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    Nathaniel Kibagami vs. Xero

    - Whoever no-shows the least.




    Janus vs. Michael Craven







    Wildchild vs. ?

    - ?????????????????



    The Boston Strangler and TNT vs. Stryke and Longdogger Pete

    - Team Turner.




    Frost vs. Renegade

    Frosty. I think he recovered after losing to me.




    Justice and Rule vs. the Unholy Trinity (Dace Night and Va'aiga)

    - J&R Wrestling World.




    Beezel vs. "The Franchise" Mak Francis

    - Da beezy fo' sheezy.





    Thoth vs. "The Superior One" Tom Flesher

    - Tom, or whoever can tell the better story using the submission moves in both of their movesets.

  2. Position SS

    First Name: Sean

    Last Name: Atlas


    Number: 42

    Origin: Greece

    Birthday: 08/08

    Height: 6'3

    Weight: 230

    Bats: Right

    Throws: Right

    Role as a Pitcher, if you selected to be a pitcher: --


    Loyalty: Normal


    Needs Winner: YES, needs a winning team


    Leader ability: Great Leader


    Clutch Performance: GREAT


    Consistency: Average

  3. U.S. Title #1 Contender No-DQ Triple Threat Elimination Match

    Xero v. Crow v. Va'aiga

    - I'd normally pick Crow here, but if he has trouble showing, I'll go with Va'aiga. Xero isn't even in the picture unless he's around to find out that neither of the other two showed.


    Tag Team / Handicap Match

    Wild & Dangerous v. Justice and Rule

    - Justice & Rule all the way.


    Singles Match

    Frost v. Sean Atlas

    - Hey, I can pull off those suplexes just fine. I just might need a little help here and there with the leverage. I'm finally getting into this one too so it should turn out great either way.


    Hardcore Title Match

    CIA © v. Dace Night

    - CIA, for logical reasons.


    ICTV #1 Contender Match

    Beezel v. Janus

    - Janus, cause he's Janus and finished his match before Beezel even read the card.


    U.S. Title Match

    Mak Francis © v. Michael Craven

    - Mak, for logical reasons.


    Main Event

    SWF World Heavyweight Championship

    "The Superior One" Tom Flesher © v. Thoth

    - Tom, because I need him to.

  4. Full Name: Sean Atlas


    Shortened Name: Atlas


    Gender: Male


    Birth Month: August


    Age: 22


    Weight Class: Heavyweight


    Card Position (Midcard, Upp. Mid. Main): Mid. to Upper Mid.


    Wage ($1000-300,000): $50,000



    Brawling: 50


    Speed: 80


    Technical: 91


    Stiffness: 76


    Selling: 80


    Over: 89


    Charisma: 74


    Attitude: 85


    Behavior: 80


    High Spots? 60


    Superstar Look? WHat,with a mask? Of course!


    Announcer? Nope.


    American? Yeah


    Diva? Riiiight


    Booker? Nope.


    Fonz Factor? Again, masked...? Nope.


    Menacing? Oh yeah


    Trainer? Nope


    Speaks? Occasionally


    Heel/Face/Tweener? Heel


    Primary Finisher: Saint's Demise (Death Valley Driver)


    Other Finisher: Katahajime Choke (Tazmission)


    Tag Team: No.


    Stable: Magnificent Seven


    Manager (please create stats for manager, if you have one, as well): No.

  5. Look for Grand Slam's thread with a bunch of PPV logos in it.


    And about the JL site, I haven't been updating it because these last few weeks have been busy as hell. What with the PPV match and upcoming 10 man, on top of the graduation/prom/parties thing, I just can't find time to fit it in.


    But, if you feel like pulling the HTML off the site, updating it by hand, forwarding the HTML to me and simple allowing me to copy+paste it in there like the lazy bastard that I am, then by all means, go for it.

  6. To the calm tune of the tick-ticks of a clock, on a blackened canvas lit only by a spotlight shining from afar, the visage of masked man fades into view...



    ...He arrived with confidence...






    ...dominated his peers...






    ...promoted in record time...






    ...his arrogance preceeds him...






    As the background shifts to one of greater color, the mask is removed to show the face beneath it as that of Michael Van Siclen....



    ...A lengthy struggle....






    ...A golden run, halted by malevolent forces...






    ...a false claim to which he took offense...






    ...a rage unleashed...






    The earlier-seen masked countenance of Sean Atals returns, side by side with that of Van Siclen. In the distance beyond the two, a steel cage materializes, subtly showing a high angle view of the previous Caged Fury match...



    ...An experienced veteran...






    ...An mysterious phenom...






    ...Steel cage...






    ...Submission only...






    ...For pride, for dignity, for vengeance...






    ...The 13th Hour is upon us...



    The tune of Seven Nation Army's chorus fades through.





















  7. Beezel vs. Crow vs. Renegade vs. Johnny Dangerous vs. Stryke

    - Don't know much about renegade and Stryke, and I've beaten everyone else in this match... But I think Crow gave me the most challenging opposition, and he must've developed well over the past month or so.

    Winner: Crow



    Sean Atlas vs. Mike Van Siclen

    - It's Mike's match, considering he beat Janus in it last time we had one. But I've got a few neat spots planned that should get me the win here.

    Winner: Self



    Jay Dawg vs. Va'aiga

    - If he writes, JD. I honestly can't say how far along Va'aiga is as far as writing ability at this point, and JD's beaten Flesher...

    Winner: Jay Dawggy Dogg


    Longdogger Pete and Frost vs. Justice and Rule

    - I would think that Justice and Rule would retain here, just to continue their dominance. Not sure where Pete and Frost go after this match though, if they don't win.

    Winners: Ruleice and Just



    Nathaniel Kibagami vs. Janus

    - Probably the hardest match on this card to predict, but I'm going to stay within my stable and back Janus. Though Kibs is well rested and should logically get the win, I think Janus needs it more at this point.

    Winner: Janus



    Mak Francis vs. Michael Craven

    - Haven't read much of Mak's stuff, really. And only under dire circumstances would I back Craven. Thus, the Franshise gets the Atlas seal of approval.

    Winner: Mak Francis



    CIA vs. Dace Night

    - Damn this card is long. CIA's just returning, and I'm not sure where he was at before he took a break. And though it's hard to bet against Dace in a hardcore match, I think I'll gowith CIA in this one.

    Winner: CIA



    Danny Williams vs. Wildchild

    - Personally, I'd prefer it if WIldchild win, giving me something to do after 13th Hour. But I just don't see that hapening with Danny Involved...

    Winner: Danny Williams



    TNT vs. Tod deKindes

    - Will this card ever end?? Retirement match, huh? Well, it'd be sad to see either guy go, but I get the feeling that there's a co-write in the works. Tod's short return may be the sign of him leaving, but then TNT has been kind of lost lately, so maybe he'd be the one leaving. Tough, but if I had to pick anyone to win, I'll go with the former world champ.

    Winner: TNT




    - Ahh finally, the Main Event. I don't think this'll be too hard to call, all things considered. Tom needs to retain and keep his dominant reign going, and after so many successful defences, it'd tough to imagine his run ending here. Not to discredit Strangler though, who could definitely write one hell of a match. I just don't think it's time for Tom to drop his belt just yet.

    Winner: Flesher