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  1. The thing is, I had this character down before O'haire started doing his gimmick. I was planning to use it in the RP fed I joined before, but that never got off the ground. Once I found this one, WWE started running the O'haire promos, and I didn't want to change. I'm surprised it even took this long for anyone to mention it. Thank you though. Oh, and the rhymes aren't really mine. They're from a little known song called "I Deny" by Atheist.
  2. As we fade in, the camera pans the scene of a common suburban street. Everyone on the street is dressed formally, and it seems like they're all heading in one direction. Obviously, this is Sunday, and the townspeople are attending their local church. Children are running across the grass at play. Parents are converging in front of the steps. Couples are comparing the clothes of other couples. Suddenly, we hear a voice over... "Let me tell you a story. It's about a young, confused man, who one day came to a conclusion that he didn't quite understand. He sat at his desk, trying to get his mind back to that moment of clarity that had just escaped it. For that one moment, he knew the answer, or at the very least, was convinced that he had known it. Now, he only wished to remember what it was." The scene fades into action that correspond to the words to follow. For the sake of imagery, pretend that whatever picture they inspire in you is the picture you see onscreen. "It was about life, and how meaningless it all really is. He is just one of over six billion people on this one of trillions of planets in one of an innumerable amount of galaxies. He is nothing but a single dot upon a dot inside a swirl in what is generally nothingness, surrounded by something we can't even comprehend. So, why is it that he lets others, just as insignificant as he, drive him into such depressed states of being? All life is meaningless unless we give it something to mean. Each one of us, as insignificant as we are, is able to at least give some kind of meaning to our lives. But if, in the end, they all end and are forgotten (with the exception of a few influential individuals), what's the point? What's the point of being depressed? Of being happy? Why should we get excited or sad, lonely or aroused? Why do we use words like "arouse" when we can just use the word we use around our friends? Why do we use texts like this to make ourselves feel better about our condition? And why do we even make comments such as the last one? And why... you see where this is going, don't you?" The view changes and we now see the back of a chair. Presumably, the man sitting in it has been speaking. "There seems to be one aspect of life that keeps about 90% of us alive. That same thing, however, has caused more death and destruction than any other in the recorded history of our existence - religion. Everything about religion seems to be classified in a section of our understanding of the world that says we can't challenge the beliefs of someone with whom we disagree. When politics, philosophy and sciences are debatable, religion is, very often, not. But why? Why, instead of throwing a rock or going "boom" can't a Muslim come up to a Jew and peacefully discuss the differences between their own irrational beliefs? Why do some people torture themselves by wearing multiple layers in 90 degree weather, and then proceed to starve until the sun sets? And can someone please explain to me why some people think that it's for their sins today, that Mary's son got nailed to a board around two thousand years ago?" The chair turns, but just before the face of the man is shown, the lights darken, and we see only his silhouette. "As you probably noticed by now, I'm not a big fan of theism. That's not to say I prefer atheism instead. I'd rather hang a hammock in the agnostic forest between the two and relax on that all day. But this isn't really about me (well, to be honest, it is). It's about how we allow religion to control us in the way that we do. It's about how many days we waste on church visits and the amount of time spent with our knees on the floor facing a certain earthly location. It's about how the atheists out there are so adamantly set against religion that they're too blind to realize they've created their own. It's even about how the agnostics spend so much time writing about how correct their choice of lack of faith is. What it all comes back around to is the need for people to have something to believe in. Religion gives life meaning, and we use it to keep ourselves relatively sane. It's not that we would otherwise lose our minds; we simply need a reason to go on with our individual lives. We all find other causes to believe in, such as family, work, and accomplishment. But it's religion that controls us otherwise normal people, and causes us to do certain things we otherwise never would. We could use our hands to pray one day, and to destroy the next, only because of what is written in a holy scripture or what is heard in a house of worship. There are certain people in this world that find themselves endlessly thinking about everything with no clear purpose, only to reach no definite conclusion other than that they've just created more questions than they had ever thought they could conceive. It's these people that use their minds to think and make some sort of conclusions about what life really is. As Nietzsche suggested, the thinker who reaches the age of reason and has a definite epiphany about life, is one who understands that man is not one of God's blunders, but that God is one of man's." The man stands up, and again, we cannot see his face, nor his body. The only light source is behind him, and it's shining so that none of his features are visible; only his outline. He walks back and fourth in front of a wall, as if a performer on a stage. He speaks as if lecturing, or telling an anecdote to an audience. They listen. "Looking at the suicide rate, a lot of people seem to be convinced that they are, in fact, the mistake. Once all the dealings of existentialism, religious beliefs and philosophy have made their way through, suicide often comes up as a viable way to go. The positives are certainly there: all their problems are over; they won't regret it afterward, since they won't exactly be around to do so. Sure, people will be saddened by it, but what difference does that make if the person is too dead to know? It all seems to make sense. But as we've learned, the people who have considered suicide, but changed their minds are somehow quite satisfied with their decision. Is it because some miracle has happened that changed their perspective on life? Did they realize that by ending it, they would prevent their life from taking on any sort of meaning? Possibly. Yet it seems that more often than not, they turn to religion, find God, and live a devout life with a clear purpose. Sounds like a great solution to a very delicate problem; but is it really? To me, it seems more like an easy way out. The belief that there is some all-knowing, all-wise, and all-powerful omnipresent being running things around here is a bit peculiar. Even stranger is that the believer is convinced that this God is doing a good job. In a well managed universe, this guy would've been out on his ass long time ago. But hey, there's nothing wrong with a little delusion. We live our life questioning its meaning, but we're too lazy to really do any work for it. We then die, and the only mark that most of us leave in this world is the inscription on a stone six feet above our corpse. Whatever influence we had on any one individual will fade, and the process will repeat itself. All the while the universe moves on from one point in time to another, from one generation to the next, with each trying to figure out where it is we're headed, how we started, and why we're here in the first place. We use God to try to come up with these answers, miserably failing each time. And the second we think we may be on to something, a new discovery slaps us right back into place." Behind the man, on a projector screen, we see a reel of religious scenes. Mass, prayer services, people reading their bibles and torahs and korans. Slowly, a red tint envelops the reel, and the voice of the speaker grows more agitated. "This isn't the kind of existence we shold be a part of. Believeing in a supreme being. We're not all gullible imbeciles, are we? We're not all brainwashed religious morons? ARE WE? Because to me, that's what life has felt like lately." He pulls out a stack of papers from his pocket and starts tossing them, one by one towards the camera. "One, after another, after another. Countless idiots coming after me with their message of salvation. Giving me useless pamphlets telling me how much some dead man, whose blood was spilled by the iron that pierced his flesh, gives a damn about me. ME! Why would he? Why would anybody, let alone the dead, care so much about MY salvation??" He tosses the papers out in groups now, losing his temper with each successive throw. He throws some at the screen, which is covered in a deep red tint, and whose images now show destroyed churches, swasticas, up-side-down crosses, and other sacreligious symbols. "None of it. I'll have NONE of it. And if THESE people feel like they can come the me with their message, then I sure as hell, the hell they're so afraid of, can do the same. You watch, now. You watch me, and see. I'll convert the masses too. I can do it. Once MY message is heard. God will no longer be feared, but STRUCK DOWN AS THE BLASPHEMY THAT HE IS! When all is said, and people stop believing, they'll throw away their crosses and stars. Yahweh, Allah, and God himself will step down. But who, who will step up?" All lights behind him go off, and a spotlights shines on his face. The view jumps from the lone, far camera, into one that's a closeup of his face. He's wearing a suit, but more importantly, a white mask, covering his face and identity. His eyes stare coldly at the camera. We hear one thump of the heart, and the name "Sean Atlas" appears on the screen for a moment. With Atlas still staring right into the view, the light fades, as does the scene.
  3. Wow... Interesting POV. I might have to go change my prediction for Wrath now...
  4. SN: lsoundofsilencel The lines on the outside are L's. I really wanted the "Sound of Silence" thing to be in there, and that was the only permutation that wasn't taken yet. Thus, the L's. Feel free to IM me anytime.
  5. Atlas

    Wrath Predictionaries!

    OPENING PROMO OF COOLOSITY » I'm thinking Tristan Witt requested this, to lead into his match... NEWBIE MATCH OF DOOM~! Fosta vs. Tryst » Robin Hood runs in and asks for his gimmick back. EUROPEAN TITLE #1 CONTENDERSHIP Aecas vs. Sean Atlas Special Guest Referee: Chris Card » You know, I beat Aecas on the last show, and many are still picking him to win... why? I'll go with myself, thank you. PUNISHMENT MATCH #1 - THE KANGAROO JACK MATCH Dace Night vs. Matt Myers » Night, I guess. HARDCORE FILLER MATCH Christian Blackwell vs. Omega Storm » Depends who shows... I'll go with Storm though. PUNISHMENT MATCH #2 - THE BALL CRAWL MATCH Crow vs. Insane Luchador vs. Spike Jenkins » Hmm. Spike Jenkins. MAIN EVENT SJL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH NO-DQ, NON-INTERFERENCE Janus vs. Mike Van Siclen » I'll go with Janus. He seems to be hot right now, and MVS's last match was a little... little.
  6. If you're going to use pictures of belts, this is a great place for them: http://www.midwestwrestling.com/Beltentrance.htm
  7. That's the point. I wrote past the limit last time, and had to trim it down to 3750 exactly. This one's gonna be even more condensed.
  8. Oooh, a shot at the Euro title? Beautiful. That word limit is going to kill me though...
  9. Atlas

    Metal Comments

    Hey, go me. I don't think Omega Storm even submitted a match, but I know Aecas did, so a win's a win. Good match from Card, and I liked the finish, though it seemed a bit crammed... The other two matches were... kinda short. Meanwhile, everything on the SJL Website has been updated, including Stats links, Current champs, Show Results, etc. Visit! [/shameless plug]
  10. Makes no difference to me. You're still that guy people call TBS, Strangler, etc. I gotta say though, that took balls to say what you did. (Y) @ U.
  11. Atlas

    Seperation of Church and State

    Rob, I'd just like to point out the with the exception of one post, you haven't replied to any of mine, or adressed the issues within them whatsoever. May I ask how and why they simply got ignored by you?
  12. Atlas

    Seperation of Church and State

    No, because he knows that NOT speaking up about it but taking action quietly, with minimal media attention would accomplish both NOT looking like he's avoiding the Monica issue, while still doing something about the USS Cole and embassy bombings.
  13. Atlas

    Seperation of Church and State

    Because doing so would have been unfavorable politically. He was in enough shit at the time, and 14 lives is not the same as 3000 to make a huge fuss about. Not when we're the strongest political, military and economic power in the world. We have interests in the business of other nations. We want to protect those interests. Ignoring them isn't the way to do it. Especially when a fascist nazi fuck is busy trying to take over the world. Eventually, that would have reached us anyway. And when it effects our national economy and safety of our allies from the previous World War, let's just be completely ignorant of it?
  14. Atlas

    Seperation of Church and State

    In the businiess of knowing how to sell propaganda and doing a poor job of making it look factual?
  15. Atlas

