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    UFC 61: Bitter Rivals

    Yeah, Chuck beat him down at UFC40 with the number 1 contendorship on the line, IIRC.
  2. Adam

    World Cup 2006 in Germany

    I will be cheering for France so hard come the Final. With the shit that went down last week, if Italy win, everyone here will be devastated.
  3. Adam

    Battlebowl Feedback

    I got a line of the night! Fucking yes! I've managed to read the majority of the show, apart from a couple of tags. I'll echo the sentiments of others in saying that the tags were great, and from my perspective, it was great to not only write for such different characters, but do something I've wanted to do for a long time, in putting Axel on commentary. KC, the Battle Royal yet again cemented your status as the best writer here. I have a tendancy to kinda skim matches and look out for the important stuff, but I read the BR start to finish. All the storylines were compelling, the order of elimination was very logical, and the finish was exciting. Fantastic job.
  4. Adam

    NBA Offseason Thread

    I'm happy with that, and I have a large dislike for Jackson, so trading him and Jones away would make me happy.
  5. Adam

    North Korea Agrees to end Nuke Program

    The US will pass sanctions against China? You're on crack.
  6. Adam

    NBA Offseason Thread

    I think if Charlotte add one veteran player and another top draft pick, we'll see them make a playoff run in the next three years.
  7. Adam

    NBA Offseason Thread

    You're right. Oden's there for the taking, as long as Isiah keeps screwing up. As a side note, who's do you all think will get Joakim Noah next year?
  8. Adam

    NBA Offseason Thread

    If the Bulls get KG, they're going to the NBA Finals. Chandler/Deng/Thomas is a damn good deal for Minnesota, as it gives them a very solid foundation for rebuilding. They'll end up starting Chandler, Thomas, Deng, Davis and Banks, probably. And of course, if the Bulls get KG, it'll be Ben, KG, Nocioni, Gordon and Hinrich as the starting lineup, which is awesome.
  9. Adam

    OAO ECW Week 4 on Sci-Fi, July 4th

    Wow. Vince is really going out of his way to make me want to quit wrestling completely, isn't he.
  10. Adam

