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    Birthday Salutations

    Happy Birthday, Strangler. Enjoy the wonders of adulthood (says the younger Atlas).
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    SJL Stuff

    Awesome job, man. These will go up on the site later today. And on another note, why is it that almost everyone has black pants?
  3. Lungs breathing foulness Anal intellect fills rooms Cigar smoke and the stench of cheap wine Smothers my children's innocence The blind and boiled misery sets sail Ship wrecked souls don't buckle up You won't survive The view fades into a scene of a park. Snow falls onto the benches and monkey bars, as children recently let out of school frolic in the white powder dropping form the sky. Slowly, the scene expands as we zoom out, revealing the back of a man's head. A wider shot shows him sitting on a bench, smoking a cigarette. "They booed me. I finally returned, and they booed me. Such a terrible way to live; coming back to a place with such history, and getting treated like shit... But can I blame them? They don't know who I am. They don't know me. All they know is who I used to be - the last decade. All the memories I left them with, the work I did, the awards I won... And it all amounts to nothing. Nothing at all." From the ashes of nothing Rises something Never to forget So if you offer this challenge Oh yes my blood will rise Attitude is the engine that drives The force through hollow eyes The blind and boiled misery sets sail Ship wrecked souls don't buckle up You won't survive Sean takes a drag of his cigarette. We aren't graced with a shot of his face, but it is clear that the mask he wears is not on, and thus, no one recognizes him here, which is still New York on the heels of last night's Wrath event... "It's a test. All of it, has to be a test. I chose this path, and dammit, this is the way it's going to happen. If I have to spill blood, then let it flow. If I have to tear skin, then rip the flesh from my bones. Barbed wire, glass, metal... throw it all in. Everything and the weedwhacker. I'll take it. I've done it before." This stab skin stabbing your God's Messenger I will skin you just a little Stab skin stab skin over and over Again again again again So I accept your challenge Tear down your thin disguise Kamikaze your conceited ass With no compromise I fight your power with raw power Sean rises off the bench and throws the remains of the cigarette away, watchingn as it melts the snow around it. During his gaze at the burning cig, a small handball comes rolling towards him from a nearby group of kids. Sean picks it up, but simply walks away to the sound of the children's yelling. He passes through a door in the chain link fence and walks away, playing with the ball in his hand. As he paces down the street, he looks up to see a church in the distance, hard to see through the falling powder. "I've taken out many a men before you. They came with their challenges, and left destroyed. You've taken a fall to me once before, and no sharp metal or broken glass can save you a second time. Just like the others, you can come with hopes high and threats loud..." Stopping in place, Atlas rears back and throws the ball away, directly at the house of worship... "...and leave with hopes shattered." The scene fades and in the darkness comes the sound of glass breaking. I fight your power with raw power.
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    Official SJL Website Thread

    I'll have one done by the end of the month. Maybe sooner if kick this laziness bug.
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    Official SJL Website Thread

    Just so you know, all the t-shirts and things that Card made are now on the site, along with show and title belt images. Enjoy.
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    SJL Wrath Card 4/6/03

    I call opening promo if nobody else has yet.
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    SJL Stuff

  8. Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena - Binghamton, New York (Good for JL shows, WWE runs there occasionally) Westchester County Center - White Plains, New York (Another WWE arena, good for JL shows) Pershing Center - Lincoln, Nebraska (Another arena in Nebraska) Arena at Harbor Yard - Bridgeport, Connecticut (Another Connecticut arena) Burlington Memorial Auditorium - Burlington, Vermont (What, no arenas in Vermont? Bah!) Neal S. Blaisdell Center - Honolulu, Hawaii (Need one in Hawaii) Carlson Center - Fairbanks, Alaska (And Alaska too. Gotta make the claim that the company's been to every state) International: The Dome - Johannesburg, South Africa Forest National - Brussels, Belgium Odyssey Arena - Belfast, Northern Ireland Fila Forum - Milan, Italy Wiener Stadthalle - Vienna, Austria Nottingham Arena - Nottingham, England Newcastle Telewest Arena - Newcastle, England Oshawa Civic Auditorium - Oshawa, Ontario, Canada Halifax Metro Centre - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
  9. Atlas

    SJL Stuff

    Hey, good work on those. I remember your Chris Card shirt and wanted to make one for myself but was too lazy to actually do it. About putting them on the site. Originally, I was going to include a Merchandice section, but it seemed like too much work and I didn't have enough space to host it. Now, there's plenty of room and with some more work on T-shirts/hats/etc we could have a full fledged SJL Gear sub-site. Would anyone be interested?
  10. I think it is Metal... Look at the backlog of shows on the website. Wrath is on Sundays, followed by Crimson Thursdays and Metal Tuesdays.
  11. I would just like to make it public knowledge that I just gave up a sweet, sweet piece of ass to finish this match and make sure it gets written. Now I have to wait till next week for pussy. Damn you all to hell, especially myself for putting this off till now. Sean "" Atlas
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    Who the hell will win?

