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  1. Thanks, I didn't know how that works. Personally I think its shitty that the Chargers have the opportunity to play for the Super Bowl, but if they fall short they still pick 4-7 spots higher than New England.


    Agree totally about Marinelli. Didn't realize this was a job about good feelings.



  2. With my next pick, I select:








    Team Homer/Season 7, Episode 12




    "Those guys were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked. Ahh, I gotta go my damn weiner kids are here."


    "We are not weiners!"


    "Then how do you explain the uniforms?"


    "They made us"







  3. Tirico brought this up on his show today and he was pretty pissed about it. And I agree with Tirico, it was disrespectful.


    Now I do totally agree that Marinelli is a horrible HC too, but that was uncalled for.



  4. 6.5) Indianapolis at Jacksonville - IND

    Baltimore at Dallas (4.5) - BAL

    Cincinnati at Cleveland (2.5) - CIN

    (6.5) New Orleans at Detroit - NO

    (4.5) Miami at Kansas City - MIA

    Atlanta at Minnesota (3.5) - MIN

    Arizona at New England (7.5) - NE

    Carolina at N.Y. Giants (3.5) - NYG

    (5.5) San Francisco at St. Louis - SF

    (1.5) Pittsburgh at Tennessee - PIT

    (4.5) Philadelphia at Washington - PHI

    Buffalo at Denver (7.5) - BUF

    (7.5) Houston at Oakland - HOU

    (4.5) N.Y. Jets at Seattle - SEA

    San Diego at Tampa Bay (3.5) - TB

    Green Bay at Chicago (4.5) - CHI


    NYJ 17 points