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    First "CD" you ever bought

    don't forget new gems like: "HEY KOBE, HOW DOES MY ASS TASTE!? HEY KOBE, HOW DOES MY ASS TASTE?"
  2. Perfxion

    First "CD" you ever bought

  3. Perfxion

    House Season 5

    They are turning 13 into a lesbian whore, which fine by my watch. Plus this week and last week put the show back to where it needs to be.
  4. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    My biggest problem has been that there is no difference between gas on 06/21/2008 and gas 10/21/2008 except now its so much fucking cheaper with the demand not changing of any major note.
  5. Perfxion

    Your city's most-loved team

    Top 5 teams in Greater Houston metro area. 1a: Texas football 1b: Texas A&M football. The entire state is this way. Except for the Dallas metro area, these two football schools rule the land. Plus there is a state holiday for when their game is so nobody has to miss the game. 2: Astros, they are the biggest Houston professional sports team but they are painfully average. 3: Texans, even though they haven't done anything to warrant a fan base. 4: Dallas Cowboys, the entire state either loves them, or hates them. No middle ground. Just like the Yankees in baseball except with less wins. 5: Rockets, they are average, but they at least make the playoffs every year.
  6. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    Yaris is not a bad car at all. Its just that I would take the Camry or Avalon over it any day of the week. The Yaris is one of the best non-hybrids on fuel economy. But I look for more than just how many MPGs a car gets. Resale value and style go into the equation.
  7. Perfxion

    VH1's 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs

    "Hard Knock Life" is Jay-Z's biggest single in terms of airplay. It was the biggest song of 1998 to the point that everyone bought the album. "Juicy" may not be biggie's best track but it is his best single. That song was a hit in 1994 and still gets airplay. More than any other track he has ever done. "Fight the power" was a BIG track. I would say their biggest single. Not their best song, but their biggest. "B.O.B" is my favorite Outkast song but I still think that song was badass. Its different than anything around it so why not. Outkast has had so many good tracks its hard to pick just one of them. My biggest gripe is that "Summertime" should be in the top 10. Its a track that gets play every year for the last 17 years and people still dancing to it. "It takes 2" should also be in the top 10 because it is the ultimate rap party song. Plus, I would have switched "I Need Love" with "I Can't Live Without my Radio" that is LL's biggest single ever. This should be called "VH1's top 100 Rap singles" because if it was really all about hip-hop, other genres would have crack the list.
  8. Perfxion

    Campaign 2008

    Anything not written in the Constitution is a state's issue. Abortion/Gay marriage/Rights to Privacy/Education/Age of Consent/beer sales//ect are ALL states issues. The Feds have NO business in any of these issues.
  9. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    two things: First, right now the cheapest is 2.49 a gallon right outside of Houston. With the most expensive being 2.75(next to highway). Secondly, I worded that wrong it should have read: Hell my V8 Grand Cherokee gets better MPGs then most truck model hybrids. The GM line gets up to 20MPHG going down a massive hill. And just because it gets 35 to 45 MPGs doesn't make it a good car. The Yaris may be great fuel economy but I will take an Avalon any day of the week. There is a reason the Aveo goes for 75K less than a Vette.
  10. They did this not to mess up the TV viewing of house. Which in 1 day will get more viewers than all 7 games combined.
  11. Perfxion

    Is it just me or...

    I think the two biggest downfalls to this place is that 1: its still a wrestling board even though most here don't give a shit about wrestling. 2: an anti-newb vibe that has been here since 2003 is starting to bite this place in the ass because it seems that new posters are not wanted. So its the same core of 50 or so posters all over the place.
  12. Perfxion

    Best Hell In A Cell Match?

    I picked Taker/HBK because it was the best MATCH of any HIAC. The bumps and the brawl told a story of Taker kicking Shawn's ass. Shawn cheating like crazy, gets a few shots in. Gets extremely cocky, and then Taker goes back to the ass whipping. My two problems with HIAC 2 is that the match peaks 5 mins into it. The second spot was a fuck up and Foley is knocked out silly. Hell, in his own book, he says that he had to watch the match 3 times just to talk about it. He only remembers the first bump and the climbing back up the cage. 2: Plus the real match part just sucked as a man who should not be in the ring is "wrestling" Taker(who has a broken ankle) in a craptastic brawl that should have just been a quick pin when Taker got in the ring so Foley could seek some medical help.
  13. Perfxion