    SJL EUROPEAN TITLE MATCH NO-GRAVITY MATCH Tryst © vs Kaine - Hmm. Tough call, but I'll give it to Kaine. SJL TELEVISION TITLE MATCH TORONTO DEATH MATCH "Dark Rebel" Terry Wayne vs Quiet Death - Wayne to retain again. NON-TITLE MATCH SUBMISSION VS PINFALL MATCH Sean Atlas vs Dace Night © - Push. MAIN EVENT LUCHA LIBRE TRIOS ELIMINATION MATCH Tecnicos: Va'aiga (team captain), Christian Blackwell, "Picture Perfect" Aaron Carpenter vs Rudos: "Hollywood" Spike Jenkins (team captain), Omega Storm, John Duran - Vamos tencinos!
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    SWF Website V 2.0

    Which is why it might be better to have the stats hosted on the site alone. A system that lets people update their stats on their own and not have to bother a middleman about it would work. And if you take the stats off the boards, the pinned topics area gets cleaned up and reserved for other more important things, like shows. There has to be a reason for people to come to the site. Unique content, reliable consistent people (or person) working on it, and allowing visitors to come on their own and check for updates. If they're announced, then it sets the precedent that the site doesn't get updated unless it's mentioned on the boards. the unique content can be things like Thoth's report and other rants, Rankings, Frost's articles, etc. Small additions like Judge mentioned help out too. Making some things like automated title histories, stats and maybe even cards would make people have to come to the site, and if they enjoy using it and like the design and interface, it works out a lot better.
  14. Somtimes it feels like the world's on my shoulders... Everyone's leaning on me... As the American Airlines jet passes over the northeartern part of the nation en route to Toronto, Canada, Sean Atlas sits in his upgraded, first class seat by the window. His face is not shown, and the only views of him are from behind, from above him and below the neck. None recognize him without a mask, so he is able to enjoy his solitude in public. A CD player rests by his side, spinning the Eminem disc that Mike Van Siclen left behind in the locker room several weeks ago. "That little prick. His feeble hands couldn't even lift me up. Asshole drops be on my neck by accident, then gets up and does it again. Now he's running around here wearing MY title, celebrating like he just... ugh! He's more insane than those damn suicidal fucks who blow themselves up for promises of joy, wealth, and 70 virgins. Fucking morons." Atlas' mind continues to shift randomly from one thought to another as the music from the new academy award winner blares in his eardrum. But I wanna just take this time out to be perfectly honest Cause there's a lot of shit I keep bottled that hurts deep inside o' my soul, And just know that I grow colder the older I grow... He turns away from the window, resting his eyes for a moment. We see an extreme closeup of his closed eyes, the first sight we've had of his bare face. Black eyebrows and bruised eye sockets draw the attention away from any discernable features... "Dace Night... Dace Night... What am I supposed to do against this guy? He's bigger, he works a style more technical than mine... Shit, he's the world champion! And now I'm supposed to go out there with a sore neck and not submit? Dammit... I've got to look at his matches. Check out his style more closely; find out about the little things. I can't afford another loss. Having the same ref as last night overview this match isn't much help either... Too much pressure... Not enough time..." This boulder on my shoulder gets heavy and harder to hold And this load is like the weight of the world And I think my neck is breaking should I just give up, Or try to live up to these expectations?
  15. Yeah. Not too many other ways to get out of those submission moves, save for reversing them or just evading. I'm gonna have to get very familiar with those ropes...
  16. Oh. Right. I... ugh. I'm a moron. Whatever I wrote up there is all allowed. Interference, Low blow, blahbedy blah blah blah. Though the honorable Dace Night would never cheat.. nooo...
  17. Atlas

    SWF Website V 2.0

    No problem. I've done some website stuff before so I know the pains and headaches it can bring.
  18. I'm assuming it's the usual no low blow, no outside interference, nouse of objects, 5 count on ropes, 10 count out of the ring, 10 count out, and very loosely enforced closed fist punches, eye rakes and purple nurples.
  19. Atlas

