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    Genesis Tournament Brackets

    Ahem. http://www.theswf.net/genesis
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    All the WFers.

    Alex Cross and Robert Steele... They were both ringers, right?
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    Birthday Salutations

    Happy birthday, Z. ::buys Zed a dictionary for his birthday in hopes of seeing the typo rate go down::
  4. Atlas

    The Wrestling Identity

    It's definitely great to see a character-focused promo coming form you, and it explains pretty much all the holes in your storyline (why you disappeared, why you're coming back, etc etc). The hard part will be figuring out what to do once the Johnny/Wildchild thing reaches the end of its course.
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    SWF Lockdown card!

    Toothpaste would be a nice change... but stay with the Spike name for now. Or, if you'd like, go with the anagram of my real name: Dr. Myrtle Titya
  6. Atlas

    SWF Lockdown card!

    Nah... I like the Atlas name more than Spike. I'd go by that in the fed if logic allowed, but it's alright. Besides, what's the use of having your name match you character, Mr. Slim Citrus?
  7. Atlas

    SWF Lockdown card!

    ... oh god. Perhaps writing a 3000 word promo will compensate...
  8. Fading in on a darkened screen, the typical quiet, slow, promotional music kicks in, just as some background noise and a man seated in a chair fades into view. His name and a a date appear at the botom of the screen as he speaks up... Cut off just soon enough to hide the out-of-context nature of the quote, the view fades in on a wrestling ring int e middle of an attentive crowd, listening to the words the man inside has to say. His words are eerily familiar as they play back again... The screen wipes itself and refreshes the image, a similar ring in the middle on a crowd, but a different set dominating the entarnce stage. A different, more unpleasant voice speaks this time, with just a hint of animosity in his voice... The scene gets wiped out again as the music climaxes, fading in on yet another in-ring view. This time it's an even more unpleasant character holding the microphone, speaking to an audience trying hard to understand him... Fading out, we're shown a view of a white room, no walls or end in sight as the entirely white canvas is interrupted my a man walking in from the side, dressed in white and black, wearing a mask with one stripe across the eyes. Quick fade to last Friday, an all too recent event, the aura of which has not yet been forgotten... Fading out, the screen stay black as the same voice speaks again... "It's time to explain myself." A momentary flash of him hitting the Spiker plays across the black screen. "To tell the world why I did it." The Saint's Demise appears on screen momentarily, then disappears again. "And tell them who I really am. .................................Tomorrow Night
  9. That would take into account that I read the shows and give a damn about you, which I don't anymore. Being retired is awesome. I thought I read something where Thugg said Spike was someone from way back in the IGNWF days and never figued that meant Atlas, who I thought was a new person. Anyway, what kind of name is just Spike? Sean Atlas was a much better name. Back in the day, we didn't get too elaborate with names. At the time, simply "Spike" worked for me. The character does have full name though (the middle name of which is Sean, and the initials are MS, same as the tattoo on Atlas' shoulder). I'll promo on Lockdown and summarize things for people, just to explain it all.
  10. Atlas

    SWF Lockdown card!

    I call opening Promo.
  11. Um, Frost, you do realize that Spike = Atlas, who after six months of active writing is anything but rusty... right? Anyway, on to the predictions. Michael Craven vs. ??? - Not knowing who the other guy is, I'd have to give it to Craven. "The Sacred One" Andrew Blackwell vs. Xcalibur - Blackwell. Definitely. Unless he no-shows. Nathaniel Kibagami vs. English Dragon - Kibs, unless he no shows. Jay Dawg vs. "The Sinner" John Duran - JD, unless he no shows (getting repetetive, isn't it?) Crow vs. Apostle - Crow. And this should be a no-DQ match, at least. Quiz vs. Mak Francis - Even I can beat Quiz. Mak all the way. Danny Williams vs. Viktor Tarankov - You know what.... Viktor. Dante Crane vs. Stryke - Stryke, but I still wonder who Dante is. Dace Night vs. Ejiro Fasaki - Ejiro. Backing the M7 still. CIA vs. Spike - Me, unless I no show, or decide to go elsewhere with the match. Show vs. Aecas - Showster. Judge Mental vs. Annie Eclectic Annie, to start a magnificent run that should surpass mine and land her the only singles belt she has yet to win.
  12. Atlas

    Storm Comments.

