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  1. Cutting edge analysis from fox announcer in Phi/Cin game: A tie is better than a loss, but not as good as a win.


    Amen, I don't cuss much but I dropped an F bomb after that one. At least we now know how a tie plays out in NFC tiebreakers. I also loved how the announcers downplayed an Eagles loss, since it would be against an AFC team.



  2. Sunday And Beyond

    Denver at Atlanta (6.5) - Denver

    Detroit at Carolina (14.5) - Carolina

    (9.5) Philadelphia at Cincinnati - Philly

    Chicago at Green Bay (4.5) - Chicago

    Houston at Indianapolis (8.5) - Indianapolis

    (3.5) Tennessee at Jacksonville - Tennessee

    (5.5) New Orleans at Kansas City - New Orleans

    Oakland at Miami (10.5) - Miami

    Baltimore at N.Y. Giants (6.5) - NY Giants

    Minnesota at Tampa Bay (4.5) - Tampa Bay

    St. Louis at San Francisco (6.5) - SF

    (3.5) Arizona at Seattle - Arizona

    San Diego at Pittsburgh (4.5) - Pittsburgh

    (1.5) Dallas at Washington - Washington

    Cleveland at Buffalo (5.5) - Buffalo




  3. Miami from earlier.


    The rest



    Virginia Tech at Miami



    Cincinnati at Louisville - Cincinnati



    Notre Dame vs. Navy (in Baltimore) - ND

    Northwestern at Michigan - Michigan

    South Carolina at Florida - Florida

    Minnesota at Wisconsin - Wisconsin

    North Carolina at Maryland - Maryland

    California at Oregon State - Oregon State

    BYU at Air Force - BYU

    Texas A&M at Baylor - Texas AM

    Arizona at Oregon - Oregon

    Boston College at Florida State - Florida State

    Vanderbilt at Kentucky - Kentucky

    Tulsa at Houston - Houston


    Tiebreak #1: How many total points will be scored in the South Carolina/Florida game?


    Tiebreak #2: How many passing yards will Tulsa's David Johnson have against Houston?



    Denver @ Cleveland (3.5) - DEN



    New Orleans @ Atlanta (1.5) - NO

    (2.5) Tennessee @ Chicago - TEN

    (6.5) Jacksonville @ Detroit - JAX

    (1.5) Baltimore @ Houston - BAL

    Seattle @ Miami (8.5) - MIA

    Green Bay @ Minnesota (2.5) - MIN

    Buffalo @ New England (3.5) - NE

    St. Louis @ N.Y. Jets (8.5) - NYJ

    (8.5) Carolina @ Oakland - CAR

    Indianapolis @ Pittsburgh (2.5) - PIT

    Kansas City @ San Diego (14.5) - SD

    N.Y. Giants @ Philadelphia (2.5) - NYG

    San Francisco @ Arizona (9.5) - ARZ



    NYJ - 28 points



  5. Sorry to interrupt the thread, just PM your answers, but if people do want to participate in an episodes draft, I will run it. Send me a PM if interested.



    Back to the thread, I love the pick of Scorpio, I don't think I would have taken him first round, but he is an AWESOME character.




    Maryland at Virginia Tech - VTech

    TCU at Utah - TCU



    Ohio State at Northwestern - Ohio State

    Georgia Tech at North Carolina - North Carolina

    Iowa State at Colorado - Colorado

    Kansas at Nebraska - Nebraska

    Alabama at LSU - Alabama

    Penn State at Iowa - Penn State

    Virginia at Wake Forest - Wake Forest

    N.C. State at Duke - Duke

    Cincinnati at West Virginia - West Virginia

    Oklahoma State at Texas Tech - Texas Tech

    California at USC - USC

    Notre Dame at Boston College - Boston College


    Tiebreak #1: How many total points will be scored in the Oklahoma State/Texas Tech game?


    Tiebreak #2: How many rushing yards will Iowa's Shonn Greene have against Penn State?




