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    Is the Edge getting his comuppence?

    I agree, Edge has been busting his canadian, pretty-boy ass off inside that ring for over 4 years now. Edge has payed his fucking dues in the WWF. Hell, he's even been paying his dues in this sport in the past years leading up to his arrival to the WWF. Edge has done EVERYTHING that he has been told to do by the management. He has jobbed and put people over whenever he was asked or told to without ever complaining. Edge has always put the company first before himself or anything else. If I'm not mistaken, I do believe that paying your dues is very important in the wrestling business. Adam "Edge" Copeland has paid his dues in this business. He's a hard worker, even though he's not 100% perfect, like Angle. But, Edge is a hard worker who has paid his dues in wrestling. He deserves a push, bottom line.
  2. JN News

    HUGE Smackdown Spoiler

    I would like to see Hogan and Rock battle each other in a match with the rights to the name, "Hollywood" on the line, with Rock winning. Thus taking Hogan's "Hollywood" nickname, feather boas, Jimmy Hendrix music, etc. HULK HOGAN goes back to using "Real American" as his theme music.
  3. JN News

    Stephanies Bombshell

    I'm hoping to see Austin return to RAW and challenge HHH for the World Title at Wrestlemania 19, with Austin winning the title.
  4. JN News

    The One and Only RAW Thread for 1/20/03

    It's about phucking time that Victoria jobbed to Trish. Trish nearly became Victoria's job-girl.
  5. JN News

    Dawn: "It's not over Torrie!"

    I do remeber Dawn getting one pinfall victory over Torrie in a mixed tag team match between Dawn & Matt Hardy vs. Torrie & Rikishi. This was 3 days prior to No Mercy. I hope this thing leads to a final showdown match between Dawn vs. Torrie on Smackdown where the loser gets traded to RAW. Torrie wins, and Dawn goes to RAW where she'll hopefully reunite with Lance Storm.
  6. JN News

    The One and Only RAW Thread for 1/20/03

    Bring Edge to RAW. Edge is one of the few people that can save RAW for me as far as I'm concerned.
  7. Angle vs. Lesnar Austin vs. HHH Rock vs. Goldberg
  8. JN News

    WWE.com Headlines down

    Just go to WWE.com and go to the headlines section. For some reason, "The Page Cannot Be Found"! EDIT:Nevermind, it's back up again.
  9. JN News

    Bret Hart DVD

    I would give anything to get that DVD.
  10. JN News

    Forshadowing the new horsemen?

    Believe me, when Vince fucks this thing up, it will be 100% INTENTIONAL!
  11. You guys know that Vince actually WANTS to piss all over the Horsemen legacy. Why, because The Horsemen were NOT homegrown in the WWF (E). Vince McSatan pisses on anything that isn't homegrown in the WWF. He just doesn't care.
  12. JN News

    The One and Only Smackdown Thread for 1/9/03

    Heheh...he's probably dead. This is WWE after all. I can't wait for the catfight at the funeral, and Torrie riding her dad's casket. Yeah, and then HHH will probably fuck Al Wilson's corpse.
  13. JN News

    The One and Only Smackdown Thread for 1/9/03

    The reason why Holly, DeMott, and Tazz beat up and maul the kids is because Vince McMahon tells them to. Vince treats all of his wrestlers like shit, if not circus animals.
  14. JN News

    Who is the better heel?

    Who do you guys think is the better heel? Triple H or Shane Douglas? Which one would have the power to turn each other face?
  15. Lesnar vs. Angle for the WWF Title (WWE my ass)-Lesnar wins the title, despite Team Angle interference. Triple H vs. Scott Steiner for the World Heavyweight Title inside Hell In A Cell-Steiner wins the title when Stephanie comes to the ringside area and basicly pulls another Montreal Screwjob when Steiner gets HHH in the Recliener. Steiner & Stephanie celebrate and then appear the next night on RAW where Steph says she stepped down as Smackdown GM in order to become Steiner's newest freak. Meanwhile, on SD, Shane McMahon returns as the NEW GM of Smackdown. The Rock vs. Goldberg-The Rock wins by cheating. This would be a RAW vs. Smackdown match. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Hulk Hogan-Hogan wins clean and announces his retirement. BTW, Austin stays with RAW and Hogan gets traded to RAW in exchange for Kane. Undertaker & Kane vs. Eddie & Chavo-Kane gets traded to SD, but, he and Taker lose when Eddie pins Taker, finally ending Takers WM win streak, resulting in a feud between the two to elevate Eddie. Edge & Christian vs. Storm & Regal for the World Tag Team Titles-Edge also gets traded to RAW in exchange for Kane. E&C win the titles when Edge pins Regal. Jericho vs. HBK-HBK wins after a five-star match with Y2J. Rey Mysterio vs. Billy Kidman for the Cruiserweight Title-Mysterio wins! Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy-Mattitude wins, and they have rematch at Backlash. Goldust vs. RVD-RVD wins!
  16. JN News

    Best promo in WWE history?

    Does anyone have the complete transcript of Flair's RR 92 promo?
  17. JN News

    *Raw Taping Spoilers*

    It WILL get worse, trust me.
  18. My way of ending this thing would be to set up a Dawn/Torrie match after Torrie foils the wedding. The stipulation for the match would be that the loser gets traded to RAW. Torrie beats Dawn, Dawn gets traded to RAW, and starts a feud with Stacy Kiebler.
  19. Boy, I would sure as hell love to see that happen.
  20. JN News

    Rumble prediction

    Here is my prediction for the PPV. They'll have the first-ever Brand Extension Royal Rumble. Here's what's gonna happen. They will have 2 Rumble matches. 1.RAW Royal Rumble 2.Smackdown Royal Rumble 3.Winner of RAW Royal Rumble will get a shot at the World Heavyweight Title at Wrestlemania. 4.Winner of Smackdown Royal Rumble will get a shot a the WWF Title at Wrestlemania. My predictions: Brock Lesnar wins the Smackdown Rumble. Scott Steiner or Kevin Nash win the RAW Rumble.
  21. JN News

    The One and Only RAW Thread for December 16, 2002

    Where can you download Victoria's theme?
  22. JN News

    "The Franchise" Shane Douglas

    I will never cause any more trouble on this board again. I promise!
  23. JN News

    "The Franchise" Shane Douglas

    Shane Douglas is the ultimate heel in wrestling. He can draw more heel heat than Hella Huge Honker ever could.