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  1. I hoping the Bengals go with Mack, Unger or Luigs in the 2nd Round.


    I agree that the RB depth is very good for this year's draft. I could probably live with the Bengals waiting until the 3rd or 4th round. Unless someone falls that is too tempting to pass up.



  2. I don't know if it speaks for the awesomness of the main event or the mediocrity of the upcoming UFC cards but I think Condit/Kampmann might be my most anticipated fight in the coming months.


    Its funny that you say that because I was talking with someone today about how my interest in Liddell-Rua at 97 is more of a "how far will the loser fall" than the actual matchup.



  3. I agree about Coach Brat. My problem with him is the conservative play calls and the unwillingness to utilize (scout and draft or get via FA) a pass catching TE. I think part of it is that Marvin loves to run the ball so much, but I just don't think Brat utilizes his strengths enough.


    I am guessing the Bengals may be a little gun-shy on a First Day RB since they have taken two in the last 5 drafts. One is off of the team (Kenny Irons) and the other SHOULD be out the door (Chris Perry).



  4. When people refer to the Pittsburgh QB as a soccer player from Brazil. It sounds especially creepy when Bill Cowher says it. Makes me think he has a lot of posters of him in his house.


    I don't know if it has been mentioned, but the fact that Boldin may not play because of a Hamstring, Hines Ward may be out with a Knee. And Ben has a Spinal Column and Skull that may affect his performance.




  5. Tong has made his GSP dislike known. No way that's a balanced assessment.


    The breakdown I posted? It's actually pretty well put-together, and though I don't agree with all of it, it's easily one of the best breakdowns I've read on any fight. It's also especially good in the way it breaks down the odds for the fight. The irony is that I actually disagree with the guy's pick for the fight: I'm leaning towards GSP via Unanimous JD. Of course, I'm rooting heavily for BJ and will gloat endlessly should he win.



    I tend to agree with the thinking of the reviewer that you C&Ped. I like GSP, but I do not think he can KO Penn, I do think Penn could get a TKO on GSP. I think GSP would be more favored if it went to the judges, but Penn could take a decision too. Was a good review of the fight.


    That would suck for Kim, not that a victory over Parisyan means what it used too, but it would still be better than one over a stand-in.



  6. Another interesting question, how many matches did Hulk Hogan wrestle in 1995?


    Clash of the Champions (w. Randy Savage v. Kevin Sullivan & The Butcher)


    Superbrawl V (v. Vader)


    Uncensored (v. Vader)


    Slamboree (w. Savage v. Vader & Flair)


    Bash at The Beach (v. Vader)


    Clash of the Champions (v. Kamala)


    Nitro (v. Big Bubba)


    Fall Brawl (War Games)


    Halloween Havoc (v. The Giant)


    Nitro (v. Sting)


    World War 3 (60 Man Battle Royal)


    Thats all I can think of, but I am guessing there may have been another Nitro match in there.



  7. Crabtree at #3 is the HR pick, Curry at #3 is the safe pick.


    I like Sanchez better than Stafford, but it absolutely kills me to see mock drafts with both of them going in the Top 3. It makes me wonder if the people who do the mocks watch game film.



  8. Ugh, first let me say as a Bengals fan I am disgusted that I am coming to the defense of Ben Ro. Do I think he is a better QB than Marino? Nope, not yet. But I do think that if he was asked to throw the ball 40 times a game he would put up more QB gaudy type numbers (granted he would have to release the ball earlier).


    I am jumping into this late, but I do echo the sentiments of those who are saying it does vary by sport as well as position (fair or not).


    And alf, thanks for bringing out the numbers for T-Mac, as the poor 4th quarter numbers do help cement that argument.



  9. If we compared McNabb to Eli in the SB seasons whom had a better cast? Just food for thought. I agree that the Eagles should not get rid of McNabb, but I love how polarizing of a figure he is after a playoff loss. BTW, as a Bengals fan I would love to get the Carolina 1st Round pick you have for Chad Johnson.