  7. N.Y. Jets at Buffalo (5.5) - BUF

    Detroit at Chicago (12.5) - CHI

    (7.5) Jacksonville at Cincinnati - JAX

    Baltimore at Cleveland (1.5) - CLE

    (8.5) Tampa Bay at Kansas City - TB

    Houston at Minnesota (4.5) - MIN

    (2.5) Arizona at St. Louis -ARZ

    Green Bay at Tennessee (5.5) - TEN

    Miami at Denver (3.5) - DEN

    Dallas at N.Y. Giants (8.5) - DAL

    (2.5) Atlanta at Oakland - OAK

    (6.5) Philadelphia at Seattle - PHI

    New England at Indianapolis (6.5) - NE

    Pittsburgh at Washington (1.5) - PIT



    NY Jets - 16 points


    South Florida at Cincinnati - South Florida



    Wisconsin at Michigan State - Michigan State

    Michigan at Purdue - Purdue

    Central Michigan at Indiana - Central Michigan

    Miami at Virginia - Virginia

    West Virginia at Connecticut - West Virginia

    Auburn at Mississippi - Auburn

    Colorado at Texas A&M - Colorado

    Pittsburgh at Notre Dame - Notre Dame

    Florida vs. Georgia (in Jacksonville) - Florida

    Iowa at Illinois - Illinois

    Florida State at Georgia Tech - Georgia Tech

    Oregon at California - California

    Texas at Texas Tech - Texas


    Tiebreak #1: How many total points will be scored in the Texas/Texas Tech game?


    Tiebreak #2: How many rushing yards will Connecticut's Donald Brown have against West Virginia?


  9. Big win for Houston today..everything seemed to click on both sides of the ball and it was great to see us play a game from beginning to end for once.


    I did nearly bust a hole in my wall after slamming my fist into the same spot due to the two bullshit penalties called on the Texans.


    First, the hit on a "defenseless" player. The fuck? He wasn't down.. he was still an active player and its not like our player dove headlong into him to try and incapacitate the fucker..


    secondly, the celebration penalty. Again... the fuck???! That wasn't much of a celebration and it only last what.. five seconds.. maybe ten at the max?


    Next week at Minnesota will be huge for us..if we win, we're at .500 but it makes the losses to our division that much harder to swallow.


    The first one was a tough call, I probably wouldn't have thrown a flag, but another Texan drilled Housh when he was on the ground a couple plays before (That play becomes more relevant considering the Walter-Joseph play)


    The second was called because it was a group celebration.



  10. Oakland @ at Baltimore (7.5) - BAL

    Arizona @ Carolina (4.5) - CAR

    Tampa Bay @ Dallas (2.5) - TB

    (7.5) Washington @ Detroit - WSH

    (1.5) Buffalo @ Miami - MIA

    St. Louis @ New England (7.5) - NE

    (3.5) San Diego @ New Orleans - SD

    Kansas City @ N.Y. Jets (13.5) - NYJ

    Atlanta @ Philadelphia (8.5) - PHI

    Cleveland @ Jacksonville (7.5) - JAX

    N.Y. Giants @ Pittsburgh (2.5) - PIT

    Seattle @ San Francisco (5.5) - SF

    Cincinnati @ Houston (9.5) - HOU

    Indianapolis @ Tennessee (4.5) - IND


    NY Jets - 27 points




  11. And now Mikey Brown has his out on why this team that will go 1-15 (Palmer's injury) and will not fire Marvin Lewis.



    What a PR nightmare for Goodell. Do you think he demands the Saints players are inactive for this game?




    Auburn at West Virginia - West Virginia



    Texas Tech at Kansas - Texas Tech

    Illinois at Wisconsin - Wisconsin

    Wake Forest at Miami - Wake Forest

    Boston College at North Carolina - North Carolina

    Cincinnati at Connecticut - Cincinnati

    Georgia at LSU - Georgia

    Michigan State at Michigan - Michigan State

    Virginia Tech at Florida State - Florida State

    Oklahoma State at Texas - Texas (Go OSU)

    Texas A&M at Iowa State - Iowa State

    Penn State at Ohio State - Ohio State (Go OSU)

    Oregon at Arizona State - Arizona State

    USC at Arizona - USC


    Tiebreak #1: How many total points will be scored in the Oklahoma State/Texas game?


    Tiebreak #2: How many passing yards will Texas Tech's Graham Harrell have against Kansas?