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    New Titles and Credibility

    Well, not to be anal or anything but Pedro Morelez was IC champion 10 years AFTER he won the World title. Which goes not only against what you are saying but also predates HHH's squash of Hardy by 20 years. Now on to the WOrld title being DEAD! Here is what I think the major problems with the title are. Your major problems: 1: Heel champ with too damn long of a reign. It worked for Flair in the 80s because there wasn't PPV until 87 for the NWA and the fact that they went all over the world. So it was a fresher act. With 12 PPVs a year for the champion, the rate of freshness drops. So holding a title for 12 PPVs with new TV everyweek is like holding the belt for 6 years back in the 80s. It is just too damn long now a days. 2: There are NO strong title contenders. The biggest pushes right now are for HHH, Orton, and Kane. Three heels. When you have a heel champion without a strong FACE contender, you get a shitty reign. The reason Pedro's reign was considered flat was because his reign had weak comp. The reason HBK's reigns are always flat, because there is only one person to really fued with. Your top 5 faces on RAW: 1: Goldberg, booked weakly and jobbing out soon. 2: HBK, proven in December that nobody gives a shit about him 3: RVD, getting squashed by Kane tommorrow night. 4: Booker T, injured right now. 5: Kevin Nash, just lost a hair match and nobody gives a shit about him. 3: Bad writers who don't know what the fuck they are doing. This is true for the WHOLE company. 4: Not talked about alot but holds true, they are trying to retrain the crowd. For 50 years, the WWF has been about the big bad heel chasing the baby face with the babyface winning the blowoff, or the big bad heel chasing and beating the baby face with the second babyface winning the blowoff. If you look through time it is true. From such title changes as: Backlund losing to the Iranian who loses to Hulk Hogan. Hogan getting screwed by the Mega Bucks and Savage winning it. Bret losing to Yoko and Hogan saving the day Austin getting screwed out of a title match and Big Show winning. Lately though, it is the heel being chased by the baby face. Fans been condition to love seeing the babyface champion fending off the heel. But since about 1999 with Corporate Rock winning the title, it has been heels being chased by the baby face. And it is a bigger deflation of the crowd when the babyface loses. They pay not to see the heel get his, they pay to see the baby face win. Thats why the crowd was dead when Booker Lost. That is why the crowd is dead when RVD loses. That is why the crowd doesn't give a shit about La Crape de tag champions. Oh, one more thing: HHH is the HEEL world champion. Hogan was the FACE world Champion. Hogan had hot reign from fueds of (in order I think) Iron Sheik, Piper/Orton/Morracco, Orndroff, Heenan family members but mainly Bundy to Andre the Giant. All of these men were made to look like they could be champions and the fans bought it. Fans don't buy HHH doing this same act, except these faces don't get put over at all.
  2. Perfxion

    Board problem

    Answer to all of your problems: Use AOL to log on the net. When you want to use the TSM board, use Netscape or IE.
  3. Perfxion

    The One and Only...

    If any more whoring goes on in this thread, someone is going to get VD.
  4. Perfxion

    Who's going to be WWE Champion first: Benoit or Gu

    Not being a draw and coming world champ isn't need as in these examples: Stan the Man Big Show Yoko(because durring the roid trials, he is one person without a shadow of a doubt was NOT on roids) Big Show again Trips first two reigns. Brock Lesnar Sid Vince McMahon Hogan's last two reigns Nash And there might be a few more these are the ones to pop into my head. As for the Benoit or Guerrero game. Well as long as Big Show and A Train are getting the pushes while Benoit and Guerrero keep stealing the show....Guerrero, then Benoit after Mania because A-Train or Show gets injuried.
  5. Perfxion

    Favorite R&B singers

    Lets see, 50 Cent and Ja Rule rapping about kill each other are SO close to groups like Floetry who sing about love and wrote the song "Butterflies" for Michael Jackson. Hell you can make a case of Usher, Jahiem, and Jagged Edge dressing urban but when they all make LOVE SONGS it kind of kills your whole point. So to sum it up, you don't know jack shit what you are talking about.
  6. Perfxion

    Which Jackson is Better

    Who do you think is the better of the two Jacksons. Michael, who has had a longer career but Janet who seemed to have more hits(counting Solo hits only). So who is your pick of the better Jackson?
  7. Perfxion

    Favorite R&B singers

    My Favorite RnB Singers/Groups.... Marvin Gaye, hear him do "What's Going On" and you know why. Ralph Tresvant of New Editon- Justin Timberlake and Jordan Knight owe their careers to this man. Jonny Gill of New Edition/LSG, hear anything "Boys II Men" for proof of his talents. Boys II Men, one of my favorite groups because of songs like "On Bending Knee" Teena Marie, "Lovergirl" and "Square Biz" as a sample of her talents. Mary J. Blige, this bitch can sing. "Whats 411" for upbeats, "No More Drama" for a slow groove Earth, Wind, and Fire, "Reasons" and "Lets Groove" for examples. Musiq, "Love" is a good example. Jackson 5, "I Want You Back" and "Shake Your Body Down to the ground" as examples how good Michael and co were. Janet Jackson, "Would you mind" as a sexy song that doesn't go tasteless. Others I love but dont feel like listing why anymore. Al Green, Luther Vandross, Gap Band, Rick James, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Jaheim, Temptations, K-Ci, Jo Jo, Lauren Hill, Mariah Carey, R Kelly, Prince, SOS Band, Slave, Smokey Robinson, Stephanie Mills, Stevie Wonder, Temptations, Isley Brothers, Supremes, Tony Toni Tone, Rufus.
  8. Perfxion

    NYC Power Outage 2003

    Too all you had power I want to say a whole heartly FUCK YOU~! Losing power Weds night sucked. And Thursday fucking blew. Since I live in Stamford, which is a mini NYC, we were not only hit but the last to get power it seemed. I got power 3:30 in the morning. But my brother in Milford(just outside of New Haven), had power so my family went to his place to relax. I didn't have to walk at all. So Dames and all New Yorkers had it worse. But still it sucks.
  9. Perfxion

    Let me join the masses

    For a year of TNA PPVs in the US you pay about 520 dollars....104 hours of wrestling which is about 5 dollars an hour. For a year of WWE PPVs in the US you pay about 425 dollars.... for 37 hours of wrestling which is about 11.49 an hour So watching TNA for the year is cheaper than watching the WWE. But if you want to account for TV shows, well fine. But that is just ads for the PPV and short crappy matches, sans the SD6. As for a folder being "good" or "bad", well a folder is only going to talk about the product at hand. And when the product is shit, most of the talk is going to be on the shit.
  10. Perfxion

    Top 50 Worst Music Artists of All Time

    23. Creed 26. Celine Dion 31. Arrested Development All these artist do NOT belong on the list. Creed not only has a massive following but a few of their songs are good. They have talent and just because a person doesn't like them, doesn't make them one of the worst ever. Celine Dion, the bitch can sing. You can hate her music(and I do), but to say she sucks is retarded. A major problem with people with music is everything they don't like sucks. And to say it sucks just shows how dumb some of these people are. To put Arrested Development on this and not have the roots and any other nu-soul group is retarded since AD predates nu-soul and their whole style is so much alike. They didn't have alot of hits, but that doesn't make a group suck. It just means they didnt have alot of hits. That is just three that struck me as fucking retarded. This list is so crappy it is not even funny. BTW: How can someone like Benzino be on the list when he started not that long ago. What, Nov, Dec, Jan his album came out. So it is retarded to add him.
  11. Perfxion

    WrestleMania DVD Box Set

    That would be what, 300 dollar set? For 300 bucks, they better stuff the shit out of that set. I mean all the major angles leading to the matches, major title changes leading to matches, extras of good promos around the time of it. All but 4,17, 18, 19, and 20 would have plenty of room for this shit. This would be a 25 DVD set. That is just fucking crazy.
  12. Perfxion

    Smackdown Shut Your Mouth CAW thread

    Thank you for the good makes of the Bulldogs and Harts. If you do in fact know the Rockers, that would be a big help.
  13. Perfxion

    Two Hit Wonders?

