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  1. chaosrage

    The OAO RAW Thread 10/08/07

    A midcard feud is what would kill Jericho from the start, unless he completely dominates Carlito.
  2. chaosrage

    OAO 2007 No Mercy Thread

    Sounds like a terrific show so far. I hope the fans boo everything HHH and Umaga does and chants Y2J for the whole match.
  3. chaosrage

    Cena Injured Tonight (Out 6-12 Months)

    Survivor Series 98 had a terrific buyrate. No Survivor Series has done nearly that high since. The KOTRs aside from 2002 didn't do too bad either. I can't remember why 2002's was so low.
  4. chaosrage

    Eric Bischoff Interview Recap

    I hope he's not referring to Benoit or Eddie, because they fared much, much better in the WWE (although, admittedly, it took them a while to reach their peaks), barring each's tragic endings. Benoit, like Jericho, was at the top for a few months. Then afterwards, he went back to holding and feuding over a midcard belt for the rest of his career. In Benoit's case, it was the same midcard belt that he won under Bischoff in WCW. I don't know about Guerrero since I wasn't watched Smackdown in 2005. But I remember hearing that he was supposed to win the world title again, so Bischoff may have been wrong on him.
  5. chaosrage


    There's a real version of this too. http://youtube.com/watch?v=WC_-QlElxZM The only thing WWE changed was the background music but the serious ominous music makes it twice as funny.
  6. chaosrage


    Why did you post the shitty WWE edited version of it though? Real version I can understand why they took out the parts where he bashed WWE, but I don't see why they removed "All hail the ayatollah of Rock and Rolla!"
  7. chaosrage

    The Youtube Thread

    I put up some more Jericho in WCW on youtube if any of you haven't had enough with the hour and a half of videos I posted a few months ago. Part 14 - ending to Jericho/Malenko at GAB 98 and the next night on Nitro Part 15 (1/2) Part 15 (2/2) - Jericho vs Ultimo Dragon Part 16 - Jericho brings out Rey Mysterio and has a 5 star classic that "all you internet geeks and sheetreaders can go crazy about" Part 17 (1/2) Part 17 (2/2) - Jericho vs Ultimo Dragon 2 Part 18 - Jericho at Bash at the Beach
  8. chaosrage

    WWE General Discussion - September 2007

    Well, it was actually September 22, 1997, but here it is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ik6p-w_bd4
  9. chaosrage

    The Youtube Thread

    I uploaded a decent quality one along with the match that came before it. As well as Jericho quoting MMMBop in his prematch promo. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZWZCi9M9i0
  10. chaosrage

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    This has to be a joke post.
  11. chaosrage

    OaO Monday Night Raw Thread - 08/13/07

    And some people here were actually bitching that Bonnie Hammer wanted to make changes to Raw. These Regal skits are making Raw better than it has been in a long time.
  12. chaosrage


    Wrestlescale - Results You are slightly modern in your views about wrestling. You still have some traditional beliefs but you believe that the business must be more entertainment-based and must move away from the old and into the new. Most similar booker: Eric Bischoff Most similar promotion: WWF 1996 Um, what? WWF 1996 was nothing like Eric Bischoff. That makes no sense. I said I wanted frequent title changes and that controversy was important. Now if it had said WWF 1997, that would be right on target.
  13. chaosrage

    Jericho in WCW

    I've just uploaded 1 and a half hours of Jericho in WCW from a compilation tape I bought a few years ago. Enjoy. http://www.dailymotion.com/Ninjafish/video...cw-1-of-5_sport Part 1 http://www.dailymotion.com/ninjafish/video...cw-2-of-5_sport Part 2 http://www.dailymotion.com/ninjafish/video...-3-of-5_sport/1 Part 3 http://www.dailymotion.com/ninjafish/video...-4-of-5_sport/1 Part 4 http://www.dailymotion.com/ninjafish/video...-5-of-5_sport/1 Part 5 Has there ever been a more happier heel than Jericho when he was the Cruiserweight champ? This is all only promos and short matches, but if you feel like seeing the long PPV matches during this time too, they're all there already on Daily Motion or Youtube. Just search for Jericho Mysterio Souled Out Jericho Guerrera SuperBrawl Jericho Malenko Unsensored Jericho Malenko Great American Bash
  14. chaosrage

    TNA Comments which don't warrant a thread

    Since TNA takes in anybody no matter what problems they have, I wonder why they never bought Marty Jannetty in.
  15. chaosrage

    NFL Star headed to TNA

    Now it's time to see how much power Russo has.
  16. chaosrage

    The Youtube Thread

    Austin's first day on the job as the new CEO of the WWF. http://www.dailymotion.com/Ninjafish/video...e-new-ceo_sport
  17. chaosrage

