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  1. As much as I love RE4, I just can't get in to Leon Kennedy as my primary protagonist. He's just not the smartest guy in the world. How he became some top government agent, I'll never know.

    I'd say the protagonist role is equally shared between and Claire, though they spend much of that time apart. The rest of the characters are 2d and predictable. Fat guy? Evil! British guy? Evil! Overexcited cop? Zombie food! ...etc. The real standout for me though was Angela, voiced by Laura Bailey, who also voiced Rayne from the BloodRayne series.


    $30 good? Psh, hell no. I'd say a rental at best.

  2. If budget is a concern, they should return to the formula of S1, back when the show was character driven and not about all the fancy effects. Also, not having so many damn cast members would help.


    Peter will not be without abilities for too much longer. In fact, sources tell me he'll be flying high within a few short episodes.

    Considering he was standing close to Nathan after the Eclipse then he should be doing that already.

  3. Major plothole. Yes he was in a coma for the last one, but what about the eclipse prior to that one? Apparently in the Heroes verse, eclipses happen once a year or so. Arthur is, what, in his late 40s? So he'd know it's a seasonal thing.

  4. Then of course there's the people who's powers were given to then unnaturally like Nathan, Nikki/Jessica, and Tracy.

    Elle had her powers from childhood, if what HRG said was true. Likely she was given them unnaturally, but even so, how and why would the Eclipse affect that?

  5. Cannot wait for the McCain/Palin campaign to repudiate this:


    Um. Wow. I'm ashamed to be from Ohio with these people. Because he has a different skin tone that automatically means he hates white people? The fuck?! And he's a terrorist. Ugh... I'm glad I'm only now tuning in to the whole Presidential campaign stuff.

  6. Yeah, he got the ability and now he's stuck in a coma. Personally I don't much care for the direction his character is taking this season. On some level I can understand what they were trying to do - in order to save the world he has to become a villain - but if anything that made him more of an idiot. Now he's slicing heads left and right like some addict on speed. If anything that just made him worse. I miss the Peter from S1 where he was trying to get out of Nathan's shadow, be more than just a nurse and save the world, etc.


    Why must Sylar be a Petrelli anyway? To me, that just seemed like the writers using a stock cliche to give his character an unnecessary "development". (Not to mention ruins all those Petlar fics I read :angry: ) The final scene in the car, with HRG, Claire and Sylar, almost made me intrigued by the potential for a Sylar-Claire match up.


    Also, what happened to his super hearing? While he was waiting by the car, and HRG was wanting vortex-guy to kill him, he seemed unable to hear them. Whereas we know from his Road Trip of Awesome with Mohinder, that's not the case.


    Papa Petrelli is a completely unnecessary addition to the cast. As is the sudden overpowering of Nightmare Man.


    Mohinder is dull already, but at least he shut Maya up. That's a plus.

  7. I actually like Parkman. I'd rather see more of him than cockroach!Mohinder. or Tracy/Nikki/Jessica which makes absolutely no fucking sense no matter how they'll try to explain it.


    The African man's "Should've gone with Sprint" was way too blatant of an ad, in my opinion. (Nikki holding a Sprint = far more subtle).


    So far I'm liking S3. I think they're overcompensating for S2's opening with so many people being able to predict the future in some way, to the point where Mama Petrelli's power is completely different. Her power in S2 was shown to be persuasion, indicated by her 'convincing' Nathan's wife to leave him.


    Emo!Claire I can tolerate; at least she's no longer dependant on some random cute guy in school and is actually trying to do something with her power. If ever I hear "I'm just a cheerleader" again, it'll be too soon.


    A nice touch I love is the return of S1's scoring.

  8. Source: CinemaBlend:


    If you habla a little Espanol, you can get some information on my personally most desired upcoming Blu-ray release, The Dark Knight. The Blu-ray is due out on December 9th. PlanetaHD has information about the audio and extras for the two-disc set. Since my high school Spanish is very rusty, I was glad the guys at Blu-ray.com were able to translate.


    According to these reports, the first disc will include the movie and a featurette called “Gotham Discovered: The Creation of a Scene.” Director Christopher Nolan explains the planning of the movie, IMAX filming, and the new Batsuit. The second disc includes the featurettes “Batman Technology: Gadgets and Tools,” "Batman Unmasked: The Psychology of the Dark Knight" and "The World of Batman Seen Through Real Life Psychotherapy,” all of which sound self-explanitory. There will also be 6 clips from the Gotham Cable newscast: “Tonight in Gotham” plus art galleries, concept art, posters, stills, trailers and TV spots. The usual suspects.


    For the audiophiles out there, the Blu-ray will feature a Dolby TrueHD 5.1 soundtrack. So get your cowl out or paint your face white and green this Christmas and enjoy Gotham City exploding.


    Personally I'm hoping for, at the very least, deleted scenes and perhaps a blooper reel. Though that last is more a pipe dream.