    SWF Website V 2.0

    Why, Judge... I had no idea... I like the ideas you mentioned for the site, especially the automated rankings and auto transfer of stats form the JL to the WF. Thing is, someone's going to have to be responsible for noting wins, losses, title changes, etc. It would have to be made so simple to do that whoever is updating (probably the Creative member posting the show) wouldn't think of it as a tedious task. I do have one suggestion. The site has to have content that would ake people go to it instead of the boards. Announcing cards for the next show on the site could help with that. That way, there aren't any useless posts on the boards' backlog, and the predictions thread could double as a comments-on-the-card thread. Additionally, you could also make it so that the matches on the card go in a database, and once the show goes up, the only thing that needs to be done to note wins and losses would be to select an option box. I personally don't know how to design a system like that, but I don't imagine it's extremely hard. The only problem with it would be things like elimination matches and other gimmick matches without a clear cut winner/loser. I'd also be willing to offer my services as far as JL content goes. Particularly the stuff that's on the JL site now (as Judge mentioned).
  20. Here's my wonderful piece of work, which actually stayed under the word limit throughout its existance. Ironic that whenever I don't pass the limit, I lose... ----------------------------------------------------------------- [Axis] Well, ladies and gentlemen, you’ve just witnessed a contest to determine the next number one contender to the European Championship. It is now time for the match to decide who the champion will be. [suicide King] On Tuesday, Tryst won a shot at the championship, defeating Christian Blackwell with the help of his trustworthy friend, Stillwell. Sean Atlas was the referee then, and counted the deciding pinfall to award Tryst a shot at his belt. [Axis] Not entirely true, as Stillwell counted for him. But aside from that, our Main Event is commencing. We cut away from a view of the commentators and see a wide shot of the arena. A graphic of the SJL European Championship zooms onto the screen, showing the belt in all its glory. Just as it zooms off the screen, the Mellon Arena turns to darkness. Confused stillness engulfs the crowd while a deep green spotlight appears on the main stage. Behind it, scenes of a lush green forest and a quick moving object play on the SmarkTron. They finally stop several yards away from a man dressed in dark green, as he draws back the string of a bow, then releases an arrow into the view... *BOOM* Various pyrotechnics explode around the Smarktron, and the lights begin to flash. System of a Down’s “Forest” hits the sound system and the crowd cheers as their hero, Tristan Witt, makes his entrance into the spotlight. Holding a bow in one hand and several arrows in the other, Tryst walks down the ramp as Funyon announces him to the adoring fans. “The following match is set for one fall, and is for the SJL European Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, from Bairnsdale, England, weighing in at 218 pounds, please welcome... TRYST!” Tryst arrives at ringside and makes his way around to the timekeeper’s table. He removes his quiver of arrows and lays it down, along with the bow. Rolling into the ring, Tryst soaks in the cheers from the rhapsodic crowd and awaits his opponent as his music fades out. [suicide King] And here comes the European Champion! The opening chords of “Polyamorous” by Breaking Benjamin hits and are accompanied by the corresponding house lights flashing. Just as the heavy drums hit... *BOOM* ... white pyro explodes on the stage, and as the smoke from it dissipates, the frame of Sean Atlas appears behind it. He walks through the smoke, proudly wearing the European Title around his waist and the familiar white mask on his face. Once again, Funyon. “And his opponent, making his way to the ring, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 230 pounds, he is the SJL European Champion... SEAN ATLAS!” Sean arrives at ringside, eyes locked on the Robin Hood wannabe in the ring. As he walks around towards the steps, the jeers from the ringside fans are heard more clearly. Atlas steps up to the apron and through the ropes, then hands his championship belt to referee Matthew Kivell. As Kivell raises the belt over his head, Atlas turns his attention to Tryst, who hasn’t taken his eyes off the champion. They get near one another while Atlas music fades out and we prepare for the start of the match. *ding ding* And they lock up! A struggle ensues between Tryst and Atlas in a collar and elbow tie-up. They push one another back, neither one getting any decisive advantage as they are similar in siz, Atlas having a slight edge in the stature department. Finally though, Sean ducks down out of the tie up and thrusts his shoulder into Tristan, pushing him all the way into the corner. Quickly, Atlas grabs on to the middle rope on each side of Tryst, and using them for extra force, drives his shoulder into Witt’s gut! He pulls back and propels himself in a second time. Atlas Draws back, and... [suicide King] ...thrusts his body into the abdomen of Tristan Witt again! Sean Atlas starts this match off dominating. Atlas gets himself upright and takes Trysts arm in his hand. Stepping back, Sean tugs on the arm and whips Tryst across the ring. Tristan collides with the turnbuckle pads on the opposite corner, and just as Atlas reaches him, Tryst sidesteps away, causing Sean to run into the pads himself. Atlas bounces off, taking several steps back. From the side, Tryst lifts his leg and hits a Thrust Kick to Sean’s chest, nearly causing him to fall over... but Tristan