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  1. On an Olympics-related note, anyone see Ricky Rubio completely own the Chinese point guard in OT yesterday? That kid is at least going top three in next year's draft. He's great.


    Patrick Mills is my favourite Aussie basketballer in quite some time. Quicker than the hiccup, as JR would say.

  2. You know where Smith would fit in great? Indiana. Still need a young PG, Hawks? Have we got a deal for you!


    Oh to dream, the impossible dream....


    Seriously, though. Where does Smith end up?


    Oh, and I hated James Posey in the Finals for some reason, and now he pairs up with one of the guys I absolutely love in the NBA, Chris Paul. I might have to change my tune.

  3. christopher_daniels_2.jpg

    Low-Ki vs. The American Dragon vs. Christopher Daniels

    The Era of Honor Begins


    The other of my favorite three-ways has been taken, so I go with my second choice. I'd heard of Christopher Daniels and seen him on Shotgun once or twice, but Low-Ki or Dragon I hadn't heard of going into this match. All three blew me away, and I've been a fan of all of them ever since. Also I wanted a Christopher Daniels match, and this is my favorite of his.


    What a fantastic match. This actually made me realise that there was life outside of the big feds as a 16 year old.

  4. Gil being out for the year, and not having computer access for the best part of four months, left me no choice but to tank this season. Next season, however, Gil, Rashard and J-5 will be my keepers, and I'll have a good solid base to actually draft well. Sticking around, guys.

  5. Got it last night (ah, the joys of timezones). Played one multiplayer, but I had a full day at work (fuck full time), so I couldn't have a long session. Loved it. Well worth the wait, and it'll only get better as I keep playing it.