    OAO ECW Week 4 on Sci-Fi, July 4th

    Hey, I'm the poor bastard who had to endure a Test vs. Samoa Joe match because Super Dragon missed his flight. When I met him last year he was more orange than Hogan. Hopefully that's not the case anymore.
  11. “MEAN” GENE If you’ve just joined us Ladies and Gentlemen, the Battle Bowl tournament is in full swing, with a number of superstars already going through to the finals. It’s time for our next tag team contest. Maria, would you do the honors? Maria reaches into the box and pulls out two names, handing them over to Okerland. GENE Now, our next tag team combination. First, a former tag team champion and current six man tag team champion, JOHNNY JAX! “YEEEEEEEAH!” Jax slaps hands with his tag team partners Scotty Static and Jamie O’Hara, who wish him luck as he leaves the room. GENE And his partner, one half of the Tag Team Champions, SYNTH ESISER!! “YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAHH!” A manly hug between Synth and Logan is the scene in the back, as the drummer makes his way to the ring. COLE What a team! Two tag team specialists are now partners! Synth and Jax appear at the top of the entrance ramp, already discussing strategy as they walk down to the ring. GENE And their opponents… Maria again grabs two names, handing the first one to Gene. GENE Yet another champion… the Heartland Champion, OTAKU II! Otaku grabs his belt from beside him and jumps once, readying himself for the bout. COLE Wow, a lot of fan favourites in this bout! GENE And Otaku’s partner… Maria’s expression changes as she reads the final participant, before handing it to Okerland. Gene stops as he reads the paper in his hand, a smile developing across his face. GENE This match just got even more interesting. Otaku’s partner is none other than a former OAOAST World Champion… DREK STONE! “YEBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!” COACH Oh my! Drek teaming up with Otaku II to take on a current tag team champion and a former tag team champion! As Cole finishes, Otaku bursts through the curtain, the Heartland Title around his waist. In his first in-ring action since defeating Brock Ausstin, Otaku stays outside the ring, waiting for his opponent. COLE Otaku ready for this bout, but he didn’t come out with his partner. Knowing Drek like we do, its easy to understand why, right Coach? COACH Drek’s his own man. He’s never been one to play second banana to anybody. That’s why his alliance with Hoff and Axel is so special, no one’s the leader. Sure, Axel might be going for President, but he knows he can’t do it without Hoff and Drek, and vica versa. No competition between friends, they just want to dominate. [i]Woke up this morning, got yourself a gun Momma said you’d be the chosen one[/i] “YEBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” The crowd go NUT, in a negative way, for Drek Stone. Drek steps through the curtain, confident as ever, as he surveys what’s in front of him. Behind Drek steps the would-be President of this company, Axel, a smile present on his face. COLE Oh would you look at this! No one else gets music! COACH Axel is obviously out here for moral support! Always good to see the boss Michael! COLE He’s not the boss yet. COACH But he still knows how to pull some strings! Walking down the ramp, “Woke up This Morning” continues, and the two franchise players make their way down the ramp, with Axel happy to play second fiddle to one of his best friends in the company, Drek Stone. Otaku stares at Drek, and Drek back at his partner, breaking the silence and advising Otaku on the gameplan. Meanwhile, Axel strolls over to Sofa Central, to a surprised Michael Cole and Jonathon Coachman. COACH Wow! What a treat! COLE It appears we may have some guest commentary here… have a seat. Fixing his headset, Axel makes himself comfortable, and making sure to not damage the obscenely expensive suit he’s wearing. COACH Dressing in style, eh boss? AXEL Always. I’m out of that Scott Levy stage, no more gothic hobo Axel. COLE And I assume you have a vested interest in this matchup? AXEL Of course, that’s my boy in there. Next OAOAST World Champion. COLE What about Hoff? AXEL Hoff’s the Inebriation World Champion. That reminds me, monkeys, if you’re listening, make sure you order another few bottles of that girly crap. Hoff loves that stuff. COLE You drink backstage? AXEL Of course. It’s the Australian way. COLE Well, let’s take it to the ring, where it looks like its Drek Stone and Johnny Jax are going to start it off. These two used to be allies about a year ago when the Upstarts began wreaking havoc. AXEL I remember it well. It’s a pity now though; Johnny and Scotty had so much potential. COACH They’re champions… AXEL Look who they’re knocking around with. A real pity. Oh well, they’ll learn. Drek and Jax start it off with a stare down, the two men no strangers to each other, as they were firm allies a year ago. Obviously Johnny still harbours resentment at Drek’s departure from the company, as he goes so far as to slap Drek in the face! “YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH!” COLE Johnny Jax disrespecting Drek Stone! Drek, seemingly woken up from the blow, comes right back with hard right hands to the temple of Johnny Jax, but Jax comes back with rights of his own to the cheers of the crowd. Boot to the midsection by Drek, Irish Whip, but its reversed, Johnny flies into the ropes, and knocks Drek down with the shoulder block. Johnny off the ropes again, Drek drops under the charging Jax, Johnny off the other side, leapfrog by Drek, Johnny off the ropes again, but is STOPPED by a beautiful Drek Stone dropkick! AXEL Bam! Right in the kisser! COLE Drek Stone with a beautiful dropkick that just floors Johnny Jax! Stone takes advantage of Johnny’s stunned state, bringing the six man tag champ to his feet, and connecting with a right hand, and a boot to the stomach. Front face lock applied by Drek, and he sends Johnny over with a picture perfect vertical suplex, floating over and hooking the leg for a cover! ONE!!!!! TW-NO! Johnny kicks out before the count of two. AXEL That cover there wasn’t meant for a pinfall, but to wear down Johnny Jax. Drek’s walking around at about two thirty eight, two forty these days. He’s a blue chipper, and every time Johnny has to force Drek’s body off of his, that expends a great amount of his energy. Drek pulls Johnny to his feet and forces him back into a corner, where the Heartland Champion, Otaku II, is waiting for a tag. Drek looks at the outstretched hand of Otaku, grinning smugly and simply dragging Johnny by the hair into a neutral corner. COLE Otaku wants a tag! What is Drek doing? AXEL He doesn’t need this kid. Otaku needs to sit back and take notice of greatness. Drek drives shoulders into the midsection of Johnny, before sending one half of the GPX into the opposite corner. Drek charges after Johnny, but Jax gets a boot up and into the mush of Drek, who stumbles backward, reeling from the shot. Drek doesn’t have much time to reel, though, as he is FLOORED by a Johnny Jax clothesline, sending the crowd into a frenzy! COLE Greatness, huh? COACH Quiet Cole, you’ve got no clue about greatness. AXEL Neither do you. COACH Yes sir. Drek pops up from the clothesline, but is immediately peppered with right hands, as Johnny forces the former champion back into his