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    Box Office Report...

    They don't. On the YouTube channel - which I'll admit to liking a few of the videos - you'll notice all the comments are all positives. They moderate whats posted. Its just sad. I'm glad its doing terrible. I was hoping Get Smart would kick its ass. Saw that on 20th and it was awesome. Typical mainstream popcorn movie. Though its rated pg-13, I daresay it was watered down enough for anyone in the family. Anyway, I quite liked it. Personally I think number 2 was the best of the series, with the first following very closely behind. The third... had some good moments but overall was embarassing. It was Myers giving a big 'fuck you!' to the fans. Oddly, with all this advertising for Love Guru, I'm tempted to go back and rewatch all three.
  2. Yuna_Firerose


    Comparing this travesty to Interview with the Vampire? ...Ew. That should be a crime, or something. There's no way in hell this bullshit even comes close to being of the same caliber as IwtV.
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    That's the footage that was shown at the Los Angeles Jules Verne Festival last December. It's the things they had already shot for what would have been the rest of season 2. Because Zachary Quinto was leaving for Star Trek, they had mostly been shooting Sylar scenes, and that's why he's prominently featured in the trailer. It has also been known for like months now that this footage probably won't be used in S3 anymore, due to how the strike changed everything.
  4. Yuna_Firerose

    US networks announce Fall schedule

    The trailer for the Americanized Life on Mars I'm a huge fan of the original and true version. I could rant endlessly about how horribly atrocious, lame, sickening, and disgusting this plagiarized remake is going to be. But I'm too nice for that.
  5. Yuna_Firerose

    SAW IV

    Saw II was absolutely the best of the series, in my opinion. I didn't really care for the traps; the game was more about Jigsaw toying with the Detective to the point of violence. Saw III is only interesting for the scenes involving Amanda and John; the traps therein were absolutely disgusting, and more than that, went completely against what John blatantly stated in Saw II about hating murderers. Saw IV parodies itself, really. Another one that is pointless and nonsensical like III. The commentary with James Wan and Leigh Whannell on Saw II is surprisingly amusing (particuraly Leigh's impersonation of Cary), and whats more, very informative.
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    Post here if you dislike Will Ferrell...

    Glad, as always, to oblige other posters and acquaintances in upping the amusement of a thread.
  7. Yuna_Firerose

    Post here if you dislike Will Ferrell...

    Respect. As for me, I do like Ferrell. But he's not someone I could watch all day; the act does get old. Anchorman is alright, but Talladega succeeds in all the places that the former failed: namely, an actual story, dialog behind catchphrases, and an excellent cast. (On the shallow side of things, more eyecandy. Namely: Cole and Cohen. And need I even mention the sexcellent kiss between Ferrell and Cohen at the MTV Movie Awards?) I haven't seen Semi-Pro, and I doubt I will, despite the inclusion of Will Arnett.
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    Board colors?

    I used the midnight dark blue theme. While it was wonderful for reading purposes, writing a reply anywhere was hell. The only good skins I know about are on blackcats-games.net; but, uhhh, not sure if I could link you to them.
  9. Yuna_Firerose

    Odd prob w/new wireless mouse

    My new mouse, a Wenger Spyder 5 Button Wireless, arrived today and whilst I love its shape and comfort, etc, it has some strange scroll sensitivity. When I go into my folders and try to scroll down the mouse doesn't let me. Scrolls immediately back to top. Haven't noticed this in web pages, except when I encounter a drop-down menu, of which I can't select options. I've gone into Control Panel and fiddled with the limited mouse options but nothing seems to help. The laptop's mousepad works fine as always, its just the mouse. I'm hesitant to send it back as I bought it from Dell via $50 gift card. ^Looks like that, only black/silver instead of red/black.
  10. Yuna_Firerose

    Patrick Swayze to die...

    It's that serial killer on the loose again! we need Yuna's thoughts on this. I refuse to get involved. ...If only because the board is damn fugly right now. But on the plus side, I can actually read the text I'm writing. Yay me?
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    American Idol (season 7)

    I'm the authority on what is "too gay"? Well, okay then. I...don't care? Honestly, I don't. I only heard about it last night on Entertainment Tonight (mom's show, not mine). The supposedly "news" bit was advertised so much (OMG HE MIGHT'VE GIVEN LAP DANCES! ... TO GUYS~!) that by the time they actually discussed it, it was like 'uhm, okay, and...?' So, he worked as a stripper. Thats nice. We all have to make a living somehow. I do find it amusing that Idol paired, for lack of a better term, Danny and David H. They advertised their spots before cutting to commercial and I said "So, we have the princess and the stripper coming up next? Cool." Also, who else caught Ryan's "Purple highlights? I totally didn't notice! <3" to Danny? Danny's response was rather amusing, mainly for Ryan's completely taken-by-surprise expression following.
  12. Yuna_Firerose

    American Idol (season 7)

    Danny has already been called Sanjaya with better talent. Not by me, on another forum I go to. I actually think he needs to cut out a bit of the flamboyance and focus on singing.
  13. Yuna_Firerose

    The TSM Worst Poster tournament.

