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    Gas Price Check...

    It is a federal tax break(as in the entire damn thing paid off) to buy an SUV for a self owned business, or used to be. So that is why so many people bought SUVs all over the nation. As for minivans, um there are like only 3 models left on the ENTIRE MARKET. Venture, Sienna, and Odyssey. And while true, that they are a cheaper fuel economy than an SUV. They have been replaced by crossover SUVs because they just don't sell. And BTW, the Explorer is a F150 std cab & std bed turned into a box. It has the same engine as the big two full size SUVs and pick-ups. Nothing about it is small or car.
  2. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    Escalades and H2s can cost upwards of 65k. Anyone who can afford that, plus the insurance can sure as hell afford the gas. If they wanted a cheaper SUV, get the Tahoe(same engine, transmission, frame and body as the escalades) and save the 30K, which would pay for the gas and then some.
  3. Perfxion

    The Sonics' Pending Move

    Outlaws fit because that team will be booed by most of the league anyways. May as well play up on it. And hopefully they might allow a black jersey.
  4. Perfxion

    Ways to screw with a PC running WinXP

    My favorite childish prank is the same as the fake background. Add a folder, call it porn. take a screen shot with pointer not visible. make new picture desktop background. hide the task bar from fool. Now they have an unable to delete folder.
  5. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    The people around here I know with the full size Chevy Pick up/SUV need it for cargo room and towing. I also seen some get those things up to 25 miles per gallon. She should be glad she doesn't have the 99 model diesel. That shit is 160 a pop at 9 miles per gallon. Sad thing is some families need a large SUV, how else do you move 6 kids with stuff around? It is still funny seeing people blame others in their "urban assault vehicle" as the reason for the problem. Some of them need the room for travel and are being just as screwed as the rest of America. For my gas solution, I am looking for a cruiser motorcycle now. They get about 45 to 50 mpg and would be bad ass driving. 10 dollar fill up wouldn't be bad either. Because of cost, I am seeing more and more on the road and the funniest thing is seeing people going to a 9 to 5 on a bike with suit jacket folded up on the back fender.
  6. Perfxion

    Supreme Court upholds the Right to Bear Arms

    If a .44 mag could stop a rhino, it could stop a bear. That should be the standard issue handgun for all law abiding citizens. A fucking hand-cannon that sight scares people away.
  7. Perfxion

    Could you pass the US citizenship test?

    batch of 100 questions, and any 20 could be on the test.
  8. Perfxion

    Could you pass the US citizenship test?

    18 of 20. I got the opening lines of the Constitution wrong, and how many amendments are attached to the Constitution. Yay, I are American now.
  9. Perfxion

    2008: The Year in Music

    It is hard for me to buy anything but G-Unit since every album, hell most singles, since 2003 has seem to be weaker and weaker than the ones before it. It as if they are "Snoop" dogging it in the studio. Just lazy vocals on the same sounding beats. Sad thing is it took Snoop 10 years to get to the laziness that 50 got there in 3. "I Like the Way She Do It" is ok for a single, but sounds more like a 50 track than a group track. "Rider p.II" is just god awful. Only bright side on this album is no Young Buck.
  10. Perfxion

    Misused songs

    I think that was more to the fact that song was a hit and the singer was the lead actress. More to do with shameless promotion than misuse of song.
  11. Perfxion

    Supreme Court upholds the Right to Bear Arms

    Um, the simplest way to protect a home is to load a shotgun. The barrel pump click is universal sound of shits going down. Handguns do work as well as a .44mag will have most people running out of the door. Security systems work, but a really expensive for some people. A gun is a lot cheaper and works just as well. Besides, all guns are designed to stop targets. No gun is really made to kill people. People will kill people. A gun is just a tool. It is no different than a shovel, a knife, an axe, or a hammer. They are still objects that can't do anything themselves. If you want guns to "stop killing people". Teach humans to stop shooting at each other. And that is not going to happen anytime soon. As for shootings. If people want a gun, they will get a gun. If people want to kill themselves, they will kill themselves. It isn't committing suicide it is completing suicide from a gun. A lot of people try to kill themselves, from hanging, pill swallowing, drowning, and CO exposure in a garage. Guns just do a better job to people who really are just a waste of air.
  12. Perfxion

