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  1. Adam

    The NBA Offseason Thread

    Are you kidding? The black/red pinstripe Bulls jersey was one of the best jerseys ever. I'm not fussed with the Hornets pinstripe, but I liked last year's model better.
  2. Adam

    2008 Summer Olympics

    Does anyone know where the 100m track final is available online? I'm trying to download a torrent, but it's taking forever.
  3. Adam

    The NBA Offseason Thread

    On an Olympics-related note, anyone see Ricky Rubio completely own the Chinese point guard in OT yesterday? That kid is at least going top three in next year's draft. He's great. Patrick Mills is my favourite Aussie basketballer in quite some time. Quicker than the hiccup, as JR would say.
  4. Adam

    The Dark Knight

    Going to see it tonight for the late screening. So very, very excited.
  5. Adam

    The NBA Offseason Thread

    Oh to dream, the impossible dream.... Seriously, though. Where does Smith end up? Oh, and I hated James Posey in the Finals for some reason, and now he pairs up with one of the guys I absolutely love in the NBA, Chris Paul. I might have to change my tune.
  6. Adam

    News You Can (barely) Use

    Man, that Kurt Angle, he'll definitely be world champ within a year, and don't get me started on Eddie and Chyna. Fantastic.
  7. Adam

    The Dark Knight

    God dammit, it's been pulled. Anyone got an alternate link?
  8. Adam

    Desert Island Draft Thread

    What a fantastic match. This actually made me realise that there was life outside of the big feds as a 16 year old.
  9. Adam

    Mick Foley offered commentating job on smackdown

    Good for Coach, going from the constant travel and BS of pro wrestling to ESPN.
  10. Adam


    Sorry, I haven't been able to read the last couple of weeks. Has the OAOAST champ, the guy that's been waiting 87 years for the belt, appeared on a show since he won the belt?
  11. Adam

    Anglemania feedback

    So... the main event was a re-hash of Backlash 2000, then? Great.
  12. Adam

    TSM NBA H2H: Year 5

    Gil being out for the year, and not having computer access for the best part of four months, left me no choice but to tank this season. Next season, however, Gil, Rashard and J-5 will be my keepers, and I'll have a good solid base to actually draft well. Sticking around, guys.
  13. Adam

    Xbox 360

    I've gotta call MS this week to have the guts of mine replaced. Oh well, could be worse and be a full red ring, which apparently isn't covered.
  14. Adam

    Rock Band!

    The release in Australia has been pushed back until August. That very fact compelled me to buy a Wii for the next few months to keep me occupied.
  15. Adam

    TSM NBA H2H: Year 5

    I hate the fact that the majority of my team has been injured at most points throughout the season.
  16. Adam

    What kind of music kick are you on?

    I'm on a huge Springsteen kick this past month. Just starting to listen to a lot of Tom Waits, and also Kanye West's Freshman Adjustment mixes. Oh, and TISM, although I don't expect anyone to know the awesomeness that is TISM.
  17. Adam

    The Dark Knight

    So, how is today's event going to effect the post production, release, and marketing of the film?
  18. Adam

    Campaign 2008

    Would someone tell me what significance New Hampshire has on the actual nomination?
  19. Adam

    TSM NBA H2H: Year 5

    Hey guys, Resigned from my job on Monday in a sea of controversy and media hijinx, and I suddenly don't have a computer. I'm really, really sorry about being MIA in the last week, but now I'm on my feet again, it'll be fine.
  20. Adam

    TSM NBA H2H: Year 5

    Morris Peterson, GF
  21. Adam

    TSM NBA H2H: Year 5

    Andris Biedrins
  22. Adam

    TSM NBA H2H: Year 5

    Josh Howard, GF
  23. Adam


    Got it last night (ah, the joys of timezones). Played one multiplayer, but I had a full day at work (fuck full time), so I couldn't have a long session. Loved it. Well worth the wait, and it'll only get better as I keep playing it.
  24. Adam

    TSM NBA H2H: Year 5

    Donaghy's Conscience is in.