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  1. If anyone sees this, then hello and I've missed you. There was some talk of the SWF on Facebook last week and it got me feeling all sentimental, so I thought I'd stop through. Hopefully someone will see this and say hi back.


    And then a year later I got nostalgic and started poking around here too. Woo!

  2. I won't be -writing- the Clusterfuck, as I told Tom when he inquired about it some time back.


    But if people want to drop Janus in there as the obligatory big guy, feel free. Especially if you're going to have him antagonise Michael Stephens for a bit. Harassment for the win!


    (Stats? What stats?)

  3. One question.


    Do markers have the stats to hand while they mark matches? Do they read them whatsoever before marking either? I never take the numbers all that seriously myself, I just wonder if they make a difference at all to whoever's marking or not.


    Only time I ever referenced the stats during my marking tenure was about moves I didn't recognise, not the numbers. I assume most people in general have some sort of grip on how to write their opposition when it comes to their physique... if not, the opposition usually complains afterwards, heh.