    The end of my promo mostly meant that I had no time to really finish it, so I decided to delay my whole big speech for the next show. Not sure how that'll turn out, what with the tournament and all. But I needed a way to cut myself off so that I have an explaination for my eventual leave.
  13. Power outages suck. I apologize in advance if my match is at all late, cause it might be.
  14. Atlas

    Birthday Salutations

    Thank you guys, and those that PMed me. It's greatly appreciated... and stuff.
  15. Atlas

    Ground Zero Fools

    they enter. huge explosion. everyone dies except Atlas. (Match removed for obvious reasons).
  16. My fault. I didn't start on the match early enough, didn't have the motivation to keep writing, and didn't make it back home on time to finish. I guess the secret's out and the bombshell ruined, but whatever, it didn't have enough going for it to not flop. Fuck it, I'll regroup and try to work around it as best I can.
  17. The Sinner" John Duran vs. Xcalibur vs. Dante Crane - Duran, just because. "Judge Mental" William Hearford vs. Nathaniel Kibagami vs. "The King of Nightmares" Michael Craven vs. "The Sacred One" Andrew Blackwell - Out of this group, I'd take judge, just beause he's the more consistent and generally has a greater upside. Kibs also has a chance if he shows well. Ash and Sacred, I'm not sure about. "Deathwish" Danny Williams vs. TNT - I ave no idea where TNT is at as far as writing mood, so Danny woul dbe the safer pick here. Ejiro Fasaki vs. Wildchild - Wildchild to FINALLY get that big win. The Unholy Trinity (Dace Night and Va'aiga) vs. International Incident (CIA and "The Franchise" Mak Francis) vs. Double Jeopardy (Quiz and Charlie "The Show" Matthews) - CIA and Mak to steal it and start a great reign as champs. It'd bring some much needed credibility to their new stable. Sean Atlas vs. Beezel - I won't even bother. All I can tell you is that you need to read it and expect a great follow-up. Janus vs. Crowe - Janus > Crowe. "The Superior One" Tom Flesher vs. Frost - You know what, I'd like to see this run all the way to Genesis IV, so I'd take Frost here and Tom in the rematch. Otherwise, gotta go with Flesher. THE BOSTON STRANGLER VS. THOTH - TBS to retain. Should be close though.
  18. Stats: Smarks Board Name: Atlas Wrestlers Name: Sean Atlas Nickname: Height: 6'3" Weight: 240 Hometown: Supposedly Chicago, Illinois. Read the Bio for more info. Age: 22 Face/Heel: Heel, leaning towards tweener. Has a small but loyal following. Stable: Magnificent Seven right now. Ring Escort: None Weapon(s): He's used ladders, tack filled light bulb tubes, a bat with nails driven through it, and a chainsaw... Go wild. Quote: "It must make life unbearable for a man, to think as I did." "A casual stroll through the insane asylum shows that faith does not prove anything." "To you I'm an atheist; to God, I'm the Loyal Opposition." Looks: The important thing is that Sean Atlas always wears a mask. It covers his entire face, and the area across the eyes is a black strip. Everything, including the black, is made of white leather. He's got on white pants, usually with some kind of design on them. Shirtless on top, but he's got a few scars on his back from previous matches. There's also a tattoo on his left shoulder of the letters "MS" creatively drawn, impaled with a dagger, all over an outline of the globe. White wrist tape and black boots with white laces accessorize the rest. Ring Entrance: In a darkened arena filled with the anxious murmurs of a hostile crowd, the opening notes to Heaven's a Lie by Lacuna Coil chime in, carefully played by a piano while a background of electric guitars slowly builds. The SmarkTron displays Sean's Crucifix Entrance from his SWF debut, while a blinding white light shining from beneath the ramp grating flashes in accordance with the music. Then, as the guitars grow, the song comes to a climax and just before the expected heavy beass drums blast the roof off... !*BOOM*! A colossal explosion goes off on the stage, leaving behind a thick plume of smoke. The light from underneath the stage illuminates the haze as Heaven's a Lie enters its first verse. inside the thick clous of white smoke, the silhouette of a man appears, slowly walking out with his head held low. One he steps out into plain sight, Sean Atlas looks up at the multitude of spectators, judging them with the dark, beady eyes underneath his mask. He walks down the ramp, focused on the match at hand while Funyon introduces him to the locals... “Currently making his way to the ring, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 240 pounds... SEEEEAAAANNNN ATLAS!” Continue as needed... Stats: Strength: 7 (Well built, very storng. Has found a nice equilibrium as far as conditioning. Think Benoit with a bit of O'Haire thrown in.) Speed: 5 (Very quick and agile, can often evade attacks from all but the speediest of opponents.) Vitality: 5 (Good enough for ironman or clusterfuck, but needs a bit of luck to actually win one) Charisma: 3 (Not overly charismatic, but speaks well enough to convey emotion believably.) Style: Atlas' wrestling is more of a technical style than any other. He