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    WWE Monday Night RAW Commercial Free and Live!

    Well was it any good?
  2. chaosrage

    100 Posts of Solitude

    Don't leave, Xavier. Make another 100 posts.
  3. chaosrage

    The State of TSM Address

    10 whole dollars. 1/4th of what you'd pay for a wrestling PPV. About as much as two boxes of cereal. There are also some positives that come with costing money. (One of them is that it seems to keep out kids) Or well they could always come to RPGA and partake in Horse.
  4. chaosrage

    The State of TSM Address

    That's just too active. I'd rather have only one page about Raw to read than have 170 to go through. Death Valley Driver and Something Awful's Wrestlehut are much better alternatives.
  5. chaosrage

    100 Posts of Solitude

    Or this...
  6. chaosrage

    100 Posts of Solitude

    Dude, you had Paris Hilton on your list. If you think Paris is better than this...
  7. chaosrage

    100 Posts of Solitude

    No Lexi Belle, Jenni Lee, Rebecca Linares, Nikki Rhodes, Megan Fox, Hayden Panettiere, or Jessica Biel? Shame on you.
  8. chaosrage


    Wow, the only people left on TSM must be those without a sense of humor... Everyone on Somethingawful and Dvdr who commented on Santino's segment gave it positive feedback. http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthrea...p;pagenumber=18 http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthrea...p;pagenumber=19 http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthrea...p;pagenumber=21 http://board.deathvalleydriver.com/index.php?showtopic=48486 I thought it was hysterical. Santino's facial expressions are what made it funny as hell. For anyone else, this storyline would be stupid but he's so charasmatic that he's able to make it it work.
  9. chaosrage

    NBA Discussion

    Suns are out, so hurry up and get here November.
  10. chaosrage


    I figured that after HBK and UT killed themselves for 30 minutes at WM, the WWE decided to be nice and give them the week off to show their appreciation.
  11. chaosrage


    Why? It's just fucking comedy. Lighten up. Except that it's not, well, funny. The crowd laughing and everyone enjoying it but you says that you couldn't be more wrong about this.
  12. chaosrage

    My Conversation With Mike

    Me too. What's up with that?
  13. chaosrage

    Was Chris Kreski's run really that great?

    Kind of close, but it was actually McMahon that called him into his office and told him things needed to change. "The meeting where he asked to take on more responsibility- He felt the WWF product sucked and was hard to watch because of crap like TL Hopper and Who. He was watching the nWo angle around that time, so he started trying to bring them up to the times, as he felt that the company was stuck in 1986 while the rest of the world was in 1996. He went up to Linda and Vince McMahon and told them that he was thinking of going to WCW and that, if they thought he was only capable of writing the magazine, they should tell him that. They didn’t think that, so he stayed and the door was open for further opportunities. The next Monday, there was a memorably bad RAW where the matches were shot on one continent and the announcers were on another one. When the rating came in abysmally low, Vince McMahon had him brought to a big meeting and he was thinking “I’m in deep shit” until Vince threw a copy of the WWF magazine down on the table and said that the magazine was everything the show should be. It shocked him and probably wasn’t the best thing for him since Vince did it in that way, as it made people hate him. However, that did mean that he and McMahon were now writing the TV shows together." http://thesmartmarks.com/article_1294.shtml The memorably bad Raw he's talking about seems to be April 14, 1997. http://rspw.org/petrie/970414.txt After that, Russo started writing the shows with McMahon. What was Russo's first show? Why, it was this show. http://rspw.org/petrie/970421.txt This could very well be the official start of the Attitude Era.
  14. chaosrage

    Leena's Resignation

    What guy would assume control of a place where he's hated by half the people and then change his mind and quit in the same week because he's hated by half the people? It has to be a woman.
  15. chaosrage

    Leena's Resignation

    Resigned after one day? Created a bunch of drama for no reason? You see, this is why women can't be leaders.
  16. chaosrage

    Ask Leena thread.

    1. I bought part-ownership of this board. 2. The former administration used cbacon's account for malfeasance. I'm not entirely sure what happened since I wasn't here, but I wasn't involved. My name is Alyanna. CBacon had some evidence though in the form of showing us that the girl you used to have in your avatar was really a cam girl from some website. How can you explain that? Are you still claiming to be her? If not, what do you look like?
  17. chaosrage

    Ask Leena thread.

    1. What happened? 2. I thought Leena wasn't even a real person, just a gimmick account of CBacon's. Are you CBacon? Is your real name Peter?
  18. chaosrage

    WWE Raw - March 9, 2009

    Why would they care? WWE has established that he's a C show worker.
  19. Jericho did not stay very true to the script. Listen to this as you read the script. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbAzCAsdkag It's far from word for word. Who knows is that's just because it was the first draft or if Jericho simply uses the script as bullet points.
  20. chaosrage

    Royal Rumble 2009

    I don't suppose there's any way to turn off the chat room in the stream, right?
  21. chaosrage

    Public Opinion - The WWE 24/7 Folder

    The worst example of this is the youtube thread being moved to Scavenger town. Who made that decision? That killed the thread. For a long time, I thought they just deleted it.
  22. chaosrage

    Attitude Era Timeline in your opinion?

    Austin had to fight a member of the NWO. The Rock had Hogan and Nash was injured. That leaves Hall. It's not like they were treated as equals. Hall was basically Austin's bitch in the feud, with him being tied up and humiliated by Austin. The match was pretty much a handicap match between Austin and Hall/Nash. I don't agree that his character was flat. If anything, his "WHAT" promos breathed new life into his old face character. His popularity wasn't hurt at all. He was still at least as popular as the Rock at the time. McMahon vs Austin didn't conclude at WMX7 though. I believe Austin turned face after the Survivor Series by attacking McMahon. The impact of Austin turning heel is really overrated. Eh, the Monday Night Wars were essentially over in the middle of 1999. By 2000, WCW and ECW meant nothing to the WWF.
  23. chaosrage

    Attitude Era Timeline in your opinion?

    I used to think that, until I watched a lot of shows from late 01 awhile back and saw that it was still very much attitude era-ish. The promo where Austin and Rock sing together happened in late 01. How could the Attitude Era have ended before that? This is THE Attitude Era promo. http://www.megavideo.com/?v=NZMT38GR http://www.megavideo.com/?v=SLL1EYKY And if you watch that, what did Austin shaking hands with Vince actually do? Only a few months later and they're right back to Austin and Rock being the two most popular babyfaces in the company. The Alliance and Austin's relationship with McMahon are about to be dead and forgotten about. It might as well not even have happened. So did they really go in a new direction? Not really. For a little while they did, but then they were back where they started. Wrestlemania X7 didn't actually close anything. Based on that, I'd say Jebus is right. The Attitude Era definitely extended past WMX7 and probably went all the way up to the brand split.
  24. chaosrage

    Joey Styles JKO's JBL overseas

    I think he said "he can watch though." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0OWAM8y84Q
  25. chaosrage

    WWE Survivor Series - November 23, 2008

    Why not? I say they really really should. There's such a big lack of credible main event heels. And did Shawn jobbing clean to Jericho hurt him? Did Batista jobbing relatively clean hurt him? Nope. Do their fans care less about them in the slightest because of those losses? Nope. But it did wonders for elevating Jericho. They could just say that Cena was rusty. Or perhaps cut off guard by a move of Jericho's. I mean, he's been gone for a long time and has just been thrown back in the main event. If this was real life, you wouldn't be surprised to see a clean loss. I don't think it would hurt him at all. However it would finally etch in stone Jericho as a serious main event heel. Now they can, but will they be smart enough to? Probably not.