stops him, and instead, grabs on to his head for a DDT... And misses! Atlas prevents the DDT attempt by wrapping his arms around Tryst and immediately executing a Northern Lights Suplex! [suicide King] Good job on the part of the European Champion, constantly aware of Tryst’s attempts. [Axis] Tryst, despite his... quirkiness, is quite a capable athlete. He’s just as fast as Atlas is strong, and through he’s isn’t as enduring as Sean, he makes up for it in strategy. [suicide King] Well, he’ll have to try a bit harder in this match. Sean hasn’t lost to many people, much less people smaller and less experienced than him. Atlas comes to his feet, looking down at Tryst as he tries to make his way up. Taking a grip of his short blonde hair, Atlas jabs Tryst in the face with closed fist punches. He hits several of them until Tryst is far enough back to be Irish whipped. Sean sends him running into the opposite ropes and stands in the center of the ring, waiting. Tristan bounces off and as he reaches Atlas, he leaves his feet, which Atlas wasn’t expecting... and Tryst hits a cross body on Sean, taking him down to the mat! The fans cheer the Sherwood Fable as he quickly rises to his feet and dashes towards the ropes. He bounces off and returns to Atlas, who was in the process of standing up before he turned and dove down, allowing Tryst to jump over him to the other ropes. Tristan bounces again and as he comes to Sean once more, Atlas is up on his feet, expecting another cross-body or a similar move... And Tryst leaves his feet again, but this time, thrusts his feet out, taking the champion down with a dropkick! The fans let out another loud cheer for Witt, standing firmly behind him here. Meanwhile, Atlas goes down on his back while Tryst lands nearby and hastily scrambles to cover him... ...One... ...Two... NO! [suicide King] Atlas promptly kicks out, clearly not willing to take a loss after that exchange. [Axis] You’ve got to hand it to Tryst though. Just when it seemed like Atlas would dominate, he quickly turned things around. Tryst comes to his feet and waits for Sean to stand up as well. Just as Atlas does, Tryst takes his hand and whips him towards the ropes... but Sean reverses it in mid move, sending Tryst running off. He bounces and this time, isn’t awaited by Atlas. Instead, Sean charges at him, and just as he reaches Witt, hits a monstrous clothesline, taking him down to the mat. The cheers from earlier suddenly turn to boos for the European champion, as he stares at some of the audience members. Allowing Tristan to stand up on his own accord, Atlas slides down behind him, and the moment Tryst plants both of his feet, Sean pulls them out form under him with a rear leg takedown, forcing Witt back down. More jeers exhume from the crowd as Sean lets Tryst slightly lifts his upper body off the canvas, then kicks it back down with kicks to the neck/upper back. [Axis] It would seem that Atlas is reverting to his usual strategy of working on the neck of his opponent, wearing it down to set it up for the Saint’s Demise or Katahajime Choke. [suicide King] And has that strategy ever faltered? [Axis] Well, no. [suicide King] So then he knows what he’s doing. Ending the barrage of kicks, Atlas dives down to wrap his arms around Tryst’s waist while he’s still on the mat. Standing doubled over, Atlas elevates Tristan off the surface of the ring and straightens out, carrying Tryst over his head and back don on the mat with a massive Wheelbarrow Suplex! [suicide King] Astounding maneuver from Atlas, tossing Tristan over like a pancake. And notice his Tryst landed on his back and shoulders, contributing to Sean’s strategy. [Axis] He should really be going for the pin here, as Tryst isn’t moving too aggressively. [suicide King] Not until he inflicts some more punishment. Atlas takes Tristan by the hand and lifts him up; all to the crowd’s constant booing. He takes Tryst’s hand and whips him towards the ropes... but doesn’t let it go, causing Witt to snap right back towards him. Atlas spreads his arms out, wrapping tryst in a belly-to-belly as he returns... but Tryst is quick enough to slip down and away from Atlas, sliding out and through Sean’s legs. He chares the ropes to gain momentum, and the moment he bounces off, Atlas turns around to face him. Feeling the rumbling ring under him and witnessing Tryst’s charging green form dashing at him, Atlas doesn’t back down even an inch and meets Tristan midway, taking his legs out from beneath him, and slamming him down with a Sweep Spinebuster!! He keeps his hand on one of Tryst’s legs and comes down, pinning the Sherwood Fable to the mat...! ...ONE... ...TWO... ..NO! [Axis] Tryst gets a shoulder up before Kivell counted to three! [suicide King] He’s a resilient little twerp, but he can’t last much longer here. [Axis] As long as he needs to “purge that fiend Atlas”, as he said, he’ll stay in this match, King. [suicide King] What a clown. Atlas slams his fist down on the mat in frustration, realizing that Tryst won’t be as easy to get rid of as he thought. He stands up and on his way, carries Tryst to a standing position as well. He turns Tryst to face him and just as he does... *SMACK* ... he slaps his hand against Tryst’s chest, knocking him back half a step. *SMACK* another one, which pushed Witt another step back. *SMACK* A third, which nearly knocks Tryst into the ropes, followed by a loud, echoing, jeer-drawing *SMACK* more vicious than the first three, which get Tryst leaning on the ropes, his chest probably a crimson red under the loose green shirt. Rapidly, Atlas takes one of Tryst’s arms, which is spread out across the top rope, and straightens it to the side, then steps onto the bottom rope and falls back, pulling Tryst down with him... hitting a Single Arm DDT to drive Tryst down into the