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    Gas Price Check...

    $3.59 is the average around here. But one pump(Chavez's shit) 3.42 a gallon in Houston.
  2. Perfxion

    2008 Summer Olympics

    With players like Melo, Wade, and Kobe. There defense will be all offense. They need to score 100+ per game to have a shot at winning.
  3. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    Get your head out of the fucking sand, numbnuts, and do some very basic research on peak oil. For crying out loud. Then, check out G-L-O-B-A-L W-A-R-M-I-N-G. Lets try this on civil: peak oil is unknown because we do NOT know the TOTAL WORLD SUPPLY. Maybe its already past, maybe we have another 300 years who the fuck knows. Since it is just a guess its foolish to go by it. I have done basic research and yet nothing explains these four problems. --tankers in the gulf are not porting because we have too much oil in the crude oil supply tanks on land. --refineries are at max to meet demand and are backlog from the excessive oil on the market. --refined products are full and those tanks are not emptying fast enough because of demand is not there --YET GAS IS STILL UP BEYOUND the starting point of this mess? Basic supply and demand law says if the demand is lower than the supply, then the price goes DOWN not UP! Thus my statement yet again, its a fake scarce issue. Global Warming is real, but hard to pin point the whole auto industry(the point of this thread) since things like emissions laws have our cars cleaner than most cars around the world and yet we are the bad guys? The two countries that house 1/3(China and India) of the world population are pretty much killing our world with their 19th century style industries and no emissions cars and yet you are bent out of shape of someone driving a v8 SUV in Texas? I get 20mpg in a Jeep Grand Cherokee and I am really happy about that. I could get something that would be better mpgs. But I rather not have payments just to off set the high gas. And I not going with another used car that would still have me paying more than what I am selling because this whole fucking retarded idea that "SUVs are the problem!!!". You want these mass transit systems that would bankrupt cities just to be "green". Multi billion to trillion dollar ideals that just won't fly. Are you going to pay for it to go into Houston when you live 1500 miles away? Are you going to use it when it would serve no purpose anyways? Are you expecting people to add 4 to 6 hours in their day for travel just to do simple task like drive to work? You seem so unreasonable about things because you will not listen to people trying to kindly tell you that it just won't work like the east coast because everyone and everything is way more spread out.
  4. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    1: Its a fake energy crisis that started in March that was NOT a problem a week before. There isn't a massive oil shortage. There is a massive price gauge going on worldwide. How could gas magically go up 80 dollars a barrel when NONE of these "problems" were even out there in December. We are in the top 4 in oil, top country in coal, top 3 with natural gas, and could off shore to sure up the problems coming from the middle east. But we are getting screwed by big oil, OPEC, the gov, lack of refineries, tree huggers, and that we are not allowed to drill off shore 150 miles from the Cali cost, but China is currently drilling 60 miles from the coast. 2: Some cites/counties/greater metro areas would need to spend trillions of dollars to put in a mass transit system. Who wants to flip THAT bill? I don't want to spend 50% of my check going to local taxes just so a train or subway can be built and would then be 15 to 20 years before it is of full use for me. Plus how can you build underground(since the street level is packed) in an area that is a swamp that floods easily? 3: Some alt fuels are just not ready for business. Electric cars are not going to help any delivery system. hybrids and e85 still use fossil fuels so are they really that different or just "use less to help". Maybe I would believe everyone on alt fuels if I haven't been reading about them for 20 years now. Electric cars are over 100 years old. By now they should make a fucking battery that can charge as fast a Cell phone for "slow charge" and make one that can charge in 5 mins "fast charge". e85 has been around for 10 years, yet even today they still haven't made a fucking car on the road that is built for it because NOBODY really carries a pump with it. How many "billions" are spent on "R&D" yet nobody seems to see anything develop. Or, better yet, there might be a reason for the lack of new technology. There isn't something out there that will get the mileage of the older idea of gas+air+spark for horsepower.
  5. Perfxion

    Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

    But one should note, of the 60 person roster, there were so many clones and reskins of people that the number should be down to 30. Then there are the ninjas that all seem to look alike and fight alike except the two(maybe three if you count Reptile) people care about. I don't mind a smaller roster, as long as everyone is different. Because the biggest problem with the last few MK games (and SC 3 and 4), is that too many fight alike to the point that there is no point of having the two of them in there. Why have 30 to 60 fighters if 20 to 30 of them are just re-skins.
  6. Perfxion

