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  1. Rhino doesn't like to take pictures if he's not in his gear. He'll sign ten million things for you, but if he's in street clothes, he refuses to take a picture. At least that's how it was during his time with the 'E.


    His attitude must have changed after he left the 'E then, because I got a photo with him at the airport last year. It was awesome. Waited around for an hour, and off the plane comes AJ Styles, alone. The tour representative asked what AJ wanted to do, and he decided to get some Burger King in the hour before everyone else arrived. We were talking to him for a while, really, really nice guy.


    Then off the plane an hour later jumps Daniels, Joe and Rhino, plus a bunch of others. We couldn't get to Joe that morning, but I got photos with Daniels, Rhino and Kazarian. All super nice guys.


    The day after the show I'm going through baggage check on my way home, I turn around, and who should be going through but The Dudleys and Aaron 'Jesus' Aguleria. Devon was pleasant, Bubba was tired, and I spoke to Jesus for 5-10 minutes as we both went to our terminals. Turns out the entire tour was in the terminal opposite mine, so Rhino asked me where a payphone was, and I was in line at the coffee shop with Joe, Gail Kim and Nidia. Jeff Jarrett was the only fuckhead on the show, acting like he was above everyone. I got autographs of everyone else.

  2. Okay, I bought my laptop 18 months ago with a 12 month warranty. It's an Optima, 1.5G Gig Processor, 512 RAM, 40GB HDD, runs XP Home. Now, its gone from fine to fucked in the space of a week.


    First, the internal clock went. It can't, WON'T, keep time. I thought this may have been the battery, but now, I'm not so sure.


    Now, not only when i turn it on do I have to shake the fucking thing for it to actually turn ON, but none of the 5 USB ports work. At all. I need urgent, urgent help. I'm freaking out over here. Any thoughts?