canvas! [suicide King] I’m telling you, Atlas has this matched wrapped up. [Axis] It seems like you might be right. The crowd is booing heavily, but their enthusiasm towards Tristan Witt has lessened. Taking Tryst by the hand, Atlas lifts him back up to a standing position. Keeping his grip, he whips Tristan towards the ropes across the ring, then follows him as he runs. Tryst reaches the ropes, but as he gets near, he suddenly leaps up and lands on the middle rope...! He jumps back, twisting his body in mid-air to meet the running, and now slowing, Atlas... and lands across his body with a Springboard Plancha, taking Sean down to the mat! The fans let out a substantial cheer for their hero as he rolls off Atlas. [Axis] Or maybe not! Tryst comes out of nowhere to hit that plancha, taking the champion off his feet. [suicide King] Surprising, yes. Substantial, no. Tryst has some tricks up his sleeve, but they’re not enough to take out the champion. Tryst and Atlas both reach their feet at roughly the same time, and each man tries to grab the other. The faster Tryst succeeds and takes Sean’s arm first, following it with a hammerlock. He wraps his other arm around Atlas’ waist, attempting to execute a Hammerlock Belly to Back Suplex... But Atlas will have none of it as he maneuvers out of it, twisting his body to face Tristan again. Their hands still locked together, Atlas pulls and twists Trysts body so that his arm is wrapped around his own neck, and his back is to Sean. Clearly trying to set up an Immaculate Neckbreaker, Atlas turns around and prepares to drop down... except Tryst escapes it, ducking out of the hold his own arm had on him, and faces Sean’s back. Atlas though, keenly aware, slides down and feet-first, moves his body between Tristan’s legs, under him. [suicide King] Showing his agility there, Atlas realized Tryst moved out of position for the Neckbreaker. Standing back up behind Tryst, with his grip on Tryst’s arm intact, Atlas wraps his other hand around Tryst’s second arm, attempting a Stretch Suplex... and he lifts Witt up in the air, over his head and... Tryst lands on his feet! He didn’t flip over on the Suplex attempt, floating over Sean’s head instead. He tries to tear his hand away from Atlas grip, but can’t easily do it... [Axis] Tryst was the one that took Sean’s hand at first, but now Atlas took advantage and deliberately won’t let his hand go! Instead, Tryst spins and lifts his leg up, using a Spinning Heel kick while simultaneously turning Atlas to face him... but his leg lands to the side, across their arms. Atlas finally lets Tryst’s hand go, breaking their clasping hands but taking Tryst’s leg into his clutch. Hopping on one foot, Tryst expects the fiendish Atlas to do what he commonly does in this situation, that being to try a Leg Capture Suplex... and he goes for it! Moving Tryst’s leg closer in, Atlas actually places it all the way onto his shoulder. Grabbing Tryst’s neck, Sean lifts him up, trying to carry him over... but the agile Sherwood Fable forces his body back, and instead of being flipper over, throws his second leg onto Atlas’ other shoulder, sitting on him in a Rana position... and falls back, taking the European Champion down to the canvas with a Hurricanrana!!! The crowd erupts for the sequence while Trys reaches back to hook Sean’s leg for the pin... ... ONE ... ... TWO ... .... NO!!! [suicide King] Sean Atlas kicks out! He didn’t lose, he’s still in this match! [Axis] But he’s faltering. You can tell he’s having a bit of trouble keeping up with Tryst. As Kivell’s hand came down, Atlas’ shoulder came up for the kickout. Tryst, meanwhile, jumped off him, acting rapidly to keep his momentum going. He takes Atlas by his head and brings him to a standing position. Reluctantly taking his hand again, Tryst whips Sean into the far ropes, successfully sending him running off. Atlas bounces and upon his return to Tryst, he’s met with a drop toe hold, hif masked face colliding with the mat. Instantly, Tryst floats over on top of Sean, trying to set up an STF...! But as he attempts to maneuver his leg to lock Atlas’, Sean fights it and rolls over, kicking Tryst away. Steadily coming to his feet, Atlas charges at the waiting Tryst nearby, ducking down to try a Spear...! And tryst jumps it, leapfrogging over his furious running opponent. Atlas nearly run into the ringpost, but stops himself with the turnbuckle pads. He turns around to see Tryst stop and wait for him in the center of the ring. Instinctually, Sean sprints towards him, into the direction of another turnbuckle. As Tryst nears it, he scampers up the ropes, one step on each at a time until he reaches the top. He then leaps off, twisting in mid air, anticipating Sean Atlas to be in perfect position for the Corkscrew Plancha... and he lands it!!! [Axis] Tryst spins in the air, landing across Sean Atlas with his third Plancha of the matchup! A colossal cheer erupts from the crowd as Tryst quickly hooks the leg and covers! ... ONE ... [suicide King] No! ... TWO ... [Axis] Yes! ... THRNNNNOOOOOO!!! [suicide King] YES! The match is not over, folks! [Axis] It might as well be. All Tryst has to do now is hit a finisher and Atlas will be finished! The fans express their disappointment as Tryst stands up, feeling as though he’s minutes away from winning. He takes Sean by his head again and lifts him up, bringing him to a stand. For the umpteenth time in the match, Tryst takes Sean’s hand and whips him to the ropes... but he holds on, taking a page out of Sean’s book. As Atlas snaps back to him, he tries a clothesline with his other arm to take the Sherwood native down to the mat... but Tryst ducks, coming back up behind the champion! From this position, he bends Atlas’ hand in a hammerlock, trying once again the move he couldn’t hit before. Using his