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  1. Adam

    World Cup 2006 in Germany

    OH NO YOU DI-INT! And fuck Poland. I put money on them.
  2. Adam

    The One & Only Alfdogg Thread

    I'm wondering exactly where Hoff has been, its been like, 6 weeks.
  3. Adam

    THE SAGA~!

    I'm not afraid to admit I was the Randy Orton of that team.
  4. Adam

    Sandy's Job Hunt

    Best of luck Sandy, I don't know how the radio market is over there, but I've been in radio for two and a half years now, and I'm still trying to break into the larger stations.
  5. Check my first post about the fight dumbass.. I said something like... Wow... That shit looked like it could be real... So shut the fuck up. You TOTALLY owned me! HAHAHAHA!
  6. I fail to see how that Lawler-Tazz pullapart hurt either guy. What I do see, however, is that strummer and Cowboy should not be let near computers, anytime. Ever. Valium guys, take some.
  7. That line sealed it for me. Fantastic.
  8. I just read this thread and got over it at about the 50th 'fuck'. And Chave, I agree with you about most shit, but come on, 'Dumb-ass'? That's just retarded.
  9. Adam

    Yahoo/McD's/FIFA World Cup Fantasy Game

    I'm in. I'm obsessed with Fantasy stuff.
  10. Adam

    World Cup 2006 in Germany

    I agree, this was Holland's sendoff for their fans, and we did very well. Viduka's a muppet though, that's two penalties he's missed in Australia's two most important games of the last year. He'd better score them when he needs to. Australia were very lucky not to concede a penatly in the first half with that handball decision, which was clearly there. But apart from that mishap, Australia did a fantastic job of containing one of the tournament's top teams.
  11. Adam

    2006 NBA Finals

    Its a bizzare series for me, because both teams have guys I like (Dirk, D Wade) and guys I don't care for (KVH, Shaq). The Heat have two guys that probably deserve a ring before they retire ('Zo, Payton). I hate to say this, but I think I'll be pulling for the Heat in this series, just because a Finals MVP for Wade would make the next ten years very interesting in the whole '2003 Draft Class' story. One of the triple threat gets a ring, and now its time for the other two to step it up. I think seeing Wade get a ring and a trophy will motivate Bron and Melo to play like crazy bastards next season. That said, the Mavs are very, very strong, and have beaten two quality teams to get this far. Sure, Miami defeated arguably the best team in the NBA, but Dallas have a very strong team. Regardless of who wins, I'll be watching every game. But I'll say... Mavs in 6
  12. Adam

    Roland Garros Thread.

    Damn right, that kid owns everyone on clay, doesn't matter who they are. I would have liked to see him fight it out at the Aussie Open, but unfortunately injury prevented that.
  13. Adam

    World Cup 2006 in Germany

    The robot was the highlight of my sporting day. I'm with Chave, I want to see that in the Tournament.
  14. Adam

    Smackdown spoilers for June 2, 2006

    Hey, I'd be down with that. But they wouldn't put RVD and Sabu over for both major titles. Especially Sabu.
  15. Adam

    Smackdown spoilers for June 2, 2006

    I don't know about you, but this kinda stood out to me.
  16. Adam

    MMA Comments that Don't Warrant a Thread

    Wasn't the money an issue? I mean, I remember the Tito entrance with the pyro for his fight with Shamrock, that was badass. There was a Chuck one with 'Is it me.. or is it getting cold in here?' that was pretty cool too. They should bring back the elevated wrestling ramp, has a more epic feel to it.
  17. Adam

    NBA Conference Finals

    Shaq seems to always rub me up the wrong way. I hate to be a Dama about things, but the time he got traded to Miami was brutal to watch on ESPN. Shaq and Kobe, start to finish. I'm a fan of Dwyane's work though, and Shaq's been quiet this year, so I wouldn't mind seeing them in the Finals. On the flip side, Udonis Haslem and Antoine Walker have always struck me as assholes. Good win by the Suns tonight. I'm pulling for them to win the whole thing, just because I love to watch them play, and I don't get to see them often, so I hope they at least make it to the Finals.
  18. Adam

    8 yr old ods on heroin

    Not even going to attempt to click on that link. Fucked up.
  19. Adam

    The PPV Situation

    Now that's an idea. Either that, or we don't hold HD for that week and have a special SNME subtitled 'Climax'
  20. Adam

    The PPV Situation

    I've got no problems with running 8 PPVs a year. I'm agree with Alf and KC in that we should keep Zero Hour over Dirty Deeds, never really liked that PPV name anyway, and it only really provides us with a theme song. As for NR vs. Climax, Climax has sentimental value for me, but NR is the bigger PPV, I always saw it as our Survivor Series.
  21. And if they do, NYU will fight them all, cause he'll be there.
  22. Adam

    WON News and Notes 5/29

    Great stuff HTQ, thanks for that.
  23. Adam

    UFC 60: Hughes vs Gracie

    I wonder if the guy who scored it 30-27 Diego was the same guy that scored it 30-27 for Tito?
  24. Adam

    School's Out booking thread

    Show is up and in Home Entertainment. Hope you all enjoy it, looks like a very solid effort indeed. Bed time now. Almost 1am.