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  1. Nevermortal

    Why am I banned from the WWE folder?

    Someone actually did the post I posted before me so you should probably ban Slickster.
  2. Nevermortal

    Why am I banned from the WWE folder?

    To portray me as someone who cared little for Owen Hart is the gravest insult and grossest untruth I have ever heard. I learned of Owen's death on the bus to school the next day; I skipped my classes and went into mourning for the day. May 24, 1999 is one of the darkest days of my (comparatively short) life.
  3. Nevermortal

    Who Are The Top Five ROH Workers?!

    1. Bryan Danielson 2. Samoa Joe 3. James Gibson Fin
  4. Nevermortal

    Adventures with Ribs

    One time, I went to a steak house with someone who had never eaten ribs. He proceeded to take one of the ribs he had, and repeatedly dip it in the sauce cup that accompanied the meal. After dipping, he licked the sauce off the rib, never actually eating the meat, therefore missing the point of having ribs. Does this sound unusual? He was from Long Island, perhaps that explains.
  5. Nevermortal

    Let's edit bloated double albums

    Dillinger Escape Plan - "Miss Machine" 1. Panasonic Youth 2. Sunshine the Werewolf 3. Highway Robbery 4. Van Damsel 5. We Are the Storm 6. Setting Fire to Sleeping Giants 7. Baby's First Coffin 8. Unretrofied (Cut Phone Home, Crutch Field Tongs, The Perfect Design)
  6. Nevermortal

    Adventures with Ribs

    Now that, my good sir, is insane!
  7. Nevermortal

    5 Favorite Led Zep tunes

    "No Quarter" "Immigrant Song" "Gallows Pole" "When the Levee Breaks" "Kashmir"
  8. Nevermortal

    Four years ago tonight...

    It's the greatest night in the history of our sport!
  9. Nevermortal

    Punk heel or face

    I'm in the mood for a debate. CM Punk is a great (though slightly over rated) worker. The only guys on the ROH roster who are better are Danielson and Joe. Is this a personal bias, or do you actually have problems with his work? He's one of the most overrated wrestlers I've ever seen. Everyone shits their face over Joe v. Punk II, but in my opinion, it just wasn't *that great* except for the spot where Punk goes to do a moonsault, and Joe just walks away. That was sheer brilliance. Punk's also one of the most unathletic wrestlers to ever be, plus a good deal of his signatures manuevers are contrived as all hell (seriously....a Pedigree off the top? A hammerlock/inside trip swung to a clothesline? no need!). I like ROH for the most part, but I tend to skip nearly all of CM Punk's matches. I think he gets too much praise, but really isn't good enough to receive all of it. There's tons of of more people in ROH that entertain me more than Punk.
  10. Nevermortal

    Champions Carnival 2005 schedule

    I really, really can't wait until my eyes get to view A-Train v. Kensuke Sasaki or Kawada v. Chuck Palumbo.
  11. Nevermortal

    Impulse purchases

    I bought the My Chemical Romance album when I had to buy my father a DVD player. I laughed, I cried, I felt emo. I bought a white studded belt.
  12. Nevermortal

    NJPW 3/26 results

    Interesting booking here. If Koji is going down for Tenzan, what's the purpose of Nakamura not laying down for him? NJ has such a ridiculously huge boner for Nakamura. I'm all about Tanahashi, however. What a sexy man.
  13. Nevermortal

    MMA Comments that Don't Warrant a Thread

    Some questions on MMA techniques: EXPLAIN~! - Anaconda Choke - Calf Slicer - Bicep Slicer - Americana Also, what does it mean on Sherdog when they say that a fighter won via "punishment"? Is it when he's on top of the other guy, punching his face until the ref stops the fight?
  14. Nevermortal

    Easter Bunny gets his ass beaten

    Mr. Rant reminds of that guy you have in your office that drives an F-150 and makes it a point to inform everyone of the latest silly flash animation or online 9-11/support the troops tribute.
  15. Nevermortal

    May you all have a happy Holy Friday

    And molesting a child
  16. Nevermortal

    Oh man, what drugs are you on right now?

    One time I read an article about an undertaker who was exposed to too much formaldehyde, and he developed woman parts, like big boobs.
  17. Nevermortal

    Man alive!

    Fongus Bellpop is a no talent hack.
  18. Nevermortal

    Sara Silverman fans?

    I hate stand up comedians but I found this pretty funny. Because black people don't tip
  19. Nevermortal

    May you all have a happy Holy Friday

    Best gimmick poster.
  20. Nevermortal

    Oh man, what drugs are you on right now?

    The black numbs
  21. Nevermortal

    Am I wrong for thinking...

    One time, AoO used the word "poultice", and gave me a big chuckle.
  22. Nevermortal

    The Black Numbs

    Someone once told me of a drug called "The Black Numbs". He said it paralyzes you from the neck down for 7 hours. I really want to do some. I hope no one disagrees. Kotz can have some too
  23. Nevermortal

    Punk heel or face

    CM Punk sucks. Heel or face. I hate him so much.
  24. Nevermortal

    The Black Numbs

    Everytime I've given birth, the shit wasn't even that kickin'.
  25. Nevermortal

    Create the Worst. Videogame. E-EHH-EHHHVAR!!

    Don't post