    The Youtube Thread

    Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf and Crackhead Bob on Raw with Cyrus the virus. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=6d6NlU6750c
  18. chaosrage

    Bonnie Hammer submitting ideas to Vince

    If the 90s means exciting unpredictable complex intertwining storylines between multiple personalities at the same time such as a link to the opening of Summerslam 97 or a link to the opening of Survivor Series 98 and the new identity means whatever passes for story today (Not much), we should probably go back to the 90s. God, I just watched those links and they make me miss wrestling so much. Not the crap that passes for it now with Cena and Lashley embarrassing themselves in a feud based on nothing, but the interesting, well-written stuff that they had back in the day. That 2nd link was awesome. Brings back memories... i remember at the time, i felt that was one of the weaker stories they did.. now its soooo much better than what's been on TV the past couple of years. The other 7 parts to that video (Each 10 mins long) leads up to Mankind winning the world title if anyone is interested in watching the rest. Would someone like Mankind be made into a world champion today?
  19. chaosrage

    Bonnie Hammer submitting ideas to Vince

    If the 90s means exciting unpredictable complex intertwining storylines between multiple personalities at the same time such as a link to the opening of Summerslam 97 or a link to the opening of Survivor Series 98 and the new identity means whatever passes for story today (Not much), we should probably go back to the 90s.
  20. chaosrage

    Bonnie Hammer submitting ideas to Vince

    It advanced from a fun and entertaining show that was getting 7s and 8s in the ratings to a mostly boring show with bland characters and stale storylines that has settled on a core rating of about 3.4. The product now is so bad that they actually managed to dwindle their entire audience away that they gained during the Atitude era, not to mention eliminate all of the fans who were watching WCW at the time, which is impressive. Any change can only be a good thing.
  21. chaosrage

    OAO RAW Discussion for 7/23

    my case for RVD's legend status Goddamn. Case proven.
  22. chaosrage

    When should John Cena Drop the Belt?

    The next wrestling show. To anybody.
  23. chaosrage

    JoeDirt's old school match thread

    Dear God. Thanks for the Rockers videos.
  24. You really thought there was a chance that HBK would win at Wrestlemania? HBK is my favorite wrestler of all time, but I still didn't turn on Raw to watch a second of their feud and had no intention of seeing WM because I knew there was no way in hell HBK was winning.
  25. chaosrage

    The Youtube Thread

    I didn't upload the SS98 event though, just the storyline. The only match I have there in full is Mankind vs Dwayne Gill. The Mankind title win is already on youtube. I didn't upload it for that. I uploaded it to show the storyline of the night. I think if you watch it altogether (from a few weeks before Survivor Series to Mankind's title win), it makes a lot of sense, it all seems well thought out, and it's remarkable how hated it made the Rock and how ultra popular Foley became from it. All you should have to do is listen to the heel heat the Rock recieves coming out the next night on Raw, before he even says a word, to see that the ending to SS was perfect. Why doesn't the screwjob ending from Austin vs Rock at WMX7 get all the hate that this ending gets? I don't understand it. It's pretty much the same ending. Someone sells out to Vince McMahon for an easy win and sympathy is generated for the other wrestler. Only in the case of Rock/Mankind, it's a whole fucking lot better because Mankind had been treating the Corporation like they were his family for months. The fans knew from Vince's facial expressions that he really couldn't stand Mankind, so they felt sorry for him for that. And they felt sorry for him because of the beating he took in the Hell in a Cell. Then SS98 happened. Then he got screwed out of his hardcore title, which was as JR put it "the only thing Mick Foley had left in his life". Judging from how loud the crowd is during Foley's entrance on the night he won the title, the pop Austin gets when he comes out to save Mankind - one of the loudest Austin pops I've ever heard, and the subsequent pop when the ref makes the three count, not to mention the ratings at the time, the screwjobs and dusty finishes did very little to hamper the fans' enjoyment of the feud. It actually probably just made the fans want the Rock to lose more. Nothing was wrong with people interfering. Mankind already proved he could beat the Rock cleanly. He did it at Rock Bottom. He had the Rock beat again until Shamrock interfered. It was only fitting for Austin to help Mankind and cost the Rock the title, since Austin and Mankind were the two guys the Corporation screwed over at Survivor Series. This was the payback. Mankind beat the Rock cleanly again when he won the title for the second time too, in the empty arena match. Of course. It would have to be a wrestler that would make the crowd pop as huge as they did for it to work. The story was also designed around Foley's real life story. [ WCW was already a total mess before he got there. He didn't do anything but turn shit into a different type of shit. This is awesome.