    Is this top 40 book on Pop, Rock, RnB, Rap, ect all together or just Pop? Because Kurtis Blow is before the rap charts, so it would be RnB charts to look at. And he was the first rapper to go gold, so I guess it is a "hit" in the same vain of Rage Against the Machine.
  14. Perfxion

    Two Hit Wonders?

    Since they are two hit wonders, I had to say it twice.
  15. Perfxion

    Two Hit Wonders?

    Kid and Play: "Ain't Gonna Hurt No Body" and "Roll With Kid and Play" Soul 4 Real: "Every little Thing You Do" and "Candy Rain" Cameo: "Candy" and "Word Up" Groove Theory: "Baby Luv" and "Tell Me" might make a case for Kurtis Blow: "If I ruled the world" and "The Breaks" Mint Condition: "Pretty Brown Eyes" and "What Kind of Man would I be" Again you can make a case for Rage Against the Machine: "Bulls on Parade" and "Guerrilla Radio" Mary Jane Girls: "In My House" and "All Night Long" Sheila E. "Fast Life" and "A Love Bizarre" Eddie Murphy: "Put Your Mouth on Me" and "Party All Time" Sisqo: "Got to Get It" and "Thong Song" Get Fresh Crew: "Lodi Dodi" and "The Show" Though it might change, Tamia: "So Into You" and "Officially Missing You" Peaches N Herb: "Shake Your Groove Thing" and "Reunited"
  16. Perfxion

    Malibu Enterprises

    What I would want to say is illgeal since you are jailbait and all.
  17. Perfxion

    Malibu Enterprises

    Can't Spell Midnight Express without the M and the E.
  18. Perfxion

    Malibu Enterprises

    You forgot one important part.... "One, Two, THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~!" then the "gets down with bad self"
  19. Perfxion

    X-Pac beats Chyna!

    Waltman is also a major pot head and a lazy bastard. Chyna is stronger and more powerful than him. If he slapped her, she would beat the living shit out of him. And looking at these two, who is going to believe a little stick who is the only person to make Spike Dudley look built beating a (wo)man.
  20. Perfxion

    Smackdown Shut Your Mouth CAW thread

    I am having a bitch making the following CAWs: Rockers, Hart Foundation, British Bulldogs, and Midnight Express. Any or all of these would be much help.
  21. Perfxion

    Smackdown rating

    10% of TV/Radio the US is in the New York City Market. BUT, that is 10% of all ALL TV. So shows like Friends, CSI, Survivor, ect. ect. chip away from the WWE's market. So really it comes out to a loss of .07 viewers from last week. So by rounding you can go for a .1 added. Thus a 3.5 last week and the new 3.1 is still a drop none of the less. And even with the main being promoted, it shouldn't be an issue because more people would know what to expect and that generally covers market losses. And even if New England is McMahon's best ticket sell market. It doesn't always mean it is McMahon's best TV viewing market. So that can factor in as well. It isn't as cut or dry as you try to make it. But still, with Vince promoted in the main event screwjob(which everyone saw coming), then it still looks bad, no matter which market it not showing it. Before trying the smartass comments on ratings, atleast KNOW people in the business and know about them.
  22. Perfxion

    The Source's top 151 Greatest

    I will not admit to being the biggest rap fan ever. And I will admit to not knowing everything about it....but I always thought "My Name is" was better suited for this list because it not only made Eminem, but it put rap on TRL, remade Dre's career, and helped spring the career of 5 other rappers. Eminem may not be the best rapper ever(far from it), but one of the biggest. So that alone should put more than one of his hits on this list. And put one in the top 50. As for the lack of Public Emeny...well, to add to this list means taking off alot of good songs. And its always hard to make a list of this type. Because it always going to be "what abouts".