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    Playoff predictions from start of season

    My picks not from this board were: NFC: EAST: Dallas (11-5) NORTH: Chicago (12-4) SOUTH: New Orleans (13-3) WEST: Seattle (9-7) WC 1: Philly (10-6) WC 2: Green Bay (9-7) AFC: EAST: NE (14-2) NORTH: B'More (11-5) SOUTH: Indy (14-2) WEST: SD (10-6) WC 1: JVille (10-5) WC 2: Pitt (9-7) Looks like I was 5/8 on Divisional winners(off on schedule wins), 9/12 overall. Not bad overall but I am surprised by some teams records.
  2. Perfxion

    Britney Spears' SISTER is pregnant

    not that I want to add more to this abortion of a thread. But I feel the need to see why. Non of those songs are by lil Romeo, as one of them was a Bobby Brown song. Lil Romeo is the oldest (known)son of Master P. So his family is even more loaded than Spears. Lastly, why should she abort the child if it is the from the son of Master P? I am really wondering why that child would be unfit for this world?
  3. Perfxion


    odd, the only two new construction projects around here are beltways around suburban Dallas/Fort Worth and suburban Houston. Also, what land is being taken by E.D? Anytime that is being used it becomes major news stories to the local area. Plus if they were going to do that they would finish State Highway 249 and not leave the highway cut up and broken apart. BTW: why make this big highway when NYC, Toronto, Montreal, DC, Philly, and Miami are not even on any kind of link or spur to this thing? This is like building an autobahn and not linking Berlin.
  4. Perfxion

    The Writer's Strike

    Here is the most recent update to the strike chart: credit: http://community.tvguide.com/blog-entry/TV...Chart/800026937
  5. Perfxion

    Vladimir Putin. Man of the Year.

    If all the news coverage this year, person of the year should have went to Britney Spears since she seem to have every moment become national nightly news. But for a person that (somewhat) matters, so Putin makes a good choice.
  6. Perfxion


    Um, just in the greater Houston and Dallas areas there are like 30 Highway projects going on. So you can't count this state in terms intercontinental highway projects. Because they are just building highways for the sake of building.
  7. Worst: Tom Couglin because the Giants will find a way to blow their playoff spot after going 6-2 which is just sad. Since is the second year in a row of a second half slump Best: Mr. 14-0. Thursday PIT @ STL : PIT needs to win as bad as Whitney Houston needs a hit of crack. But they will find another way to lose a game they have no business losing. Saturday DAL @ CAR : DAL will steamroll here and go on to win by 17. Sunday- 1:00 KC @ DET : DET by 3 CLE @ CIN : CLE wins and makes a run for the divisional title. CLE by 6 GB @ CHI : GB wins by 10 and we have a fun week 17 seeing who gets number 1 seed in the NFC. NYG @ BUF : BUF wins and the NYG start their march to out of playoff contention. HOU @ IND : IND up 30 by half time and the Texans make a 4th quarter comeback to only lose by 6. PHI @ NO : NO needs to win badly and will find a way to keep running the ball. NO by 7 OAK @ JAC : JAC wins by the second biggest margin of the day 23. 4:00 ATL @ ARI : fieldgoal bowl, ARI by 9 TB @ SF : TB by 10 but they wouldn't be trying hard to win either. MIA @ NE : NASA might be needed to tally the final score. PATS by atleast 40 BAL @ SEA : SEA loses here to shock everyone. BAL by 3 NYJ @ TEN : TEN by 20 WAS @ MIN : hardest game of the week to call. 24 to 24, goes to OT and winner of cointoss wins game by fieldgoal. Monday Night Football DEN @ SD: Game over by halftime. SD by 17
  8. Perfxion

    VH1's Top 100 songs of the 90s

    Here is a few missing songs from the list that were MAJOR hits. Mariah Carey: One Sweet Day (f. Boyz II Men), Fantasy Remix (f. Big Baby Jesus), Will Smith : Summertime Michael Jackson: Remember The Time Boyz II Men: End of the Road, I'll Make Love to You, On Bending Knee Los Del Rio: Macarena(sp?) Jay -Z: Hard Knock Life The Band's name is escaping me but "I'll Be There For You" (Friends theme, almost everyone knows the first verse by heart).
  9. Perfxion

    Severe ass kickings in the NFL this week.

    Unless this week is their wake up call. The Cowboys haven't really played well since Thanksgiving. They can't have lucky breaks and penalties keep their drives alive. They need to murder Carolina next week, then Washington just to make sure that they stay in the number 1 spot in the NFC. At this rate, the only way they beat the Pats is if a time machine opens and number 8, 22, and 88 stroll out on the field to help. This is coming from a big Cowboys fans too, but I just don't see this team doing it. The way they been on cruise control lately.
  10. Perfxion

    Severe ass kickings in the NFL this week.

    Still, I would have picked Vince Young over BOTH men. And the Texans did look good last night, but too little too late.
  11. Perfxion

    The Mitchell Report

    This report doesn't make Bonds look worse, it makes him look like the 79 other users on the list that took roids and other drugs to play better. If anything with the number of pitchers on this list. I am more to believe that more pitchers need to face the media venom than the big three home run kings.
  12. Perfxion


    Is that the book that claims, Roe v Wade(series) is the reason that crime rate is lower. Because a lot of would be kids being born to single improvised mothers?
  13. Perfxion

    Nip/Tuck Season 5

    Was it only me or was anyone else hoping that Julz or Matt both died on last night epp? I was wishing the gun man would kill her. And I was also wishing Easy-Bake-Meth-oven would burn Matt to death. Maybe then this show wouldn't have so much suck on it.
  14. Perfxion

    Severe ass kickings in the NFL this week.