other hand to wrap Atlas’ waist around, he lifts... but can’t... quite... get... him... up...! Atlas fights out of it and turns himself around, facing Tryst once again... only to receive a swift knee to the gut, followed by Tryst trapping him in a front face lock. With all the might his Robin Hood-esque body can muster, Tryst lifts Atlas off his feet and slams him down with a Snap Suplex! [King] Dammit! I know he can do better than this! Right away, Tryst rolls back with his feet up in the air, and using his hands, kicks up from the ring surface! The fans cheer for the agile move, while Atlas rolls over onto his front. Tryst takes him by the head again and tries getting him up, but just before he does so, Atlas charges into him! Sweeping Tristan off his feet, Atlas drives him into the corner, making him sit atop the turnbuckle! From the position beneath Tryst, Sean attacks him with more punches, then stands on the bottom rope for a better position. He hits nearly half a dozen punches before the crowd’s booing is overshadowed by some fans’ counting the number of punches. Immediately, he stops and steps back, which allows Tryst to use his feet and kick Atlas in the side of his head. As Sean stumbles, Tryst places his feet on the middle rope and waits for the right moment... then leaps off, grabbing Atlas’ neck, twisting around and driving his head into the mat with a Tornado DDT!!! [Axis] DDT from Tryst! This could be the end of the match, King. We’ve seen Tryst do this before, where he follows up a DDT with the Arrow’s Path. [suicide King] Doesn’t mean it’ll happen again, aussie. Tryst stands and to the admiration of his fans, dashes towards the corner. He swings himself through the top and middle rope, and quickly climbs the turnbuckle. He sits there, waiting; anticipating Sean’s rise to his feet. The fans already made it to theirs, and continue to applaud Tristan as he stares fixedly at the masked fiend below him. [Axis] This is it, King. This is it! [suicide King] This can’t be it. It just can’t. Sean Atlas can’t go down like this. He... can’t. [Axis] While King here is stuck on the word “Can’t” Atlas is getting to his feet in the ring, and Tryst is about to leap off and win the European Title! Atlas is indeed halfway up, and Tryst matches his motions by extending his legs and coming to a complete stand on top of the turnbuckle. The anticipation in the Mellon Arena grows as both men ascend, until reaching a climax when Atlas fully stands up and turns around, looking for Tryst... [Axis] And he’s off! But by the time, Tryst is already in the air, flipping forward, spinning in their air towards Sean Atlas... He extends his feet for the dropkick part of the Arrow’s Path... And hits it! He hits... The ring mat!!! [suicide King] Tryst missed! Sean Atlas ducked out of the way, escaping the Arrow’s Path! The crowd expresses disappointment, followed by boos for Atlas who barely managed to get out of the way. Slowly, Tryst rolls around, holding his back and side after colliding with the hard surface of the ring. Atlas stands up again and walks over to Tryst, satisfied in his lucky getaway from Tryst’s aerial finisher. Taking him by his head and neck, Atlas forcefully gets Tryst up to his feet. He stands in front of him, positioning his hand between his own legs, then grabs it from behind them. [King] Yes! It looks like Atlas is trying the Exploider ’98! Sean gets his head under Tryst’s arm, and prepares to execute the move when suddenly, Tryst begins to struggles, trying to evade the move. He frees his hand from Atlas grip under his legs and steps forward, his back facing Atlas’ back. They both turn around simultaneously and Atlas, for the first time acting faster than Tryst does, takes Tristan Witt’s head in his hands and turns, wrapping his arm around Tryst’s neck, then slams him down with an brutal Diamond Cutter! [Axis] No! [suicide King] Yes! When one rare move doesn’t work, you go for another one, and that was it. Atlas is getting the advantage back! Atlas jumps onto Trysts back and quickly hooks his neck. The fans boo as he slides his other hand under Tristan’s arm and pulls back on it. Just as quickly, Atlas tightens his grip on both the neck and arm, successfully locking on the KATAHAJIME CHOKE! Taking the lighter Tryst into his clutches, Atlas shifts his legs to stands up and gets to his feet, vigorously lifting Tryst up as well while he struggles in the submission hold... [suicide King] All Tryst has to do now is tap out or quit, and the title remains on Sean Atlas’ waist! [Axis] Why do you support he so much, King?! There is nothing about him to like. [suicide King] He’s beaten every man that stepped in the ring with him, Axis. [Axis] What about Spi... [suicide King] Don’t even mention Jenkins. You know fully well that Atlas has avenged that loss, now holding two wins over him. He’s the best newcomer that’s hit the Junior League since the days of Frost, who told me personally that Atlas actually impresses him! [Axis] Nevertheless, you’ve got a match to call, my friend, and it seems that through all this babbling, Tristan Witt has not given up. In fact, tryst hasn’t given up, despite referee Kivell’s constant pestering... Atlas continues to tighten his grip on Tristan’s neck and arm.. All the while, Tryst flails his arms in the air and shakes his legs whenever Atlas lifts him too high... Kivell keeps asking Tryst to give up, to quit, to forfeit his chance to be the champion of his native land... and Tryst still refuses! Atlas continues to grow angrier at both tryst and the referee... Tryst for his persistence and Kivell for his ineptitude... Just as Matthew Kivell draws nearer to Tristan, asking him yet again if he wishes to give up, Atlas swings Tryst to the side, and uses all 218 pounds of his body to knock Kivell over! He swings