    No votes for me, then? I'm flattered... I think. Sorry, I'm sitting in a birthing suite at 4:30 am and trolling random shit.
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    American Idol (season 7)

    Danny was safe, thats all I cared about. I voted for him constantly on Tuesday. Was pissed off until Thursday, as DialIdol had him pegged to leave. Turns out, DI was waaaaay off; Robbie was third below David A. Whats with all the crying this season? Its so phony; so incredibly obvious that all the girls are faking it, trying to force tears out.
  15. Yuna_Firerose

    American Idol (season 7)

    Out of all of them, only Danny and David A were remotely worthwhile and interesting. The others I've compeltely forgotten. Quite a few are surprisingly nobodies we haven't seen before. What the hell is up with that? Even more surprising is they're not trying to hide the fact.
  16. Yuna_Firerose

    American Idol (season 7)

    Could anyone clue me in to the sudden fame of Temptress? They did a bit of a story on her on tonight's ET (which I don't watch, but my mom does). Basically she got pampered for her 17th, makeover, new clothes, new laptop, the whole works.
  17. Yuna_Firerose

    American Idol (season 7)

    Am I the only one watching this season? o.O
  18. Yuna_Firerose

    Superhero Movie

    No, we don't allow the show because its just...stupid. It doesn't matter anyway; my sister mostly watches Disney, when she watches tv atll.
  19. Yuna_Firerose

    Superhero Movie

    Restricted, not permitted, un-accessible... should I get a thesaurus?
  20. Yuna_Firerose

    Superhero Movie

    From the very few moments I saw of this show - its not allowed in our house - I thought Josh was doing a very bad impersonation of Chris Farley. Then I realized that was his character. That show is just boring tween trash.
  21. Yuna_Firerose

    Britney Spears' SISTER is pregnant

    They're already comparing her to Marilyn Monroe. Its sickening how they swarm her, like a damn plague of locusts, only to grab some footage that the news people can then later examine like 'oh poor Britney, she's so stressed over this and this'. Uhm, maybe she's overstressed because she's surrounded night and day by cameras?
  22. Yuna_Firerose

    House: Season 4

    Fox are wimps. As are the creators, who are just out and out blind. Watched House tonight. I had given up on the show since December, and figured I was done with the fandom. Then tonight during Idol, Fox aired a promo clip, wherein House said to Wilson (about his relationship with Amber) "Oh my god, you're sleeping with me!" How could I resist? So I watched. I kept hoping for House to kiss Wilson in one of his ambush tests, but alas, no go. Fox is too much of a wimp for that. The best they'll ever give us slashers is for Wilson to date the female version of House; the show bluntly states this. I can't expect better. The show's creators are die-hard Ham lovers. Listening to their "Half-Wit" commentary sickened me. Anyway. I liked the show tonight. Its very much reheated S1 leftovers with new spice. I like that, but I am hoping against hope that S4 is the final season. The show has run its course, sad to say.
  23. Yuna_Firerose

    Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

    Just a few thoughts. This is by far the darkest film I've seen of Burton's. I don't mean the color palette; the overall tone of absolute menace, filth, hopelessness, desperation... Not one of these characters were likable yet in a way that made them all the more real. They all acted selfishly for their own personal agendas... yet just when you wanted to hate them completely for the gross insects they were, then something that made you want to weep for them. For instance, the Judge. He's a peeping tom to his ward, savagely murders his subjects/criminals, and yet... there at the end, when he was informed of Johanna's return... something in his expression, his eyes, the way he was so clearly overjoyed... dammit, I felt sad for his death. He was evil, perhaps, but likely in his own way felt he was doing right by Johanna. The Judge is certainly a character I felt for. The only time he seemed really in control was with his gavel and seat of judgemental power. Otherwise, well, he does a lot of lurking about doesn't he? Now reflecting on it, I think he was quite shy, perhaps abused as a boy (which, given the state of things as we've seen, wouldn't be a stretch at all as everyone is, in one way or another, abused). He keeps Johanna but doesn't know how to approach her so just watches from the shadows. At first glance his voyeurism appears to be sexual in nature, a creepy sexual on top of that, but on deeper inspection, I think, its just him not knowing how to properly speak his affection. Like a schoolboy with a crush. Yet he's also her father, so he must 'punish' her for not being entirely devoted to him, and he seems to be genuinely confused as to why she wouldn't be. He's like the rich dad who's never around, but dotes on her every whim whilst all the while remaining a ghost. I know I'm focusing far too much on Turpin, but I think his psychology - or is that pathology? - is wholly fascinating. He's too shy to outright speak to Johanna, that we've seen, but is able to rape an unconscious Lucy. Rather like a confused bully, you know. With Johanna and Anthony, yes, I completely doubt the validity of their love. As mentioned in the other post waaaay back about this, he's just obsessed with her, rescuing her, feeling her. She is in many ways that pretty bird in her cage - a metaphor so obvious a child could pick it up - that he sees and basically thinks 'Oooh, pretty, I want!' Which makes him all the more like the Judge he so fights against. If he rescues her, she'll love him, and they'll go off into the sunset together! Yipee hooray! Whereas the Judge thinks if he gives her enough, she'll be his completely. Her feelings about this are all too evident when, after Anthony is all 'I saved you so iz be alrighy nao mkay? ' she replies with 'The ghosts never go away'. She's been through too much to live happily ever after. Seeing her father covered in blood...I think she would be looking for some poison herself after that. I have to wonder just what she was thinking as she listened to everything that happened. Joy as Turpin was slain, or remorse? Did she know her mother's voice, recognize it in that final moment?
  24. Yuna_Firerose

    Heath Ledger dead

    What I'm wondering is why the flowers are positioned in such a fashion. Look...odd. Just heard on Entertainment Tonight that his funeral was originally going to be in L.A., but now they're moving it to Australia. ET billed it as a "secret funeral". I'm glad though. Those church fanatics won't be able to disturb it, though in their own twisted way, they'll likely think of it is as a victory.