    Thursday DEN @ HOU 8:00 DEN wins by 7 Saturday CIN @ SF 8:00 : CIN wins by 14 Sunday 1:00 NYJ @ NE : NE by 42 JAC @ PIT: Should be SNF game of the week. Loser gets NE in the playoffs, um PIT by 6 SEA @ CAR: SEA by 15 BAL @ MIA: BAL by 6 GB @ STL : GB by 21 ARI @ NO : NO by 25 TEN @ KC : TEN by 10 BUF @ CLE : CLE by 3 ATL @ TB : TB by 20 4:00 IND @ OAK : IND by 35 PHI @ DAL : DAL by 3 DET @ SD : DET by 9 Been waitin' all day for Sunday Night! WAS @ NYG : NYG win by 5 in an boring ugly game Monday night massacre CHI @ MIN : MIN by 21
  15. Perfxion


    The biggest problem with gun laws is the black market. But by you logic, a 1903 model Colt .45 would be illegal. It isn't the power or how many bullets because if you make it where 6 shooters, single fire rifles, and some shotguns are the only legal weapons, then everyone who illegally own tech-9s, AKs, AR-15s will just let you fire once before unloading on everyone. The biggest problem is not further restricting legal guns. The bigger problem is three fold: (1)Keeping the illegal ones off the streets, (2)Closing the black market on guns, (3)Better tracking of all guns on the market. And these problems are next to impossible to do without a massive roundup and collection effort. And mini civil war that would spark from it.
  16. Perfxion


    Um, all fully-atuomatic guns are banned, assult weapons are banned, felons are banned from having guns, machine guns are banned, a large chunk of semi-automatic weapons are banned. Gun laws are well in place, plus add in the fact that ALL guns could be deadly. A 15th century flint lock can still kill just as well as a Tommy-gun. This isn't a problem of gun conrol but a issue of nutjobs shooting places. I haven't read of a multi person shooting with legal weapons since the wild west.
  17. Perfxion

    MLB Off-season Thread

    Problem with A-Jones is that he goes for home runs almost every at bat. So he can have a year like 05 where he lead the league in HRs but just like Howard he will also lead the league in Ks.
  18. Perfxion

    MLB Off-season Thread

    With this trade to the Tigers, the Marlins might have about a 7.5 to 8.0 million dollar payroll. They do recieve 60 MILLION dollars from TV and the other teams agreement before the first pitch of the season. So the billion dollar question is, where is the money?
  19. Perfxion

    NFL Week 14 - Dolphins? More like LOLphins! Amirite?

    Thursday CHI @ WAS : Too Soon?! Or Better yet, who cares. This is a perfect NFL TV station game. Of no importance and with two teams who can go zero to suck in 3.5 seconds. Bears win by 6. Sunday CAR @ JAC : JAC will level the feel with them. JAC by 14. MIA @ BUF : BUF will keep the streak alive, but only by 3. SD @ TEN : TEN gets back on the losing track and out of the playoffs. SD by 10. TB @ HOU : TB win by 20. HOU is just that sad that they will get creamed. OAK @ GB : Home game means cold weather and OAK gets blown over. GB by 15. DAL @ DET: Tough game: Dallas needs the win to win the NFC East. DET needs to win to say in the 6th spot. Dallas by 10. NYG @ PHI : NFC East games are toss-ups. PHI, only because I hate the Giants. Who can really tell which version of each team shows up. STL @ CIN : CIN will win but with give up 30 points, like normal. ARI @ SEA : This is another hard game to pick. SEA should win this, but since they don't have a death blow, ARI might come back and win it. Still, SEA by 8. MIN @ SF : MIN will run all over them, and win by 20+. KC @ DEN : Crap vs Crap. Den wins by a game winning field goal. PIT @ NE : damn, this is a tough one, and should have been the SNF game. Oh Well, I can't honestly know the outcome, but manybe NE by 3, again. CLE @ NYJ : CLE wins by 15. Jets lose out rest of season. IND @ BAL : crybabies will get beat again, and IND has another divisional title. Monday NO @ ATL: NO wins because only Vick gives ATL a shot against this team in terms of going score for score. Since he is locked up, all the scoring will be done by NO. 44 to 14.
  20. Perfxion

    Best President Ever

    Teddy gets my nod for best president. He done more in his time than the last 4 presidents combined. Plus he caused and fought in a war that was for imperial power and admitting it in the process.
  21. Perfxion

    House: Season 4

    I really hope both guys are cut next week, because they are such bland characters. Big Love leaving was a shock but I am glad he is gone too. They do not need two Foremans on the show. Line of the night: "Amber has the nickname of cutthroat bitch, and you think I drugged him?!"
  22. Perfxion

    Christmas music

    My two favorite: "Let It Snow" by Boyz II Men f/ Brian McNight "All I want for Christmas is You" by Mariah Carey
  23. Perfxion


    PHI: lose by 14 PIT: lose by 30 NYJ: win by 15 BUF: lose by 7 BAL: lose by 3 NE: lose by 50 CIN: win by 1
  24. Perfxion

    WWE General Discussion - November 2007

    He is going to be bald by 30, just like his dad.
  25. Perfxion

    American Pride and Nationalism

    "AMERICA, FUCK YEAH!" Now I await my death by stoning.