  9. I'm sure someone will find this amusing: Through a glitch in our library's computer system, I now 'own' the two-disc edition of Batman and Robin. I still don't understand that myself. It was on hold from another library, I checked it out, but the computer never registered it. Still showed the item on hold. Even got a letter saying the hold had to be cancelled. So it never showed up in the check-out records. But I still have it.


    ... Yay me?

  10. The above is the direct opposite of another report I read. Of course from CinemaBlend.com, which cites MTV.


    One of the most persistant rumors surrounding the second and now potentially third Batman movie has been that Philip Seymour Hoffman would play an arms-dealing interpretation of The Penguin. Now I'm sure this can all be traced to some wish-fulfilment blogger's speculation years ago, but the rumor never really went away. As far as dream casting goes, it seems like a good idea, though Nolan made it very clear after Batman Begins that he found the character of Penguin to be uninteresting next to the other gallery of asssorted bat-villians he had to draw from and therefore the character would not appear in his movies.


    The rumor resurfaced this week when Michael Caine claimed that execs at Warner Bros were already bandying around casting ideas which would top Heath Ledger's performance as Joker. Bear in mind here that Nolan hasn't even signed on yet let alone started writing a script and it was the lack of this kind of studio interference that made The Dark Knight the roaring success it was.


    To try and find out the truth MTV went direct to Hoffman at the Toronto Film Festival and asked him straight out. His answer, as anyone with an ear for nonsense rumor might have predicted, was: “No one has talked to me about it ever — never. It was a rumor back then and it’s still a rumor.”


    To put the final nail in the coffin, Hoffman said that he is too much of a fan of Nolan's movies to feel like he wants to star in one, adding: “What [Nolan]’s doing is taking it in a whole other exciting great place. I’m more a fan, so the interest of being in it isn’t that great. It’s more the interest in wanting to see the next one. It’s probably better that way.”


    So there you have it. Nolan hasn't even signed on to direct yet, there's no script, and Hoffman is more interested in paying for his ticket to go see it than to spend 18 months having the viewing experience tainted by being in it. Of course this doesn't mean what Caine said isn't true. I'm sure in some penthouse at the WB execs are indeed plotting to try and get the likes of Depp and Hoffman interested in doing the third movie. However, that doesn't mean Nolan wants to hear their ideas or that the actors mentioned actually want to sign on. Nolan will have seen Spider-Man 3 just like the rest of us and will know only too well what happens when you sign on to a sequel where studio execs think they know best.

  11. I hope that with Disaster Movie bombing, they stop doing those absolutely pointless spoof films, or at least cut down in them. Is there anymore similar ones like that coming out soon? I sure hope not.

    Ditto. I haven't been able to tolerate any of them since Scary Movie 1 & 3 way back when. (I was stupid enough to see II in theaters, lured in by Tim Curry. ...Oy, big mistake).


    Epic/Date/Disaster etc have all been pointless. Don't see how anyone can honestly watch them and find something humurous.


    Rumor has it they're working on "Spy Movie" now

    I'd point out that it was already done, and called "Get smart"... but originality has never been the line of movie's oustanding attribute.


    "Not Another Teen Movie"

    "Jamie's got a gun...."


    In my opinion, the best sort of spoof film is one that has a strong enough story that it can stand on its own. NATM, in my opinion, is one. Possibly Scary Movie, from what I remember of it.


    I gave up on "Not Another Teen Movie" when the teacher was ranting about the fecal humor and he got sprayed with shit.

    Once you get past that, and the horrendous girl-on-grandma french kiss, its actually pretty good.


    But even with them being short, they really wouldn't be a "rip-off" if the movie was good.

    Agreed. Length of a film doesn't matter. Red Eye is only 1:25 altogether and that one was pretty good (even if the end devolves into how many injuries can Cillian Murphy take).


    Scary Movie 2 was so unfunny I stopped there with the series

    Which is a shame; 3 was quite well done (new creative team, new ideas, etc). The 4th goes a bit downhill with the Brokeback parody, but I do recommend the 3rd nonetheless. I think that was the one with Signs, Ring, and somewhere along the way a rap battle. Also its great just for the following conversation which, if I remember correctly, was improv.


  12. Johnny Depp Talks Riddler


    Johnny Depp has been out talking about the fake rumors pegging him as the new Riddler in the sequel to The Dark Knight.


    DarkHorizons caught him talking to a radio show, where he confirmed again what we already know but nobody seems to be able to get through their heads. There is no sequel yet folks. When asked if the movie is being cast yet Depp says, “Not that I know of.” It isn’t being cast, it doesn’t have a director, and Johnny Depp hasn’t been hired or talked to about being in it. It seems like I can’t say that enough, since people keep insisting that the contrary is true.


    However, Johnny Depp as the Riddler is at least actually a good idea, unlike some of the other false casting rumors which have been floating around. Example: Mickey Rooney as Riddler. No really, people actually believed that. If they do make a sequel to The Dark Knight and if that sequel does indeed include the Riddler, I can’t think of anyone better for the role than Depp. Johnny’s interest in doing it though, is hard to gauge. When asked if he’d be up for it he said, “It seems like it'd be a fun gig for a while, yeah.”


    Embed of interview provided: