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  1. Opening Promo: Spike Jenkins

    I'll go out on a limb here and predictthat he comes out and performs a stunning rendition of "Mama's Good to You" from Chicago.


    Leo Breslin vs. Syndicate

    Syndicate, cause he wrote himself to lose and got pushed down here.


    TV Title Match:

    John Duran © vs. David Blazenwing

    Duran Duran.


    No-DQ Match

    Viktor Tarakanov vs. Charlie "Grappler" Matthews

    Tarakanov. He's got just a liiiiittle more experience.


    World Title Contendership Tournament:


    Tryst vs. Dace Night

    Depends who writes. I'm going with Dace though.


    Spike Jenkins vs. Manson

    Again, depends who writes. Spike.


    World Championship- Three Way Elimination Match:


    Sean Atlas © vs. Crow vs. Christian Blackwell

    Look down.

  2. May you guys please help me put that swank ICTV title in my sig, might as well have that SWF logo in there as well.


    For the banner: {URL=http://swf.theleafnode.org}{IMG}http://www.wam.umd.edu/~kkeeling/swfbanner.jpg{/IMG}{/URL}


    For the belt: Editted out by HVT. Please use URL's below


    Replace the squiggly brackets with the UBB ones.




    Nothing like getting your artwork into the signatures of others.

  3. Well, this Blackwell deal changes things a bit...


    Anyhow, I'm surprised Va'aiga and I actually got something decent out there. I essentially started ten minutes after the deadline, minus the entrances and such. Sucks for Holly that he didn't show, as he's actually have a chance.


    And dammit, I had such a good opportunity to do an anti-easter promo, with Crow coming out to do a pro 4:20 promo against me. Why do I think of these things so late?

  4. Sorry about the large size of the title images. I coul dhave compressed the images, but by the time I got some of the text done ("Gamers" in the HGC and "Intercontinental" in the ICTV... you'd be surpised how easy it is to get that word using only "Televsision") I just wanted to save the image and get it over with. I might do smaller versions of them if I have the time.


    Sean "If you need help with that shrine, let me know. I'll design that one too :P " Atlas

  5. No problem. Though remember, the design is all HTML based, with come CSS here and there. Feel free to change it and clean up the source code on the pages, since it really is a huge mess right now.


    Also, once Dames gets the server space here, I'd like to move the SJL site onto it as well. My server isn't doing as well as I'd hoped, with slow upload speed and all. I'm assuming the space Dames provides will give us FTP access?

  6. I'd be happy to help with most things, though I don't know CF, or whatever else you're using on the site. But basic layout related tasks, graphics, content, updates, etc. I can do.



    Onto more relvenat things though, I basically finished a redesign of the SWF Website. Some sections, liek the Columns, Gear, and several others still aren't completed, but that'll come eventually. I'm not sure if I got the roster comepltely right, and I could still use some other things from Thugg's site, but in general, it's done:



  7. You wouldn't have to change any of the redirects, really. I figure if Johnny gets the site done in around a month or two (random guess), I could host the interim site. No redirects required from your end or the smartmarks end. It's just a temporary solution anyway.


    If anything, we could use theswf.net for the time being, and eventually, once the final V.2 if done, I'd close down my site (both of them, as I assume the V.2 site would encompass the JL) and the URL would point to Johnny's website. We could do a whole countdown thingy to debut it, too.


    Edit: I found a way to get the info from your site, Thugg. Google's Cached Pages. Make sure to click the "Cached" link in the results.

  8. If the one I'm making is an interim site, then I don't mind at all. I'll even host it on my server, along with the SJL site. Once I get up to date with all the SWF happenings, I'll be able to update for a bit too, while Johnny gets his version done.


    What would help is having access to the currend site, which is down. Thugg, if you have any mirrors set up, or a local version of it that you can send over, it'd really help out.


    Charlie "Grappler" Matthews vs. Leo Breslin

    - Matthews. He promo'ed.




    David Blazenwing vs. Syndicate

    - Blazenwing. He's well rested and should be able to take this.




    John Duran © vs. "Dark Rebel" Terry Wayne

    - Ohhh. Close match. They have some history already, by I think I'll go with Duran retaining.





    Kaine vs. Viktor Tarakanov

    - Another close one. Not sure who to go with here, but on a coin flip, I got Kaine. So Kaine it is.




    Christian Blackwell vs. Dace Night

    - Hard to say. I'm hoping for Dace to get it, so the storylines make sense. But Blackwell's been on a tear lately, and he's got momentum over Dace... I'll go with Horrorcore, though, out of principle.




    Crow vs. Tryst

    - Sick match which I'd love to write... I'll pick Crow. Tryst has been a bit lost lately.




    Sean Atlas vs. "Hollywood" Spike Jenkins & Va'aiga

    - It would be so awesome if this was me against Spike and Tryst, the only two men to ever beat Atlas. But I'll take Va'aiga too as I haven't faced him yet.


    And yeah, I'm winning this.