    Seperation of Church and State

    Your profile says that you're around 20, so you should be fairly familiaar with the dynamics of what goes on in a school. Would you say that the greatest lessons you've leaarned have come from teachers? I doubt it. As far as I can tell, the most important knowledge that I came away with came from the other students there. From friends, enemies, arguments, etc. And that's how most people, and I, learned my morals. The stuff your parents tell you when you're young is one thing. They have a direct responsibility to keep you out of harm's way, from casing harm to others, and raise a moral person. During the teen years, you learn that a lot of it is bullshit, from the experiences you have. In no way does a state-run, tax-funded organization such as a school influece that. People just don't view school with the kind of respect that you want them to. It's an anti-establishment mentality, and in my opinion, it's completely warranted. If we trusted our government to teach us morals, we could, in time, have a nazi-germany situation, if the morals taught were of that nature. (Not the best example, but it backs the point). I tihnk you're giving both the church and state too much credit. These two institutions screw us up enough on their own. Both of them together is certain death. (George Carlin, I believe)
  16. Atlas

    Seperation of Church and State

    Parents shouldn't be communists. Eliminating the TV and throwing a book in a childs hands is not the way to bring up the literacy rate because it doesn't work. The kid won't read unless he wants to. He'd rather stare out the window, daydreaming about the action hero he saw in a movie, or the cartoon he was watching. Unless the child wants to read on his own, he won't do it. The way to get him to WANT to read, is to raise him right form the beginning - and that's the major problem these days. Now you're taking away the parents' influence over their child. Who says that the morals the state teaches are the morals that parents feel their kids should learn? And which morals are these anyway, Christian morals? What if Mr and Mrs. Schwartzberg don't want their jewish child to be taught those morals, but can't afford to send him to a jeshiva? And what if they support abortion, and maybe believe that killing an unborn baby is, in fact, ok? Government has no place teaching morality, period.
  17. Atlas

    Metal Predictions

    TRIPLE THREAT Aecas vs Omega Storm vs Sean Atlas Eh, Myself. One guy's winless and the other, I just don't know. I know me. So I'll go with that. SINGLES MATCH Christian Blackwell vs Mike Van Siclen Van Siclen. No real reason, just because. SINGLES MATCH EUROPEAN TITLE Chris Card vs Janus© Card in storyline... MAIN EVENT HANDICAP TAG MATCH NO-DQ (Well, duh.) "Hollywood" Spike Jenkins/Crow/Insane Luchador vs Dace Night/Matt Myers Jericho, The bird, and IL. Most because they each have to write less than the other two. And because the Team Jenkins idea might get off the ground.
  18. Atlas

    SJL Stats Thread!

  19. Whoo, first match! And it's a triple threat... in Japan.
  20. Atlas

    Official SJL Website Thread

    For now, I left it at seven days. It seems like the most logical answer. I'll wait for LDP's word though. I also redid the Champs and Workers pages a bit. The roster has some info about everyone, and the current title holders area is more descriptive.
  21. Atlas

    Official SJL Website Thread

    Oh, you meant the history. I only copy+pasted that form the boards, for the sake of having it in there, and it hasn't been upsated at all. My mistake, I'll fix it on the next update. Just wondering, since you don't debut in the SWF until Sunday, are you technically the champion until then, until a new champ is crowned, or is it vacant as of the next SJL show?
  22. Atlas

    Official SJL Website Thread

    When I read the SJL Crimson card, I figured it was vacant. The part reading "Though Wildchild finally overcame the odds and beat his arch nemesis, Ejiro Fasaki, in a beauty of a match, he's gone up to join the big boys in the SWF, and alas, can't take the JL title with him." seems to indicate that... Yeah, it's been more than 18 days, but I didn't updated the title history, I just used the one that Longdogger posted here. Later on, I might use a script later on to dynamically update the amount of days of the current holder's reign, so everything's always up to date. Edit: Just put a script up, actually. When a title changes hands, all I have to do is change the date in the code and it'll start counting up from there.
  23. Atlas

    Official SJL Website Thread

    Just out of necessity, really. There's no other image that can be used as a background (that I could think of) and a plain white, or other solid color backdrop didn't look good. And since this fed operated on a message board, it was appropriate.
  24. Atlas

    Official SJL Website Thread

    Decided to try something: http://sjl.lunaticsworld.com I used the code from these boards as a layout, and worked my way around that. It isn't much, but better than nothing.