    Ohio Inmate Says He's Too Fat to Execute

    take him off the other meds, problem solved.
  7. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    You mean to tell me that you never seen a locksmith, AAA, towing, Glass-smith, various repair, hauling services? I need to show you pictures of jobs that use full size vans, pick ups, and SUVs so you believe that this does happen? What lala land do you live in? Um, that does say the most advance, most are not quite there yet. Plus that is a full tank of gas in standard car. But travel does use that tank up real fast. And i know most people travel between 10 and 30 miles a day. So it isn't a problem. But electric cars are not a solution, they currently can not meet half of the demands of e10 cars. They can not meet the demands of fleet and businesses. They only meet the demand of 9 to 5ers who only do errands and work travel. Everyone else is pretty much fucked. Plus, if you live in an apartment, where are you going to plug your car into? Run an extension cable to the parking lot or across the street? BTW: please explain to me the same point I said three times, how does one travel from Houston to Dallas in less than 2 days with an electric car? I don't know if you have realized but 5.0 through 7.4L gas and diesel trucks have been in use since the fucking 50s. In 50 years they found out that the only way to make a long term usable truck was to put a large ass engine in with a beefed up transmission. I am not saying a love for big blocks but there IS a reason to it. The horsepower to haul is needed that 4bangers just don't have. There is a reason a focus does not have a trailer hitch to it, but a F150 does. There is also a reason a 4cyl stopped being put in trucks, they can't tow like the big boys. Your beef with big blocks should be with muscle cars. Modern Shelby Mustang (Supercharged 5.4L), Challenger(6.1L SRT8), or Viper(8.1L SRT10) should get this kind of venom because all three are un-needed on city roads. People with these cars are burning it with no value except for power and looks. A person can get the same speed in a supra that you can get in a Challenger. Stop acting like people in Pick ups/SUVs are the ones causing this FAKE SCARCE of a resource since the demand has dropped worldwide with the price still going up. There is NO REASON for the "scarce" being an issue now than in last Nov when gas was $1.50 less a gallon with the same problems of not enough refineries for the ammount of crude that we have. So that fuck you, might be the wrong idea.
  8. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    Electric cars are a perfectly fine idea for city daily drivers, people who do less that 30 miles a day. The most any electric car currently gets is 250 miles. That is great for city work or small trips. But it takes 6 to 8 hours to recharge the most advance one. The problem is that travel would be impossible, fleets would need double the cars to do the same work because of battery charging. It would take 2 days to get from Dallas to Houston. I should also point out there is only one electric car currently on the market. It goes for 120,000 dollars. That would be the biggest hurdle. It cheaper to drive a F350 duelly with a shitty v10 than an electric car. And with the Chevy Volt, when they release that car( the GM's Chinese Democracy) then I will believe it exist. They been working on it for like 12 years, and it has 4 more years until mass production. I will give you this, the entire postal system should be on electirc cars. Just about every post office is running routes of less than 100 miles. So it would easy to get those off of gas and save so much fuel on the road. As for pick/ups, small and mid size pick ups are on full size car frames. IE: Ranger/S10. The 1500 series and up are on heavy duty frames. The torque of the engines can handle the load just fine. In fact there is not a problem with electric motors and heavy loads. I just don't think they have a motor that can currently replace a 5.3L gas or 7.3L diesel engine. Most people with pick ups use them for work issues. Most industries that are outdoors have pick ups for the ability to have a shop on wheels or transport of goods and freight. It is not going anywhere.
  9. Perfxion

    Campaign 2008

    two points: 1: Eric, I was wondering because then you might have noticed that it is next to impossible to have everyone move back within the city limits of Houston or other big cities. In Houston and its outlining areas that spread 360° and it would take forever to get to the point where it could be usable. It would cost billions to trillions of dollars to build a metro that would work. Unless they remove the HOV lane and replace it with a rail line, plus redoing all HOV on/off ramps with stations, I just don't see how this could work. But it still seems like a challenge. I wouldn't mind a better public transportation system, but when ICS of Greater Houston Area is twice the size of Connecticut. It comes a pretty massive task. Nevermind that the only true rural areas are farm lands(the limited areas of that as it is). The toy train in downtown only helps and serves the purpose of parking at Minute Maid Park taking a trolley down to the Astrodome. It is only built to get an Olympics in Houston, which the people don't want. 2: I still can't believe that people still are making an issue on whether or not Obama is a Muslim. It is as if its still January and the Rev. Wright scandal has not happened yet. People down here still believe that his trip to the middle east was a Muslim trying to get support from his fellow Muslims. Another odd thing is people thinking that Obama only running because he is black. And all blacks will vote for him because he is black. Nothing to do with people wanting the opposite of Bush in terms on domestic and foreign policies. But race and religion are the big issues.
  10. Perfxion

    Campaign 2008

    Q: Eric, have you ever visited any other parts of the US besides MD? Its a different world from the Mid-Atlantic/New England areas. I am just wondering if you have.
  11. Perfxion

    Campaign 2008

    Well you guys are forgetting something. What about big cities that are Infinite City Sprawl(ICS). The city of Houston and its suburban out lands is really fucking spaced out. It can take 2 or more hours to cross the city on the highway at 75 mph with no traffic. How does one put a subway or train system in to get from The Woodlands(northern most suburban city) to NASA Road 1 (just south of downtown). There has to be a 3 hour drive to get there. How long of a commute would that be? As for the tax issue, well taxes will rise. But I doubt any one person is going to add a 3 dollar a gallon tax on gas to get people to drive less. Real smart to tax the living hell out of the number one way of interstate commerce travel. Yes, lets make EVERY FUCKING ITEM ON THE MARKET rise up 100 to 400% just to off set the cost of shipping. Because the only one taking the hit would be the buyers. Don't forget that independent truckers would go out of business, another rise in cost of goods. Not to mention that 6 to 8 dollars a gallon on gas wouldn't make any one happy. It would cause a fucking civil war. Environmentalist would be happy people are not driving. But economist would shit a brick talking about the bottom 40% of the nation not affording to go to work, shop, spend any non bear essentials. Think there is a mortgage crisis now, let gas really fuck things up. BTW: $6 dollars a gallon on (e10)87octane would equal up to $90 to fill up a fucking Honda Civic. It would make (b5)diesel around $7.50 a gallon, so a F350 cost $225 dollars a fill up. If you fill up 3 times on that diesel, that could be someone's rent for the month. Or to get scary, filling up a Civic at $8 dollars a gallon would be $120 dollars. 93 would be $8.50 and a Challenger RT would be $153 a fill up.
  12. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    In the tax heavy state of CT, 6 years ago it was a $1.14 a gallon. Houston at the time was 89 cents a gallon. Since then gas has gone up 100 dollars a barrel, and it seem to start around the time of the Iraq war. Not saying that Bush is at fault, but it seems odd that invading an OPEC nation that the rest of the OPEC leaders would start rising the price really fast. And it seems it goes up a buck every summer and yet down only 25 to 50 cents for people to think "reasonable level" again. I remember when gas hit 2.25 and everyone was shitting a brick. It went under 1.89 for a few weeks and everyone was happy. It goes to 2.60 a gallon and everyone is mad, drops to 2.00 all together and everyone is happy. People only think about the current trend, not what has happened over the course of Bush's two terms.
  13. Perfxion

    I parked in a handicap space

    Nothing to worry about, private parking lot, no way to get in trouble. She is just a dumb fucking cunt.
  14. Perfxion

    Rey Mysterio, where's he been?

    Um, Kennedy and Carlito are the only two. But both are personal undoing than general burial. Who else could you be talking about? Edge? Angle? Bastita? Cena? Triple H? JBL? Kane? All started from Smackdown and then came to raw with no real burial of any kind.
  15. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    I filled up Sunday at 3.92 a gallon. Today same Shell is now 3.77 a gallon. And prices seem to be dropping. They still have another 1.77 to drop before I start to use the term "reasonable level".
  16. Perfxion

    Does WWE have to many titles?

