, because I am too addicted to drinking, but I mean what I say about you guys having a positive effect on not drinking and driving based on your opinions, but if people think I should, I will check it out.