corner, where he tags in one half of the OAOAST Tag Team Champions, Synth Esiser. Synth picks up where Johnny left off, laying right hands and solid knees into Drek Stone. Bringing him out of the corner, Synth hooks Drek up for a vertical suplex, lifting the Brooklyn native high in the air, but not finishing the job, as Drek drops behind Synth, taking him down to the mat by the head in an Edge-o-matic! AXEL Beautiful! Now do what you do boy! COLE What are you, a rapper now? COACH Chillin in the hood! AXEL Michael, I don’t envy your job. Getting to his feet after the Edge-o-matic, Drek steps back… a little too far it seems, as Otaku II tags himself into the match, despite Drek’s earlier attempt to stay in the ring. Storming into the ring, the Heartland Champion takes the fight to Synth, connecting with a solid forearm, followed by a hard knife edged chop! “WOOO!” AXEL I love Ric Flair, but I hate what he’s brought to live crowds. Otaku with another forearm, and another chop! The combination a third time! With Synth now on Dream Street from the blows, Otaku connects with one elbow strike, and another, before raising his arm, flying off of the ropes and hitting the ROARING ELBOW! COLE The Roaring Elbow by Otaku! COVER! AXEL I like it! ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWONO!!!!!!!!! After being knocked down by the elbow, Synth still manages to kick out at the count of two. This only serves to motivate Otaku, as he applies a headlock to Synth, and while not a pretty move, it serves to keep Synth incapacitated and makes it very difficult for the tag champion to catch his breath. Synth still manages to get to his feet while in the hold, though, and elbows Otaku in the gut before pushing the Heartland Champion into the ropes. Otaku flies off, Synth ducks under another elbow attempt, and drops Otaku with a neckbreaker! AXEL And that’s what happens when you put somebody in a headlock. No imagination. COLE A second ago you were praising the guy! AXEL Hey, you don’t see myself, Drek or Hoff slapping on headlocks after a kick out. Synth takes this opportunity to regain his composure and bring Otaku back into the corner, where he tags in Johnny Jax. The two tag team specialists go to work, hooking Otaku II in a double front face lock, and taking him over in a double suplex! Johnny follows up on this, teeing off on the skull of Otaku with right hands, before bringing the Heartland Champ to his feet, scooping him up, and slamming him down hard, back first to the mat. Johnny comes off of the ropes and drops an elbow on the chest of Otaku, hoping to drive the air out of the OAOAST rookie. Jax follows up with a cover… ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWOOOOOOOOOONO! Otaku kicks out at the count of two, but Johnny is right there, staying on offense. Bringing Otaku back to his corner, Johnny makes a quick tag to Synth, who jumps into the ring and up to the second rope. Another scoop slam by Johnny is delivered, before Synth continues with what works, and delivers an elbow drop from the second rope! Cover by Synth this time! ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWOOOOOOOOOOONO!!!!! Otaku kicks out again, but its clear that he is losing a large amount of energy. COLE I like this strategy by Synth and Johnny, they’re exploiting one team member and continuing to work the double team. The slams, the elbows, all these moves are driving the air from Otaku, and the constant delivery makes it increasingly difficult for the Heartland Champion to regain his breath. AXEL This is classic tag team wrestling. Otaku has to do everything he can to stay out of that corner, and get the tag to my man. Synth continues to lay the punishment down on Otaku, lifting him to his feet, before applying a front face lock. Synth turns out of the front face lock, and drops Otaku to the mat with another neckbreaker! Otaku sits up after the move, as a result of the velocity. Synth takes this opportunity to slap on a Sleeper Hold, with Otaku now having to fight for every breath. COACH Come on Otaku, fight! COLE Since when have you been an Otaku fan? COACH Since he got drawn as Drek Stone’s tag team partner! Otaku tries desperately to fight out of the sleeper, with Synth making sure that the maximum amount of bodyweight is being put on his foe. Otaku is strong mentally as well as physically though, and he shows this as he begins to fight out of the hold, getting to one knee and slowly to his feet. Otaku shows his new, angrier attitude by landing a right hand to the stomach of Synth. A second right hand, followed by a third; and Otaku is free of the sleeper hold. Otaku boots Synth in the midsection, and sends him for an Irish Whip. Flying off of the ropes, Synth tries a clothesline, Otaku ducks, Synth stops, turns, Otaku with a left kick, Synth blocks it… ENZIGURI by the Heartland Champion! COLE Enziguri! Both men are down, and both men need to desperately make a tag! With both men on the canvas, the referee begins his ten count… ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUR!!! Both men are starting to stir, and are beginning to crawl to their corners… FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVVVVVEEE!!! SIIIIIIIIXXXXXXX!!!!!!! AXEL Drek is desperate for a tag, he wants to finish this. Otaku reaches out… …and TAGS Drek Stone! “YEEEEEEBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” At the same time, Synth tags Johnny Jax, who storms into the ring! “YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAHHHH!” Drek and Johnny meet in the ring brandishing right hands. After trading blows, its Johnny Jax that gets the better of Drek, peppering him with blows. Irish Whip by Johnny, reversed by Drek, Drek tries a clothesline, Johnny ducks, Drek turns, and is FLOORED by the incoming Johnny Jax! Drek up quickly, and Johnny continues the punishment! Boot to the midsection, and Johnny lifts Drek up for the Cradle Shock! COLE Cradle Shock coming! AXEL No its not! Drek somehow wriggles out of the predicament! Sliding down his back, Drek pushes Johnny away while he takes a couple of steps back into his opposing corner! Synth sees this, and grabs Drek by the arm, leaving him open for the charging Johnny Jax… …DREK MOVES! Johnny hits Synth! AXEL Now THAT’S some teamwork boys! Johnny, shocked at the botch, turns around, but turns right into a boot to the midsection by Drek! STONECUTTER! AXEL Good night nurse! ONE!!!!!!!!!! TWOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! THREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “YEEEEEEEEEAAABOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” Drek rolls off of Johnny Jax victoriously as he gains the winning pinfall, and Michael Buffer announces the victory. BUFFER Here are your winners… DREK STONE AND OTAAAAAAAKKUUU II!!!! COLE Drek and Otaku pick up the win after a costly mistake by Johnny Jax. AXEL Correction Michael, Drek Stone picks up the win. He didn’t need any help. COACH Yeah! COLE You love disrespecting wrestlers, don’t you? AXEL Not as much as I like running this company. Which I… which WE will do come July 30. It’s been a pleasure. Wait, no, it hasn’t. Throwing down his headset, Axel rolls into the ring to congratulate Drek Stone on his victory. Otaku sees the two former champions in the ring, grabbing his belt, and moving to the back, needing to prepare for the Battle Royal.
  12. Adam

