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  1. So its really no contest at all, then? 2K7 is THAT much better than Live? I'm getting a 360 this week coming, and I've always been an EA fan, so I was just going to get the whole range, one by one (NBA Live, Madden, Tiger Woods and FIFA)

  2. 1) Who will win the MVP?

    Kobe Bryant.


    2) Who will win the ROTY?

    Brandon Roy.


    3) Which team will be most improved in 2005-06?



    4) What player(s) is most likely have a breakout season?

    Andre Iguodala, Josh Smith


    5) What team had the best offseason?



    6) What team had the worst offseason?



    7) What one move will make the biggest impact?

    Ben Wallace to the Bulls


    8) What was the most surprising move of the offseason?

    The Ford-Villanueva trade, or the Peja signing.


    9) What was the most underrated move of the offseason?

    Ford for Villanueva. Both teams will benefit greatly.


    10) What was the single worst move of the offseason?

    Darrel Armstrong for Anthony Johnson.


    11) What team(s) will move into the playoff picture?

    Orlando, New Orleans, Houston


    12) What team(s) will fall out of the playoff picture?

    Memphis, Philadelphia


    13) Who is the best player in the league at each position?

    C - Yao Ming

    PF - Kevin Garnett

    SF - LeBron James. Fuck T-Mac.

    SG - Kobe Bryant

    PG - Dwyane Wade


    14) Will Isiah Thomas still be with the Knicks after this season?



    15) Will Kevin Garnett still be with the Wolves after this season?



    16) Will Allen Iverson still be with the Sixers after this season?



    17) Division winners:

    New Jersey, Detroit, Miami, Phoenix, Minnesota, San Antonio


    18) Eastern Conference Finals:

    Detroit vs. New Jersey


    19) Western Conference Finals:

    Phoenix vs. Dallas


    20) NBA Finals:

    Phoenix vs. Detroit


    21) Make one bold prediction.

    The Clippers will knock San Antonio out of the Playoffs.

  3. I wouldn't pull the trigger. You're then committing millions to Mike Dunleavy and Bonzi Wells, two guys that don't really set the world on fire (Lil' Dun more than Bonzi, who is sporadically good-to great). The Bobcats have done a good job so far of keeping well under the cap, and have a roster of young, very talented players. Losing Gerald Wallace and gaining Dunleavy/Wells isn't going to help the team in the long run, IMO.