Tryst into the referee, turning him around and knocking him down onto his face! He lets Tryst fly in the process, tossing him aside as well. [Axis] What the hell? He can’t do that! That’s blatant cheating! [suicide King] Hey, for all the referee knows, it was an honest mistake. Hell, maybe Tryst swung himself into him you don’t know! [Axis] I do know, dammit, I was right here! I saw the whole thi... hey! What’s Atlas doing coming this way? To the boos of the Pittsburgh fans, Atlas takes advantage of the knocked out referee by sliding out of the ring and walks past the announcers to the timekeepers table He takes hi European Championship belt from the small table and heads back to the ring... [suicide King] (clapping) Brilliant idea, Sean! Kivell won’t know a thing and Tryst won’t know what hit him! [Axis] Way to defend that title, Anti-Christ! At Axis’ remark, Sean stops and snaps his head to face Axis, but the glare of the black beady eves beneath the mask instill heavy fear in the Australian commentator. He turns around, bewildered. [Axis] Uh, hey! Who said that? Huh? Which one of you ringside fans said that? By the time Axis turns back to Sean, Atlas already slid into the ring, his title in hand. Kivell is still down while Tryst is on his chest, rubbing some feeling back into his shoulder and neck. The jeering grow louder as Atlas positions himself behind Tristan, waiting, stalking him, waiting for the moment that he can drive the heavy gold title belt into the face of the delusional Tristan Witt. The fans’ anticipation grows greater. Their excitement builds as the sound of seats springing upright can be heard when each spectator stands up. Some foam arrows come flying to the ringside area from some of the fans launching their souvenirs towards Sean Atlas, in hopes of actually getting him. Suddenly though, from the area behind Sean and behind the commentators, comes a wild cheer. The fans’ hopes a swiftly met when a man seems to be running through he crowd. He jumps the rail behind the commentary table and runs on top of it towards the ring. [suicide King] Is that? [Axis] It is! [King and Axis] DACE NIGHT! [Axis] The World Champion is here! Dace Night, SJL Champion, slides into the ring. Most everyone in the arena now sees him, and Atlas, probably the last to find out, quickly turns around to face the mysterious man behind him. But before he can even identify who it is that just entered the ring, his masked face is introduced to his own European gold as Dace Night hits a thunderous Yakuza Kick into the belt, knocking into Sean’s face! [Axis] YAKUZA KICK FROM DACE! Atlas drops his belt and comes back stumbling as Tryst, who by now has turned around and is cheerfully shocked at Dace Night’s presence in the ring. [suicide King] That bastard! He has no right to interfere here! [Axis] He’s coming this way, and he’s got the European Title... [suicide King] Is he stealing that thing? Doesn’t he think one is enough? [Axis] No! He threw it back to the timekeeper and is hightailing it out of here! Atlas staggers backwards, trying to prevent himself from falling while Tryst comes to his feet. Sean gets all the way back to the rope and bounces off, content that he didn’t get knocked down... But his face is attacked again when Tryst leaps into the air and thrust his feet out, kicking Sean square in his masked mug! Sean bounces off the rope a second time while tryst prepares himself... and then catches Sean Atlas with a front face lock! He lifts him up, twists him in the air and slams him down with a Front Suplex, perfectly executing THE CRUSADE!!! [Axis] Crusade! Tryst hit his finisher! Just inches away from the downed referee, Tryst pokes Kivell to revive him and make the count. He takes Atlas arm and rolls him over onto his back, revealing a small puddle of blood where his face was and several streaks of the crimson red liquid pouring down his mask from his mouth and nose... [suicide King] No! Not like this! Atlas is bleeding! Damn you, Dace Night! Tristan lays him body across Sean Atlas, hooks his near leg, as well as his far leg, placing all his weight on the soon-to-be-former European Champion. Kivell drags himself over to make the count... ... ONE ... The fans count along... ... TWO ... The fans yell three... Tryst yells three... Countless flashbulbs go ofF... Three. *DING DING DING* “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of this contest, and your NEW SJL Eueopean Champion... THE SHERWOOD FABLE, TRYST!” “Forest” by System of a Down hits as Tryst finally drops Sean’s legs. His eyes show the deepest amount of shock and his jaw as wide as can be. The roar of the crowd drowns out the music and Tryst, not realizing what’s going on exactly, looks dumbfounded. A ringside assistant brings the title belt over to Kivell, who slowly stands up and takes it, handing it to its new holder, Tristan Witt. He takes it and looks at his reflection in the face of the belt... and smiles. [Axis] Tryst has captured the gold and defeated the not-so-noble Sean Atlas to vanquish the fiend! Tryst raises the golden belt over his head, celebrating his victory. Deep down, he wishes to be raised upon the shoulders of his merry men, with Stillwell by his side. But that will come another day. He wraps the gold belt around his waist, around the green shirt that adorns him. In stark contrast to the green, the red blood of Sean Atlas continues to pour down his white mask, onto the ring mat below. [Axis] For the second time in his career, Sean Atlas, the man who refuses to ever see the light, is forces to stare at the light in agonizing defeat. This was not his night, and not his match. But that is his blood, of crimson color, pouring down the side of his face. Tune in to Crimson this Thursday, as this definitely isn’t over! SJL © Smartmarks 2003
  21. Atlas

    SJL Wrath Comments~!

    I'm sorry. Who are you? It's not too late to change your mind... ::under the table, slips TNT $100... and a whore::
  22. Atlas

    Wrath Losing Matches.

    And yet, I went for a clothesline on you? I'm just messin'. Congrats on the win.
  23. SINGLES MATCH Fosta vs. “Picture Perfect” Aaron Carpenter - If he writes, Carpenter. Othewise, Fosta takes it. HARDCORE MATCH Geddion vs. Quiet Death - Not sure. I'll go with Geddion though, for one reason or another. TV TITLE TRIPLE THREAT MATCH Omega Storm© vs. “Dark Rebel” Terry Wayne vs. John Duran - Unless Storm is intentionally, dropping the title here he should be able to win. If not, then John Duran gets the TV belt. SINGLES MATCH Kaine vs. Manson - I'll go for the debuting Kaine. #1 CONTENDERSHIP TO THE SJL EUROPEAN TITLE MATCH Christian Blackwell vs. Tryst SPECIAL GUEST REFEREE: Sean Atlas - Hmm.. tough choice. Both guys are good, and both showed up on Crimson. For a storyline to take place, I'll go with Tryst. But Blackwell, when he gets a good word limit and some motivation, can reallyt write to the moon. It's a draw, really, as far as I'm conerned. MAIN EVENT #1/#2 CONTENDERSHIP TO THE SJL WORLD TITLE LOST AT SEA II Crow vs. Va’aiga vs. “Hollywood” Spike Jenkins - Crow, after resting a bit during Crimson, should win it here. Spike doesn't seem to be showing up, while Viagra is coming along for the ride in most of these matches. SO yeah, Crow, after Mike used his hand to count the final pinfall for himself.
  24. Atlas

    Official SJL Website Thread

    And just as a quick note: If anyone has problems accessing the site, be it slow download times, strange errors or really anything, let me know. I'm still working the kinks out of the server, learning as I go with it. The only issue right now is actually getting to the site. The current address (freewebs.com/sjl) redirects you to a URL (atlas.3utilities.com/sjl) which redirects you to the actual server (IP address/sjl). As soon as Thugg's DNS comes through with the new address (which I'm assuming will be sjl.theleafnode.org) then all this confusion can end.
  25. Atlas

    Crimson picks

    ELIMINATION TAG TELEVISION TITLE #1 CONTENDERSHIP "The Dark Rebel" Terry Wayne and John Duran vs David Blazenwing and Geddion - I think Duran's match is going to win, with him and probably Wayne being the storyline winners. SINGLES MATCH Quiet Death vs Tryst - Definitely Tryst. SINGLES MATCH TELEVISION TITLE "Picture Perfect" Aaron Carpenter vs Omega Storm© - Now that we know Carpenter is a veteran, I'll go with him. SINGLES MATCH Christian Blackwell vs Manson - Blackwell. Don't know Manson's work, other than writing against him. SUBMISSION MATCH EUROPEAN TITLE "Hollywood" Spike Jenkins vs Sean Atlas© - Oh, so many good finishes. Myself to retain, of course. MAIN EVENT FATAL FOUR WAY, SPECIAL GUEST REFEREE Janus vs Va'aiga vs Dace Night vs Mike Van Siclen© GUEST REFEREE: Crow - Assuming that Janus and Mike don't write themselves to win, I'm picking Dace.