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  1. I say go with either Jericho, Booker, RVD or Hurricane on RAW for the IC Title, and have The US Title on SD with either Cena, Rhyno, Hardy or Eddie Guererro. As long as Mack, Steiner, DeMott, and A-Train stay out of the title race, I'll be happy.


    The IC and US Titles would be a great idea, because not all midcard wrestlers are suited to tag team wrestling, such as The Hurricane and Rhyno. This would give them an alternative. It would be a step in the right dirction to have a midcard title again.

  2. Don't complain? I have a right to complain! Yes, I am a smark, and I enjoy wrestling. That is why I visit this and websites like this. If I think that the writers and the wrestlers can do better, then I'll fucking say so!


    I have been a fan of this for quite a while now, and I know when Im watching good stuff, and when I'm watching shit. I appreciate good wrestling, and a critique bad wrestling. I write columns, and get positive feedback for them. If I want to say Triple H is a dumbass fuck who should have lost the title by now, then I am allowed to, and I could care alot fucking less if you disagree.


    To the fuck who said 'If you don't like it, don't watch it': We are fans, plain and simple. I am starting my training soon, so Im not a lard ass who couldn't lift a toothpick, Im a meathead who could bust you up. I watch wrestling because it is my hobby, my favourite thing. I will continue to watch wrestling no matter how shit it gets, because I like it. I speak my mind about it, and if I don't like something I'll tell you why. If you've got a problem with my views then fine, just as long as you back your views up like I do. Get into a debate with me, by all means, but half the time I could care less about your views and more about mine. If you want to say 'If you don't like it then don't watch it' then I'll say one thing to you: If you don't like our opinions and views, and don't like what your seeing, and just want to bitch and moan about smarks as a whole, then get the fuck outta here. This site would be a whole lot better without you.


    Thank you and good evening. :phaser:

  3. I say Jeff would be good in the flock as a dark brooding character in the mould of Raven. He would fit in perfectly in that role, plus he would bring in a few more buys. Sure, he's a shell of what he used to be, but if he gets the motivation (and being in the same group with Alexis would give ANYONE the motivation), he could have matches as good as his No Way Out encounter with Chris Jericho

  4. I don't think I'll pay the 25 bucks to go see Backlash at my Australian local Cinema, but then again, I could have one hell of a bitch in my columns about how crap it was, and that would be fun. :D Hogan-Piper should be an instant replay of Hogan-McMahon and it will end up being Triple H pinning Booker again at a PPV. Now lets all hope that Steph books Team Angle to lose their Tag Titles to 'The Hosses' A-Train and Big Show. That would just cap off the friggin night, wouldn't it?



  5. So what, your saying he should just get on the mic and say 'I suck ass'? Then would everyone hate him? Doubt it. Rockys getting a 50/50 reaction as it is, and he's leaving soon so whats the point in getting a stable together? I would like to see a RVD - Jericho Tag Team in the future. That would rock almost as much as Benoit-Angle.

    But if Rocky was to have a heel stable it would probably include Christian and maybe even someone with power like Cheif Morley.

  6. Reverse Death Valley Driver is a good move that no one has taken yet. Also a good old dragon suplex, and a Tajiri-like ECW Brainbuster, the one he did to Steve Corino at Hardcore Heaven 2000 comes to mind, that match was sweet, especially with Corinos long bleached hair turning bright red from the blood.

    A cradle piledriver would be good too, hang on, any piledriver would be good!

  7. Kevin Nash tearing his quad was one of those moments last year where you said to yourself 'Well, yeah, I sorta saw that one coming.' I really haven't missed him and think he would be better served as a road agent, at least then Eric Bischoff would have someone to partner him in a tag match against flair and anderson! :boxing: