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    NFL Week 5

    I guess I was wrong about Houston. They are finally playing like a professional football team. But the Colts should score so my pick of Houston by 10 will come true.
  2. Perfxion

    R. Kelly Off the Hook in Florida

    There are 24 chapters to that crap. With another 12 on the way.
  3. Perfxion

    NFL Week 5

    Early Kansas City at Carolina: Carolina wins easy. KC just sucks and loses by 17. Chicago at Detroit: Chicago pulls a Philly and wins by 30. Atlanta at Green Bay: Close game but GB should edge by 3. San Diego at Miami: Trick plays won't work. SD wins by 10. Seattle at NY Giants: NYG wins by 3. Washington at Philadelphia: Philly should win 28 to 23. But NFC East games are toss-ups. Tennessee at Baltimore: Ugly game but I think B'More gets the upset. Ravens by 7. Indianapolis at Houston: If Colts were healthy then they would win by 17 hands down. But since they are banged up, this could go either way. Seeing it as a home opener and post Ike for H-Town. I am going to go on a limb and say Houston by 10. I could be way off base but the home crowd is going to keep Houston in this game. Late Tampa Bay at Denver: I have a hard time picking a game when I couldn't give a shit about either time. That said...Denver by 6. Buffalo at Arizona: Buff might not be able to pull a Jet but still win by atleast 14. New England at San Francisco: Closer than it should be but NE wins to try and recover from the crap of their last week. Cincinnati at Dallas: Crappy Cinci vs Angry talented Dallas....Dallas by atleast 21. SNF Pittsburgh at Jacksonville: Shitty game with J'Ville winning by 3. Final being something like 9 to 6. MNF Minnesota at New Orleans: Minn wins by 10.
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    Three problems: 1: Some comments that don't warrant a thread, don't really warrant being posted. That might solve like half the problem. 2: Mega threads kill folders because there are no more real topics. Everything gets dumped into a landfill of posts. Prime example is the music folder. Which used to have tons of threads then got down to a dozen or so and the entire year of music gets 1 thread it seems. Its better now, but it got pretty naked of threads when all discussions were done in 6 threads. 3: Some topics might need a large thread to keep all the crap together, like "Chris Benoit dead". But when its refreshed like "This week in Baseball" or "Observer/News for XX/XX" it isn't so bad. But when a topic gets "Football(English League)" thread that is going like 6 years its getting really retarded. Hell, any thread hosting 8 or more topics within should get the boot. They can not have discussion when everyone is trying to keep up 5 or 6 conversations at once.
  5. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    Higher Octane improves the engine by burning off the gunk from either: a - stop and go city traffic/congested highways. b - continual purchase of less quality gas. c - engines that have been set idle for weeks to months and having a build up of the crap in gas that breaks down after 25 to 40 days(depending on the amount of ethanol in the tank).
  6. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    If you think it was bad there, picture 4 million people around the Houston area doing that for 2 weeks now. At one point, there were 2+ hour waits to get gas.
  7. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    The biggest problem from electric cars is the fact that they would make terrible daily drivers. Its hard to find a correct way to spec the torque so not to destroy transmissions faster than a hemi does on a dodge. Then there is the whole price tag issue. Tesla Roadsters are sweet but how many people have 120,000 just laying around. And don't even think of mentioning the Chevy Volt. That concept car has been in production/R&D since the early 1990s and its the Chinese Democracy of GM. Dodge is going down the shitter because everything they have only sales with the world HEMI or SRT attached and yet those gas gusslers are fast but the muscle market is shrinking. If gas was 2.xx or lower I would trade in my 287 Grand Cherokee for a HEMI or SRT8 model in a heartbeat.. The only idea I can think of to make a car that can work between 60 to 120 MPH is for a LARGE torque converter to be able to take the stress. But that would be half the fucking engine for it to work. And even then, I just don't think it could truly work.
  8. Perfxion

    NFL Week Four

    Magic Five- 1. Regardless of who wins the game, who is the worst team in Ohio and why? CIN is worst simply because they are in no way a unit. CLE at least has a chance to turn around and maybe could become a better team. 2. Can Houston get anything going this season with the rest of their division riddled with injuries? They suck. They have a crappy QB. They have a crappy coach. Every player seems not motivated to improve. Plus Ike is the nail in the coffin for this season. 2 and 14 if they are lucky. 3. Based on their play so far, do you think Atlanta will be dangerous this year? They might win the south, but that doesn't mean much since they will be one and done like Tampa Bay did last year. 4. Baltimore is 2-0 against teams with a combined 0-6 record. Will the Pittsburgh offense wake up and put the crapass Ravens in their place? PIT beats the shit out of Ravens. 5. How will the coaching situation in Oakland affect their chances this week at home against the divisional favorite Chargers? Chargers get an easy win like they did Monday against the Jets. 1:00 Games ATL @ CAR: ATL by 6 CLE @ CIN: CLE by 7 HOU @ JAC: JAC by 17 DEN @ KC: DEN by 9 SF @ NO: NO by 14 ARI @ NYJ: JETS by 3 GB @ TB: GB by 6 MIN @ TEN: TEN by 10 4:00 Games SD @ OAK: SD by 21. BUF @ STL: 30 WAS @ DAL: DAL by 7 Night game PHI @ CHI: coinflip game of the week: PHI by 7 MNF BAL @ PIT: PIT by 15
  9. Perfxion

    You know there's a hurricane out there

    Everyone I know is safe. But right now most of my area is completely in the dark. My job is still out of power and I heard it won't be back until Wednesday at the earliest. There was a fire at an H-E-B grocery store near my job as their main generator exploded. I find it hard to call 911 on a cell phone when every agency is over flooded with calls. BTW: I stuck my foot down for Saturday and we were closed. Even though there were 90+ mph winds and flooding half their area near by.
  10. Perfxion

    You know there's a hurricane out there

    This storm is bad enough to fix the bay, but nowhere near the level to redo the whole city. And, I fucking hate my job. I am required to go to work at the store I work at because our District Manager thinks Auto-Parts is on the same level as fucking Fire Departments and EMTs. I am required to be at work at 6 AM during one of the worst parts of the storm or I might be fired. Needless to say this is one of my last weeks here
  11. Perfxion

    You know there's a hurricane out there

    Greater Houston area is going to need it. Good news is that they are getting all "special needs" and "coastal towns" to evac right now and moving to Dallas where it will be safer. And counter flowing some highways to not having a Rita like problem. But they are telling most to "hunker down" so is not to be in a dangerous area when Ike comes to shore.
  12. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    Price right now is 3.29 a gallon, but I don't know how much will be left after tonight. Everyone is filling up and not giving a damn how much. Some of my friends with raised pick ups are laughing right now because of their 36 inch clearance for water. Some of my friends in hybrids are shitting a brick because of the fact that floods in the area and their cars are too low. Me, I am glad I kept my Jeep and as long as it isn't massive flooding I will be okay. Ike is coming to beat Houston like we're Tina. BTW: Oil Tycoon T. Boon Pickens is heavy pushing and building wind farms to get more of Texas off of oil. His plan has this country fossil independent by using more wind. Best part is that HE is putting his money where his mouth is. If you want to see more stuff built, build it your damn self. So far he has spend 500 million dollars out of pocket to build a new wind plant for the Panhandle section of Texas. He also plans a solar factory in AZ to get more renewable energy in the Southern and Western parts of the country.
  13. Perfxion

    Campaign 2008

    If you don't vote, why the fuck are you in this thread? Further distilled, if you don't vote why the fuck do you even bitch? Fuck saying vote or die, vote or shut the fuck up.
  14. Perfxion

    How many old timers are still around?

    My member number gives an idea how long I have been here. And I go back before yellow. Hell before Sean Shannon went insane and became a woman.
  15. Perfxion

    what is the secret

    Do a full out lit folder, but I agree with Agent, no CWDWAT. Hell, every one of those CWDWAT threads on the board could get the boot in my opinion. They kill traffic. Or another idea would be an auto's section, move that CE thread on gas prices in there and see what comes from it.
  16. Perfxion

    Ohio Inmate Says He's Too Fat to Execute

    It isn't cruel in my book. But damn sure unusual punishment because more than likely, it could only happen once.
  17. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    What does being white have to do with being in the "hood"? Most people don't want to be around "thugs", "hoodlums", or "degenerates" at night time. It isn't a black, white, yellow, pink, orange thing. Its a people fear other people thing.
  18. Perfxion

    You know there's a hurricane out there

    Atleast this year, everyone is moving out NOW. Not three days after the fact. Plus, they are smart and are going NORTH this year. Which is smart because this storm looks lik it is going to get larger and larger. Houston has said it is not opening up anything for the victims just in case Hanna turns into Rita of 05 and force another evac here. Smart thing this year, National guard is now station with m16s with orders to keep peace and prevent looting by any means.
  19. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    The area of Houston is double the size of the state of CT. It would take a storm triple the size of Katrina and then we might have a chance of any rebuilding everything from scratch. Otherwise it wouldn't really dent the city if at all. Only plus would be it could end the mercy of an NFL team called the Houston Texans.
  20. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    Right now, the 10s of millions spent on the light rail goes from Astrodome to Minute Maid Park. 3 or 4 miles to connect to stadiums. Well worth our money. On Wed, gas next to job 3.31 a gallon. Right now 3.49 a gallon with off shore rigs shutting down for safety with that hurricane brewing.
  21. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    Its currently 3.46 a gallon and dropping. A Shitco is currently doing 3.33 a gallon. And a Chevron that just opened was doing a special 2.25 a gallon. The lines to get there was 3 lanes wide, 2 miles deep. They blocked off a road just to get "cheap" gas.
  22. Perfxion