uses plenty of stylised Suplexes, in addition to some striking moves, concentrating on the legs. Most of the suplexes and takedowns used are executed from behind, showing that Sean will attack an opponent when he's not looking. Unless it makes sense to, he'll usually stay away from working a certain body part, choosing instead to pummel the opponent with high impact suplexes. He has proven himself more than capable in a hardcore environment, as demostrated in his late SJL days. Tends to work well with others, showing an ability to wrestle in tag team matches, but prefers to work on his own, relying on no one but himself. Signature moves: - Leg Capture Suplex (Done after catching opponent's leg after a kick. While holding the leg, Atlas puts on a face lock and flips over into a Suplex) - Katahajime Suplex (Taz-Plex; Often done during or just before the victim escapes the Katahajime Choke) - Wheelbarrow Suplex (Sometimes flips opponent over onto face ala flipover German) - Tequila Sunrise (Belly to Back Half Nelson and Chicken Wing Suplex) - Straightjacket Suplex (Belly to Back Crossed Arms Suplex) - Texas Cloverleaf (Sean debuted the move at 13th Hour, then decided to keep it as a regular. - Immaculate Neckbreaker (Arm Trap Shoulder Neck Breaker) - Six Point Star Splash (Not exactly a five star, or a frog splash, but hey, he tried.) - Stepover Legdrop (Opponent is doubled over, their arm stretched out to the side. Atlas steps over it, arm between his legs, facing away from the body. He flips forward, catching the opponent with his legs on the way, carrying them over onto their back. A pin can follow.) - Cruise Kick (Performed when opponent catches Sean's leg after a kick. Instead of an Enzuguri, Atlas jumps and does a backflip, kicking the opponent in the face. Done rarely, and Sean will not always land back on his feet, especially if it's late in the match) Common moves: - German Suplex (Release, Rolling, Bridged, Flipover) - Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex - Stretch Suplex (Pumphandle Suplex) - Sweep Spinebuster (ala The Rock) - Russian Leg Sweep - Full Nelson Forward Russian Leg Sweep - DDT (Normal, Reverse, Single Arm) - Chops - Leapfrog - Thesz Press - Spear (To the gut, back, legs, etc) - Superkick - Dragon Screw Legwhip - Side Leg Trip (STO) - Unreleased Irish Whip - Rear Leg Takedown (the thing Angle does when he pulls your feet out from behind you) - Baseball Slide (Often after recieving an Irish Whip) - Kicks (Specifically to the knees, sometimes the midsection.) - Jacknife Hold (Bridging Double Leg Pickup Pin) - School Boy/Inside Cradle Rare moves: - Spinal Tap(Backdrop/Vertebreaker. When placed in a standing headlock, double arm DDT or other similar maneuver, Atlas typically counters out, hitting something between your regular back body drop and a vertebreaker. Thus, the Spinal Tap) - Short Fuse (3/4 Facelock Bulldog into Inverted Facelock DDT. Pops the crowd huge. Atlas lands on his chest for the Inverted DDT. Often covers right after. Used very rarely.) - Sharpshooter (Used as an alternate to the Katahajime when working the back/legs instead of the neck.) - Belly-to-Belly Piledriver (Doesn't like attacking the neck this way, but will do it if necesarry. Uses only this variation) - Knife Through The Heart (From the apron, he'll slingshot himself onto the top rope, not in the corner but in the middle of the rope (if it's late in the match he'll just climb to the top one) then dive and hit an elbow drop into the chest. This one is the rarest of the rare, used mostly for flair.) Finishers: - The Saint's Demise (Jumping Death Valley Driver) - Katahajime Choke (Modified Tazzmission, applied with either arm.) - Angel's Punishment (Cruifix Powerbomb DDT. Starts from a Crucifix position like the Razor's Edge, then flips the opponent forward and turns it into a DDT. Vertical position of opponent upon landing changes based on size. Used very sparingly and WILL finish off a match.) Notes: To those writing matches against Atlas, never remove his mask. The mask stays on, period. If you try though, please do it VERY rarely. I don't want people going for the mask in every match. When someone does try, it'll just anger him further. Sometimes, the anger will cause a DQ, but it doesn't make him fearful. Again, please don't have him lose the mask. Not even if his face is covered with hands. During the Mask vs Mask Angle with beezel, some of te above rules can be bent, but mostly by myself of Mr. B. If you feel like writing major mask-related stuff, let me know in advance. Bio: Sean Atlas started out as a prick when he first came into the SJL. He was a bastard heel, and berated people for their religious beliefs. He even refused to speak to Ben Hardy until Ben took his cross off when interviewing him. Soon after, however, segments started airing about his past. One in new York, where he was distraught after recieving a poor crowd reacion, and one in Chicago that revealed his time spend at a mental institution. Many of his promos out of the ring and out of the arena are done without the mask, but his face is never shown. He benefits from this, because fans never come up to him, asking for an autograph or