    OAO ECW Week 4 on Sci-Fi, July 4th

    Keep on hopin', Exslade.
  13. Adam

    OAOAST Battlebowl

    Currently writing the majority of my match. I'll finish it in the morning.
  15. Triple H is a meathead. I doubt he's had much business or technical experience at all. And I don't mean business as in 'getting himself in a position to run the company', I mean actually partaking in business activities. I'm certain Trips stays away from that and focuses on his character and his creative input.
  16. I, for one, am not surprised. The guy's a meathead. He's not a businessman.
  17. RAW starts in 29 hours for me, so I'll be sure to weigh in after everyone's over it.
  18. Adam

    RVD and Sabu arrested for drugs

    I'd mark out. That's because you enjoy the pain of others. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  19. Adam

    WWE News and Notes

    Just as an aside, I'd love nothing more than to see Chuck Liddell KO any of the top WWE guys.
  20. Adam

    NBA Offseason Thread

    Wow, giving up Channing Frye for Aaron McKie?
  21. Adam

    The One & Only Alfdogg Thread

    I would run away crying, but don't you have that copyrighted Bobby? OH NO HE DI-INT
  22. Adam

    The One & Only Alfdogg Thread

    *is pissed*
  23. The thought of them wrestling is even scarier.
  24. Adam

    NBA Offseason Thread

    Aren't Harrington and Jermaine good friends? They have a shot.
  25. Adam

    TSM/Pit Election

    Your overcompetitive deputy.