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  1. That article is incredible. There are a few posters on the site that have picked it apart, but what the hey, I'd still love to see the panel here tear the guy a new asshole. He even mentions kicks to the groin for gods sake. As a journalism student and a member of the media myself, I can honestly say that he was either writing that to get a massive negative reaction such as this, or he is genuinelly that stupid and he didn't bother to research. If it's the former, well done, you've enticed MMA fans to bash you, and therefore got more traffic to your column. If it's the latter, well, run along and play and let the adults have intelligent discussion.

  2. Does anyone see KG leaving this offseason? I remember reading an interview with him in last years edition of SLAM Kicks, where he basically said that something had to change in the T-Wolves organisation soon, or he'd be forced to walk.

  3. Most Valuable Player

    1. Steve Nash

    2. Dirk Nowitski

    3. Kobe Bryant

    4. Tim Duncan

    5. LeBron James


    Coach of the Year

    1. Sam Mitchell

    2. Jerry Sloan

    3. Don Nelson


    Rookie of the Year

    1. Brandon Roy

    2. Rudy Gay

    3. Andrea Bargnani


    Defensive Player of the Year

    1. Marcus Camby

    2. Shawn Marion

    3. Bruce Bowen


    Most Improved Player

    1. Al Jefferson

    2. Kevin Martin

    3. Monta Ellis


    6th Man of the Year

    1. Leandro Barbosa

    2. Jerry Stackhouse

    3. Corey Maggette


    (Criteria is you have to have come off the bench more games than you started.)



    1st Team

    G - Steve Nash

    G - Kobe Bryant

    F - LeBron James

    F - Dirk Nowitski

    C - Amare Stoudamire


    2nd Team

    G - Gilbert Arenas

    G - Dwyane Wade

    F - Tracy McGrady

    F - Carlos Boozer

    C - Tim Duncan


    3rd Team (G, G, F, F, C)

    G - Jason Kidd

    G - Chauncey Billups

    F - Carmello Anthony

    F - Chris Bosh

    C - Yao Ming


    (You can vote people out of position within reason, as you'll see when I post my ballot. But don't put in Steve Nash as a forward or center, for example.)



    1st Team (G, G, F, F, C)

    G - Baron Davis

    G - Josh Smith

    F - Shawn Marion

    F - Caron Butler

    C - Marcus Camby


    2nd Team (G, G, F, F, C)

    G - Gerald Wallace

    G - Raja Bell

    F - Ron Artest

    F - Jermaine O'Neal

    C - Tyson Chandler



    1st Team

    Brandon Roy

    Randy Foye

    Rudy Gay

    Andrea Bargnani

    LaMarcus Aldridge


    2nd Team

    Rajon Rondo

    Paul Millsap

    Shelden Williams

    Adam Morrison

    Tyrus Thomas


    (Rookie teams are not position-specific.)


    If you vote, try to fill out the whole ballot, since I will be adding up the totals and posting them.