anything. It allows him total anonymity out of the ring, even to fellow wrestlers. To hide his face and identity, he books his own flights and hotel rooms, so that even management doesn't find out. Hearing some of the sacreligios speeches he often makes, hiding his face benefits him greatly. Though he is identifiable by the tattoo of "MS" on his shoulder, he makes sure to hide it when not wearing the mask. The main reason he's wrestling isn't known, but one can deduce, from past promos, that he's here because no other venue provides him with such a great audience on such a regular basis. He can spread his message to a great amount of people more efficiently. It helps that he is incredibly fit, physically. He also talks about a wrestling past, with a different organization, and mentions underachieving there. This is becoming a more prominent part of his character. Many factors seem to act as motivation for Sean Atlas. Final SJL Record: 12-3-2 (W-L-Cowrites) 02.04.03 - W - SJL Metal - Sean Atlas vs Omega Storm vs Aecas (triple Threat Debut Match) 02.09.03 - W - SJL Wrath - Sean Atlas vs Aecas (Euro #1 Contendership) 02.14.03 - W - SJL Crimson - Sean Atlas vs Chris Card (European Title Match) 02.18.03 - W - SJL Metal - Sean Atlas vs Aecas (European Title Match) 02.23.03 - W - SJL Wrath - Sean Atlas vs Spike Jenkins vs Matt Myers (Cruiser-Triple Threat) 02.27.03 - L - SJL Crimson - Sean Atlas vs Spike Jenkins (Singles Match) 03.04.03 - W - SJL Metal - Sean Atlas vs Thor (Singles Match) 03.09.03 - W - SJL Wrath - Sean Atlas vs Manson (European Title Defense) 03.13.03 - W - SJL Crimson - Sean Atlas vs Spike Jenkins (European Title Defense Submission Match) 03.23.03 - L - SJL Wrath - Sean Atlas vs Tryst (European Title Defense Match) 03.27.03 - W - SJL Crimson - Sean Atlas vs Dace Night (Pinfall vs Submission Match) 04.01.03 - W - SJL Metal - Sean Atlas vs Crow vs Tryst (World #1 Contendership) 04.06.03 - W* - SJL Wrath - Sean Atlas vs Spike Jenkins (Dace on Commentary) 04.10.03 - W - SJL Crimson - Sean Atlas vs Dace Night (Barbed Wire Deathmatch for World Title) 04.20.03 - CWW** - SJL Wrath - Sean Atlas vs Va'aiga & Spike Jenkins (Handicap) 04.24.03 - L - SJL Crimson - Sean Atlas vs Crow vs Christian Blackwell (Three Minute Three Way World Title Defense) 04.29.03 - CWL*** - SJL Bringing' The Funk - Sean Atlas vs Crow (Hell in a Cell World Title Match) * Winning match, Atlas attacking Spike with Dace's belt caused the DQ. ** Co-written with Va'aiga, Spike using a chair caused the DQ. *** Co-written with Crow. Last Match in the SJL. SWF Track Record: Last Updated July 31, 2003 05.04.03 - L - SWF Battleground - Sean Atlas vs Dace Night (Number One Contendership for US or HGC Title) 05.09.03 - W - SWF Storm - Sean Atlas vs Mike Van Siclen vs Johnny Dangerous (Number One Contendership for US Title) 05.14.03 - W - SWF Lockdown - Sean Atlas vs Longdogger Pete (Singles) 05.19.03 - NSL - SWF Smarkdown - Sean Atlas vs Michael Craven (Singles US Title) 05.23.03 - W - SWF Storm - Sean Atlas vs Beezel (Singles) 05.28.03 - W - SWF Lockdown - Sean Atlas vs Wildchild (No-DQ) 06.02.03 - TL* - SWF Smarkdown - Sean Atlas & Michael Craven vs Frost & Longdogger Pete (Tag) 06.11.03 - CW - SWF Lockdown - Sean Atlas vs Nathaniel Kibagami (Singles) 06.16.03 - W - SWF Smarkdown - Sean Atlas & Janus vs Mike Van Siclen & Nathan Kibagami (Tag) 06.22.03 - W - SWF 13th Hour - Sean Atlas vs Mike Van Siclen (Caged Fury) 06.27.03 - (NC)** - SWF Storm - Ten Man Battle Royal. 07.02.03 - W - SWF Lockdown - Sean Atlas vs Frost (Singles) 07.16.03 - W - SWF Lockdown - Sean Atlas vs Longdogger Pete (Singles) 07.21.03 - CWW*** - SWF Smarkdown - Sean Atlas vs Beezel vs Kibagami vs Stryke (ICTV #1 Cont. Gauntlet) 07.30.03 - NSL - SWF Storm - Sean Atlas vs CIA (Singles, Beezel on Commentary) (NS, L. CIA's Match) * Tag Match, written separately. Counted as a Co-write ** Ten Man Batle Royal, won by Thoth. Not counted due to No Show and extremely low chances of even winning the fucker. *** Co-write with Kibs. Wrote 85% of match. Counts as a win, dammit.
  19. Oh this is good... this is very very good.
  20. SINGLES MATCH Atlas vs. CIA - The ending to this should be prety obvious, what with Beezel on commentary. Either way, I'll enjoy writing this one, win or lose. BEST OF 5 SERIES - PICK A PARTNER TAG Janus/??? vs. Crow/??? - The question mark men turn on their partners and form The ??? Alliance... SINGLES MATCH "The Sacred One" Andrew Blackwell vs. "The Superior One" Tom Flesher - Superior > Sacred. NON-TITLE TAG MATCH The Unholy Trinity (Dace Night & Va'aiga) vs. Quiz/??? Ah, the third member of The ??? Alliance. Unholy Trinity over the newly formed team of Pop Quiz. NON-TITLE SINGLES MATCH The Boston Strangler vs. "The Judge" William Hearford - World Champ over Judge. It just wouldn't make sense for Hearford to go over now, not with the PPV coming in two weeks. MAIN EVENT ICTV TITLE MATCH "The Franchise" Mak Francis © vs. Nathaniel Kibagami - Finally, an ICTV match I care about. Kibs deserves a title already, and Mak seems to be busy with the tag division. I'd just hate to see Kibs win it, then lose on a no-show. Either way, he ought to take it here.
  21. Atlas