    But how did the WWF(at the time) have two touring brands and yet managed to have only 1 world champion. Some people are so over a title is meaningless. NWA/WCW did the same thing. The Road Warriors were in NWA for like 4 years before winning the World tag team titles, then dropped them real quickly(for 88 standards). If they want 9 different titles, fine, but only have just 1 World champion, 1 World Woman's champion, and 1 World tag team champion. For 6 years now they have had 2 world champions. And for 2 years now they have 3 world champions. The reason it is dumb, with everyone jumping brand to brand at will, they just pop up and become world champion. It means nothing to be champion anymore. Plus, with 14 to 16 PPVs a year, and seems like there are 4 to 6 title changes a year, who can keep with who's champion.
  17. Perfxion

    Random Thoughts

    Wait, Vince McMahon paying off a congressional member in the district of his company and home(dc-4, CT) and who is a major member on the government committee investigating steroids in sports and somehow, this has let to him not yet needing to appear in front of congress?! Get the fuck out! Who knew paying off people can keep the dogs at bay. BTW: CT Republicans are much different than the current neo-cons in power. CT Reps, think President Ike. Neo-Cons in the White House, think President Bush(43).
  18. Perfxion

    Does WWE have to many titles?

    "To be the (wo)man, you have to beat the (wo)man".... Well who is the (wo)man, when there are two or three (wo)men champions. What makes everyone promotion, sport, event important is that there is ONE MAIN CHAMPION. There really is no need for three world titles, two mid card titles, two women's champion, and two tag team champions. There is NO POINT having a total of 6 tag teams and 2 titles for them. Three world titles is a joke because no reason to have that many titles when the same 4 people seem to rotate into these title matches. I think they should drop 2 world titles, a tag team title and a women's title. Let those three belts rotate the brands, hell disband the brands, and let the best of the best wrestle each other than. "Hes only champion because X is on another show". "They are only champs because there are no other teams to give the title to". Plus if they want an ECWish show, call the show WWE Extreme and bring back the hardcore title. Problem solved without needing another world title. As for the buyrate, the last title match to draw people in was the Rumble because of the Orton/Hard feud. But other than that, most people buy for the sake of seeing a WWE show since every match will be on TV the next week, if not the next PPV. 'You beat me in a falls count anywhere match, now beat me in a last man standing match. NOW BEAT ME IN HELL IN A CELL!!!!"
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    A discussion on what goes where

    I would be all for all CTWATs to be deleted because it is annoying trying to follow whats going on in any of them. I rather skip all of them and yet it seems no discussion is going on in any folder because of it. I say instead of a catch all thread for a bunch of shit, lets just have a million topics and stupid ones will die quick and painless deaths. Or if for anything really dumb, make one "little tidbits" thread and let the rest flow free. There is no discussion when all post flow too fast because someone with other random topic post and all talk dies.
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    This Week in Baseball 7/14 - 7/20

    MLB's biggest problem is that EVERY major game is played primetime, so many people flat out can not watch a complete game. God forbid anything gets into extra innings or a game won't end until after 12. People with 9 to 5ers do not get a chance to watch the whole game, so they might not watch at all. Kids can not watch almost any playoff game because they have school or it ends way to late for them to stay up. Pretty much, long time fans and newcomers are excluded from watching due to this "lets make sure the west coast can get it at a perfect time". Main reason the NFL is king, everyone pretty much has a chance to watch any big game. All playoff games are in the day time. The Superbowl is on early evening and the world stops to watch. Baseball could learn a thing about starting the games at 6 or 7 est so that the late innings are 9 or 10 est. People could invest an hour extra to watch stuff if it goes extra innings. People are not going to keep watching until almost 2 in the morning because they didn't have the forethought that a game could go extra innings or that starting it at 9 might mean midnight end time if it ended normally.
  21. Perfxion

    WWE Legends of WrestleMania

    everyone in the Hall is fair game.... So is Tully, Arn, Windham, IRS, Melenko, Steamboat, Von Erichs, and Terry Funk Jakks has signed figure contracts, but not legends contracts with Honky Tonk Man, Warrior, and maybe Savage
  22. Perfxion

    This Week in Baseball 7/14 - 7/20

    Lidge hasn't shown many great moments in closing/winning since the NLCS '04 when Cards made him their bitch. I bet he still has nightmares about Albert and Co.
  23. Perfxion

    This Week in Baseball 7/14 - 7/20

    will someone end this game, this is getting crazy. I will be shocked if their "get as many stars in 6 innings" mess comes to an end because nobody is left to cover and pitchers are thinning faster than Hogan's hair.
  24. Perfxion

    The Simpsons Week

    I would keep your 1 through 6, since those are some of my favorites. but Prohibition gets the nod.
  25. Perfxion

    Campaign 2008

    Jackson thinking Obama is not for black people like he would like is only a good thing. It shows that he isn't a polarizing "civil rights leader", which is the biggest crock of shit and does not represent black people.