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    Official SJL Website Thread

    I'd be lazy about updating it, but making/designing it wouldn't be so bad. If it'll mostly have things that rarely need updating, then that's fine. But then all you'd really need is a pinned thread on this board.
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    Official SJL Website Thread

    Eh, I don't think I'm even in a position to make one, what with my me being here three whole days. Maybe later on, once I settle in a bit. And yeah, maybe looking through the board history more thoroughly would help.
  3. Smarks Board Name: Atlas Wrestlers Name: Sean Atlas Height: 6'3" Weight: 230 Hometown: Thought to be Chicago, IL Age: 22 Face/Heel: Heel Stable: None Ring Escort: None Weapon(s): Whatever can be found under the ring. Preferably, things that can be swung (chair, bat, 2x4, sledgehammer, etc) Quote: "It must make life unbearable for a man, to think as I did." Looks: The imprtant thing is that Sean Atlas always wears a mask. It's not the typical Lucha mask, though - more like Kane's. Mask is usually white, with some sort of a black design on it. His ring attire is similar to the mask: White pants, with black lettering down the side, spelling out his name, or a design. On top, there usually isn't anything except for wrist tape, and a tattoo on his right shoulder of the letters M and S creatively drawn. On very rare occasions, he'll break out a singlet similar to Rob Van Dam's or Kurt Angle's, but with the same black/white color pattern that adorns the rest of his attire. Otherwise, his build is closest to Rob Van Dam's, with Austin's midsection. Ring Entrance: Breaking Benjamin - Polyamorous hits the arena speakers, and the lights flash to the song's intro. Then, after the five second intro period, an explosion (Similar to Jericho's) goes off onstage. Moments later, Sean Atlas makes his way out. As he walks down the ramp, he doesn't do much except look around at the crowd, and arrogantly smile at the morons booing him. Once in the ring, he runs the ropes for a while and waits for his opponent. (If his oppoenent is already out, then he either attacks them or waits for the bell, depending on the storyline) Stats: ¯¯¯¯¯ Strength: 5 Speed: 4 Vitality: 6 Charisma: 5 Style: More technical than any other style. Will have occasional mean streaks. Tends to use the mat most of the time, but will pull off a top rope move once in a while, which don't look too pretty, but gets the job done. Signature moves: - Release German Suplex - Russian Leg Sweep - Rear leg takedown (the thing Angle does when he pulls your feet out from behind you) - Reverse DDT - Superkick - Sweep Spinebuster (ala The Rock) - Running Powerbomb (sometimes to the outside...) - Diamond Cutter - Spear (sometimes into the ropes) - Brainbuster - Sitdown Piledriver Common moves: - Chops - Leapfrog - Baseball slide after a whip (ala Al Snow) - DDT - Neckbreaker - Shoulderblock - Armbar DDT - Fisherman's suplex - Dragon Screw legwhip - Full Nelson Drop - Kicks to the knees - Arm Wrench - Overhead Belly-to-Belly suplex - Unreleased Irish whip (usually followed by an overhead belly-to-belly) Rare moves: - Sharpshooter - Pedigree - Three Star Splash (Not exactly a five star, or a frog splash, but hey, he tried) - Fall From Grace (Top Rope Moonsault, Bill Demott style) - Knife Through The Heart (From the apron, he'll slingshot himself onto the top rope, not in the corner but in the middle of the rope (if it's late in the match he'll either mess it up or just climb to the top one) then dive and hit an elbow drop into the chest. This one is the rarest of the rare, because he'll try it if a finisher doesn't do the job, despite not being physically perfect for it) Finishers: - The Saint's Demise (Death Valley Driver) - Katahajime Choke (Modified Tazzmission, applied with either arm) Notes: To those writing matches against me, never remove his mask. The mask stays on, period. If you try though, please do it sparingly. I don't want people going for the mask in every match. When someone does try, it'll just anger him further. Sometimes, the anger will cause a DQ, but it rarely makes him fearful. Again, please don't have him lose the mask. Not even if his face is covered with hands. Bio: Sean Atlas is a prick. His basic gimmick is that he refuses to believe in God, but doesn't come out and say that he doesn't exist. He hates religion and therefore, pisses most people off. Nothing is known about his past, but it is thought that Sean Atlas isn't his real name. He wears the mask to hide his identity, but nobody knows why. The tattoo of "MS" on his soulder is a mystery, but the area of skin near the tattoo is scarred, seemingly from Atlas trying to scratch it off. He claims that his reason for joining the SWF is simply because he needs money, and wrestling was always a passion of his, but a lot of people juyst don't buy that. More details about his character, and identity, will come out as time progresses.