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  1. Alright, I'm here. I apologise to everyone who put effort into this show, everyone who wrote stuff leading up to this show, and everyone who I've brainstormed with over the past few months about this show. Thing is, I underestimated how much it would take to write this match in relation to how much time I actually had to spare. Well, I didn't, which is why I asked Hoff if he could help, which he said he would. He then up and dissapeared for the third time in three months.


    To be honest, I had so much stuff going on that I really stopped caring if this match was written or not. I could ramble on about everything that's happened in the last two weeks, but I'm not rawmvp, so it wouldn't be as entertaining, or as dangerous.


    In short, I'll be venturing to at least bring a respectable BEGINNING *pppftttt interference* FINISH match to post tonight. Once again, I am sorry, but this just highlights everything that everybody else has been trying to tell me for the years that I've been in this fed - that you should never let it get in the way of everything outside the screen, and that you should never let it worry you. An e-fed should never worry you, because that's not why it exists. It exists as an outlet for someone's creativity combined with a fantasy booking aspect that all of us wrestling fans want to be in on.

  2. Excuses Excuses...


    Because of Hoff's third (3rd) dissapearance in as many months, and because I just started a new job, and because I just finished my old job, and because I just met a girl, and because I got really drunk last night, and because life is moving at the pace of a frickin cheetah right now, Syndicated will be held on Sunday night, July 30th. There was a fire in Melbourne at the Telstra Dome, and the time difference screwed everything up, throwing everyone in a warphole and jumping some forward in time, some back in time. They hope to get the fire dealt with in the next 48 hours.


    Papa, I asked Andy Warhol to do the graphics for Syndicaed, but he sent me back 18 fuckings oranges, all different colours, with paperclips sticking out of them. If you could come up with something, that would be fantastic, but its not absolutely necessary.

  3. You frustrate and annoy us constantly, more than any other poster on the current board. Your character, gimmick or not, is everything that is wrong with the internet. Your stories are depressing, and unbelievable. You're a sad human being. I want to be able to come here and post in a thread without your presence destroying it.

  4. LIVE from the Telstra Dome in Melbourne, Australia, The One and Only AngleSault Thread Proudly Presents...

    OAOAST Syndicated!


    Main Event: Captain's Fall Ten Man Elimination Tag Match


    Team Axel

    Captain: Axel

    Drek Stone



    Gunner Sharps




    Team Tony

    Captain: Tony Brannigan

    Dan Black

    OAOAST World Heavyweight Champion Alfdogg

    OAOAST 24/7 Champion Leon Rodez



    HI-YAH World Tag Team Championships - LIVE FROM JAPAN

    Champions The Beverly Hills Blonds (w/ Mackenzie DeCenzo) vs. Challengers D*LUX (w/ Jade Rodez)


    Grudge Match!

    "The Corporate Champion" Tha Puerto Rican vs. Thunderkid


    Tag Team Match!

    Longdogger Pete and ???? vs. Peter Knight and ????


    I'll be posting the show. Keep in mind it's hosted by Tony Schiavone and Jesse Ventura.