    Russian-Georgian War

    never...he is dumb, but not that dumb.
  23. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    Well duh, seeing as automobiles are only 120 to 130 years old, its hard for them to be around from the beginning. I am just saying it will take a LONG ASS time to happen all over the country. Places can not afford the cost of building mass transit. Some places don't need mass transit. So I was more meaning how long it will take. So you link to an article that talks about off shore helping a country. Then we know that there is ALOT of oil around this country(Texas, Alaska, Off Cali coast, off Texas coast, ect.) and you expect us to just ignore that this country can solve its own problem? How dumb can you be to think that a country with the resources of us can not do some drilling to deflate a baloon of fake inflation of oil prices? Yes we have an oil dependance problem as much as we have an air dependance problem. But currently there are not a lot of options that would really WORK to solve that problem. So what are we to do in the mean time? Just hold ands and pray as a mode of travel? If my head is in the sand, please tell me how the price went up 200% this year with NO real change in the demand or supply? There is no gauging going on? Really, you are saying 100% that the price of oil is 1000% correct at current usage? It just goes up 75% over a month just because of magic? Really who's head is in the sand? OPEC has been full of nations that hate us. We as a country can get more of an indepence from OPEC if we used other fossil fuels as well as crude. It is not a shock to think that international terrorist harboring nations would be hurt long term more of US not giving them money. So again, whos head is in the sand. The 70s fake scare was just that, fake. If there was really an oil problem why wasn't there in the 80s and 90s? Simple, there is alot more oil in this world and the bullshit is being swallowed up by jackasses who believe that OIL=EVIL! If we need to buy international oil, hell look at Russia. They could be the second or third largest oil producing country with the estimated ammounts in Siberia. We don't need OPEC if we are buying on a world market. We have other means of getting crude. Hell, we can turn all diesel fuel from recycle products(engine oil, transmission oil, cooking oil, gear oil, ect) and futher take less oil from OPEC. As for "Enviormentalist", yes some have done some good. But NIMBY and Teehugging has made it tough for many other fuel and energy sources from being used? When was the last refinery built? When was the last Nuke Plant built? When was the last add on the gas and oil pipelines done? Plenty of ways to make short and intermendite changes to our problems denied and held up in protest and enviromental law suits. BTW: IF(real big if here), the price is purely by demand, and since people nation wide have been driving less for months with price further raising. Why did prices only seem to drop after bush says that he is going to repeal off shore drilling ban to see oil prices drop 30 bucks a barrel? Again, you really don't know how big our country is. What can work in some European countries is great for them. Not us. What works around NYC with the trains and subway would not fly around Houston. Walking is not an option when you have to go 6 miles in 98 degrees with a heat index of 108 plus 85% humidity. Bike riding is not an option when you have to go 12 miles and cross 4 major intersections with lanes of 6 lanes total traffic. El-trains are not an option when you have to spread out all 360degrees to hit all ICS lands. Plus Europe being SO MUCH OLDER means alot of people live on top of each other. It again makes things much easier. This is again why on NYC has this super subway system and LA. Travel is easy when everyone is going right next to each other a total of 10 blocks. Travel is more difficult when everyone is going different ways. For example, the only area of Houston that could work with usage of mass transit is within the 610 loop. Park and rides, plus turning HOV lanes into rail lines could help. But everything outside of that just becomes too difficult and too much of a budget strain to become a reality. The United States has to look at alternate energy. Everyone will agree with you, but you fail to listen that suddenly dropping oil is not going to work. Yes, for 7 years you been on your soap box preaching about how we have too much oil dependence. But you have not listen others who been saying that the prices are not showing the true picture and that there are other ways to make gas. The prices dropping in the 80s was from the real demand than with a lot artificial inflation. Alternate energy research has been slow because gov contracts were to open ended without anything saying we need to see proof of work being done.
  24. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    Yes, we need to have others ways of travel. No, it will not happen over night/year/decade/century. Yes, off shore drilling can help drop the price of crude and help get the strain off the bottom 40% of this country. No, its not the only solution to the problem. Yes, our current demand rates need more crude. Yes, our current demand rates could be aided by coal, natural gas, hybrids, biofuels, "reinvention of the wheel" in terms of energy usage. No, oil is not stitches to the problem, just a band-aid on a bullet wound. Yes, oil prices reflect somewhat of a global oil demand. No, price gauging, lack of refining, catering to OPEC and Tree huggers has but an artificial bubble in the cost of crude. Yes, Europe does show ways to get around with less oil usage. No, Europe ideas do not work nation wide, we are MUCH bigger and MUCH younger so space is NOT been a problem before. Thus traveling further makes things more difficult. As a nation built on the automobile and expansion, it would take a large effort to change 200 years of American thinking and planning.
  25. Perfxion

    Raven files a lawsuit against the WWE

    I believe, almost all surgeries that happen while under contract, or directly relating to something at a WWE event, they pay for. IE: Everyone seeing Dr. James Andrews for all surgeries(maybe they get a group discount?) down in Alabama. And anything that happens while at a WWE event the WWE must cover(rules of local and state athletic commissions). But if someone has the sniffles and need to see a doc, that is out of their own pocket.