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  1. Wow, I didn't realize how fat he got.


    With my next pick, I want to bring in potential heels to challenge Capt. Redneck for Tag Team Gold. I am signing him now because I am afraid BZoo will sign him as a favor to Hogan......







    "Nasty" Brian Knobs



    It was hard to find an individual pic from when he was not sucking Hogan or the TB Rays ween!



  2. Its funny, the site I watched Munoz-Hamill cut off about 5 seconds after the ref called it, so until now I didn't realize what happened until now.


    As far as Rampage-Jardine, it was fun. I wish Rampage would get more time before the fight with Rashad, but I guess if you are UFC you get a shit ton of buys anyway, no matter what the quality of the fight is.



  3. I am interested to see if the No. 7 and No. 8 teams will get penalized if they lose in the quarterfinals to Michigan State or Purdue. Certainly they have a tougher draw than the 3-6 or 4-5 matchup.


    This is why I dislike the "have to win games in conf. tourney" theories for invites.



  4. I hope not, but it should be interesting to see who is Number 1. The UNC and Memphis votes were close last week. May just depend on if all of the UConn voters make Pitt #1.


    And in what should be a surprise to nobody, Michigan goes and wins on the road at Minnesota to make the Big Ten race even cloudier.



  5. I finally got caught up, anyways I was plowing through episodes the last two days and haven't looked through all Season 5 pages, but my question is:


    Did Ben go to kill Penny before they got on the plane? I know he said to Jack he would meet him at the airport because he had to fufill a promise he made to an old friend.


    And he showed up on the phone with a bloody face.


  6. UK lost to Georgia tonight. Say hello to the NIT, Cats fans!



    And my soon to be father-in-law is feverishly leading the online campaign for the dismissal of Billy G


    An even though there are no Heavyweights playing tonight, it is a great night of national games, all with bubble or seeding implications.

  7. I am a little worried that I am reaching with this pick, but after seeing some of the picks before the tag team run, I just cannot take the chance on losing this guy. I got big plans for him and want 100,000 people in Cowboys Stadium who want to see him get bloodied and battered.


    With my 5th Round pick I select:






    "Love Machine" Art Barr