    SWF Lockdown Card

    Is it safe to assume that this show is taking place in King's backyard while he's away?
  22. Atlas

    Empire Fed?

    Yeah, can't let one of our most valued stars jump feds with one of the most important belts we have to offer...
  23. Atlas

    Which Puro Star Are You?

    You are Jun Akiyama. Although you have been cast aside in the past, being in the shadow of the great ones, you are coming into your own.
  24. Opening Promo - Bobby Riley comes out of the closet... again. Non-Title Singles Match Judge William Hearford v. Va'aiga - I'll take Judge here, only because of experience. Falls Count Anywhere Match for the #1 Contendership to the SWF Hardcore-Gamers Title Dace Night v. WildChild - Tough to call, and all signs point to Wildchild narrowly losing. But I'll go against the normal flow of things around here and pick WC for the win. Singles Match Frost v. "The Sacred One" Andrew Blackwell - Frost may be underestimating opponents, and Sacred doesn't seem to have much ring rust on him, so I'll go with the Sacred One. Tag Match for the #1 Contendership to the SWF Tag Team Titles The Turner Empire ("TNT" Taylor Nicholas Thompson & The Boston Strangler) v. International Incident (CIA & Mak Francis) - Turner Empire all the way. ??? Match ??? v. ??? - ??? Singles Match for the SWF U.S.Title Micheal Craven © v. Ejiro Fasaki - Ejiro, then Craven on the next show. Gauntlet Match for the #1 Contendership to the SWF ICTV Title In order of appearance: Beezel v. Sean Atlas v. Nathaniel Kibagami v. Stryke - No prediction due to uncertainty over who really wants it. Singles Match for the #1 Contendership to the SWF World Heavyweight Title "The Superior One" Tom Flesher v. Jay Dawg - Taamo all the way.
  25. Atlas

    Be in the MLB

    Drafted in 1st round, 18th overall pick, by Florida in 2009... Had first career hit on 4/3/2011, off Brett Myers (PHI)... Hit first career homerun on 4/19/2012, off Matt Wise (NYN)... Injured on 7/29/2012 with a Torn Tricep Muscle, out for entire career... ........ Well, back to golf and curling for me.