    Ohio Inmate Says He's Too Fat to Execute

    Supreme Court says no, Ohio executes fatty I guess that ends this topic.
  14. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    Marvin, you have 30 to 40 days to use your "stockpile" up before the gas degrades and you are left with gallons of useless shit. As for off shore drilling, the ban period should be over by the end of the month, and I doubt anyone in power is going to allow such measures since the prices has come down more than 50 percent. Hell, I could see a new ban being placed in sometime in middle of November when its "election safe" by adding it to a bill that doesn't hurt anyone.
  15. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    Bicyclist, hybrid drivers, and new "MPG" gurus are people with some of the highest level of smug out there. Its one thing to bike because you like to for health/cost saving measures. And its another thing to drive hybrids and other high mpg rides because you want to save money. But do NOT try and act like you are above everyone for trying to lower the demand that has no real relation to how many drivers are in a given area. Since prices of demand are pure speculative and wild guesses to be honest. Hell my V8 Grand Cherokee gets better MPGs then most truck model hybrids. And just because it gets 35 to 45 MPGs doesn't make it a good car. The Yaris may be great fuel economy but I will take an Avalon any day of the week. And I would personally bike to work, but there are no sidewalks where I live. And 98 degree days with 95% humidity for months on end just is not smart to do and then work 8 or more hours.
  16. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    Damn, gas dropped from $2.90 to $2.65 today. I feel another 40 cents being chopped off before it all said and done.
  17. Perfxion

    The US Economy and Current Financial Crisis

    Dow ends up 936 points or simply put 11%
  18. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    Truthful answer is that Ethanol(e10) is both helpful and harmful to some parts of cars..... Pros: --Ethanol has more oxygen per chain than standard gas. So it is like running 89(plus) off of 87(regular) gas. --It bonds with air better for a more full spark. Making more power. More power=more speed. --It can be made off of renewable resources so it lesses the amount of crude needed for cars. --One tank full of e10 to e85 would clean out most injectors without needing extra "treatments" and "car cleaning chemicals". --Full tanks of e10 trap moisture better so that they don't freeze quickly up in the north. Cons: --Most cars are built not to run off e10 so they burn richer(meaning more gas in the air/fuel ratio that is at the core of MPGs). --Fuel filters died quick painful deaths due to the e10 trapping crap into them. Needing a replacement. However, after 2 tankfuls, and a filter replacement, that problem goes away. --Older lead base cars run crappier off of e10+ because they are tuned to use less oxygen in their spark. --Spark plugs run shorter life spans to the range of 2K to 10K miles less. --E10 not used in 20 to 30 days will release its moisture content and rust the hell out of any metal part and break down gas to a sludge that will kill fuel pumps, carbs, injectors, plugs. One more thing to point out, e10 is mostly sold only in big cities with different gas laws than small towns. So Houston, LA, and the entire state of Connecticut would sell it. And places like Victoria TX, Jackson MS, and the entire state of Montana would not.
  19. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    2.90 a gallon near by here in Houston. 90 cents to go before it hits reasonable. BTW: Last year when gas was selling at 80 dollars a barrel, gas was 2.59 a gallon. Why hasn't the drop matched the increase?
  20. Perfxion

    NFL Week 6

    Early Chicago at Atlanta: CHI by 7. Miami at Houston: MIA wins by 14. This is the game that gets alot of people fired in Houston. Plus Matt gets benched for good. Baltimore at Indianapolis: Ugly game but Balti wins by 6 and has the ball for 40 mins of game time. Detroit at Minnesota: Minn by 10. Oakland at New Orleans: NO can't fuck this one up. NO by 9. Cincinnati at N.Y. Jets: Jets win by 12. Brett throws for TDs. Carolina at Tampa Bay: toss up of the week. Carolina just seems to be the better team and wins by 3. St. Louis at Washington: Redskins win by 17 and everyone claims they are the team to beat in the NFC. Nevermind losing badly in week one against the one team with a better record than them. Late Jacksonville at Denver: JAC finally wins a game by more than 3 points. They win by 7. Dallas at Arizona: Dallas gets a 20 point spot, then Zona rodes it down to a 8 point win. Philadelphia at San Francisco: Philly wins this one without needing a running back. By 10. Green Bay at Seattle: Hmmm, tough one, Sea only plays good at home. So I will say they win by 3. SNF New England at San Diego: If Brady was on the field NE wins by 17. IF LT was playing well, SD by 17. Since both teams are just painfully average, I say NE by a game winning fieldgoal. Football on Monday night N.Y. Giants at Cleveland: NYG in a blowout. They will "Madden" them and win by 21.
  21. Perfxion

    NFL Week 5

    I do, more often than I should.
  22. Perfxion

    NFL Week 5

    In slow mo, that looked even better of a catch.
  23. Perfxion

    NFL Week 5

    That looks like a TD. Colts are up.
  24. Perfxion

    NFL Week 5

    uh....this is getting crazy. Indy might win this.
  25. Perfxion

    NFL Week 5

    WTF?!? just like that this is a game again.