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  1. Nevermortal

    Andre The Giant's Theme Music

    Andre the Giant's theme was "Giant Press"
  2. Nevermortal

    IMPORTANT: Concerning TSM's Future

    Today, I took a poop and it kinda hurt.
  3. If anyone thinks that WWE would let Punk on their TV to trash the ROH title, they're a moron. The casual WWE audience couldn't give two shits about Gabe Sapolsky's little promotion that could.
  4. Nevermortal

    The one & only OVW...errr, Smackdown thread.

    Oh man, they rode out on a lawnmower. Oh man.
  5. Nevermortal

    Subway getting rid of the Sub Club

    I love Quiznos so much. Their subs are so non-traditional and kooky. Plus they have a Pepper Bar.
  6. Nevermortal

    After One Night Stand

    Fujita Knees and Rolling Solebutts for all my friends, all the time
  7. Nevermortal

    Looking to get into Ring of Honor

    The fanbase of Ring of Honor ruined it for me.
  8. Nevermortal

    The Biggest Angle Ever

    Good read. I like the idea of WWE having an Illuminati-esque group.
  9. Nevermortal

    New info about "The Montreal Screwjob"

    Fuck you nigga, Dino rules.
  10. Nevermortal

    The Czech Republic will have you know

    I love the term douchewhistle and will fuck it in the ass.
  11. Nevermortal


    Matt Young sucks.
  12. Nevermortal

    Why is Indy Wrestling So Much Better Than WWE?

    I don't believe that indy wrestling is much better than WWE. It's just way too weird and sleazy. Japanese wrestling, however....
  13. Nevermortal

    ROH Summer 2004 DVD Masters

    Updated yet again.
  14. Nevermortal

    ROH Summer 2004 DVD Masters

    These are masters, not copies. You get the case, inserts, and discs. Everything is great condition. ROH - Generation Next (5/22/04) - 12$ ***SOLD*** ROH - World Title Classic (6/12/04) - 12$ ROH - Survival of the Fittest (6/24/04) - 12$ ***SOLD*** ROH - Reborn: Completion (7/19/04) - 15$ [2 Discs] ROH - Death Before Dishonor Part I (7/23/04) - 12$ **SOLD*** ROH - Death Before Dishonor Part II (7/24/04) - 12$ ***SOLD*** ROH - Testing the Limit (8/7/04) - 12$ ***SOLD*** If you buy all of my shows in one fell swoop, it'll be 75$, shipping included. 1 DVD = 3$ shipping 2-4 DVDs = 5$ shipping 5+ DVDS = 6$ shipping Plus, I have VHS Masters of "Main Event Spectacles", "Expect the Unexpected", and "All Star Extravaganza 2002" to sell too, if there's interest. 5$ each, 3$ shipping. I would prefer to do this all by PayPal. PM me if you're interested.
  15. Nevermortal

    The Shield Season 4 Offical Thread

  16. Nevermortal

    TSM Board DRAWMUH~! 2005

    Wow, 1000 dollars on this place? You could've spent it on actual things, like rent or maybe even LSD.
  17. Nevermortal

    ROH Summer 2004 DVD Masters

  18. Nevermortal

    Hey Mike the admin

    Guys I just got de-admin'd. WTF
  19. Nevermortal


    I find her total unabashed dive into selling out totally hot. I also find your picture of Chono Yakuza kicking Takayama HOT
  20. Nevermortal


    Right now I'm listening to Gwen Stefani.
  21. Nevermortal


  22. Nevermortal


    Wow, all this drama seems rather gay. I got invited to post at J Wing, but I'd rather not interact with most the people on this board, nevermind interact with them on multiple boards.
  23. Nevermortal

    Van Halen loves me

    Faggot Messenger?
  24. Nevermortal

    Lance Storm Leaves WWE

    Lance better not teach people how to throw a punch, he should probably outsource that department of his training school. Interestingly enough, Lance isn't the only one to badmouth Kawada. RVD shits all over him in one of those old RF shoots. And now Rico does it. What do these people have in common? Oh yeah, them niggas ain't shit compared to Dangerous K.
  25. Nevermortal

    KROQ Weenie Roast

    The Bravery's album was a CHORE to listen to. It was like someone decided to mate The Killers and Franz Ferdinand just to see the results. The only good song is "An Honest Mistake".