    Supreme Court upholds the Right to Bear Arms

    my 2 cents: As a person with a well liberal bias, I still believe keeping guns out of law abiding citizens is utterly retarded. With felons bad, "assault" rifles ban, machine gun ban, extended clip semi-auto ban, unregistered ban, sawed off ban; with background checks, permits, and required registration, its already illegal for people who shouldn't have guns not to have them. Any more laws are not going to help the problems of the ones we have not being enforced. With the machine gun ban as an example, since 1936's law was enacted zero guns registered were ever used in a criminal activity. In fact, the problem has been, and will always be the black market. Stamping out the black market will do more to keep guns off the street than permits on Colts and Dirty Harrys.
  13. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    But you are forgetting something. My jeep gets 340 miles on the highway. If I need to refill at the 300 mark, its a 5 min ordeal to pay, pump, and go. Electric batteries do not refill so fast. So it is a 5 or 6 hour wait time before you can continue driving. That means that you can only use it as a city driver because a person would need to make it a two day trip to get from Houston to Dallas, when most cars can do that in 4 hours. The two best intermediate options for engines are natural gas(since we are like Saudi in terms amount this country has) and compressed/liquid hydrogen since they only emit water out of the exhaust. But it will take years to really get the infrastructure in place. Right now, Southern Cali is about the only place to refill. The only other option for people is the BMW 760H which is a hybrid of gas and hydrogen and can run off of either one.
  14. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    Marvin, you are a little over reacting to these what ifs. Electric cars will not take over any time soon because of their limited mileage. In the 100 years of electric cars they have gone up a total of 100 miles. Right now, the max is about 250 miles per charge. A person would not be able to travel anywhere of distance without taking forever. So don't worry, there won't be a boom in the market that is going to screw up power grids. The only group who should swtich ASAP to help out and make sense would be the postal service since they make short trips and could take a big chunk of demand off the oil grid. Useless fact: The only electric car with any demand is the Tesla Roadster. But $120,000 is out of most people's budget. As for "used" fuels, all diesels can run off of biofuels. But the limit without conversion kits it can only run on a b25(25 bio/75diesel) mix. With a conversion kit, a diesel could run from cooking oils, bio fuels, diesels, and used motor oil. This market is only good when you can get used cooking oil cheap. You need to coffee filter it twice and you have fuel. Best advice is to blend it 50/50 so you could get the most out of it without ruining injectors(which could cost upwards of $130 each). You would get your "gas" down to 2.65 a gallon
  15. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    I am looking at getting a new diesel as my next car and the only thing stopping me from getting a Vdub is that you only can bring it to the dealership for the simplest repairs as in replacing the breaks. I really wish US doesn't think that diesels are only for 3/4ton and higher pick ups and SUVs because they could have dirt cheap gas. Used peanut oil and a sulfur additive could run a diesel engine.
  16. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    I love that Eric keeps saying its Americans fault for living in areas where planners made it so that they CAN'T do anything but drive. And areas where there are massive public transportation networks like New England, are so fucking expensive that you need a 55 to 100K job to just survive. Never mind that we can distill dirty water/sea water to refine products a lot cheaper than keep bringing in a pumping fresh water. And that "the greater good of this country needs to find other resources" all the while right now the bottom 20% of this country is just struggling to pay rent and drive to work. We as a country DO need to protect the environment and find renewable resources. B20(which can be made off of peanut/soy beans and recycle oil) and E85 (which could be made of sugar canes or a corn stocks with the leftover sold to the ranchers as feed) are a great start. But right now over Bush43's reign, we have seen gas go up over 500% which is going to cripple this country. Many industries and markets are going to under and more jobs to be loss. Bigger recession means weaker dollar which means another excuse for oil prices to rise. So this "bed we need to lie in" is a bunch of crap because it isn't the people who work's fault when they are the ones being screwed by Big Oil/OPEC/Gov/Planners/Speculators.
  17. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    While I don't normally agree with Marvin, but seeing that this country has to be in in the top 10(possibly 5) oil producing countries in the world. I fail to see how refusing to drill for oil in the US(or off shore) is such a bad thing when we are paying 140 for crude. Clean Air wack jobs are preventing from drilling in like 5 places where combined have to have as much oil as some of these small and midsized mid east countries in OPEC. I all for adding B20 to diesel batch because only 5 percent of that to the diesel market would wipe out 25% of OPEC bought oil. Because it could go off the dirtier crude and veggie oil to make a quality product for diesels. I am all for more biofuels on the market. Since 1 million cars nation wide can run E85 right now without any mods. 3/4 all cars made after 1985 could too, just need to change their fuel filter and fuel line(40 dollars in parts at most) and they can run on a fuel that is currently going 2.50 a gallon nation wide. Biggest problem is that this fuel market isn't sold on how much is available right now like EVERY OTHER PRODUCT in the market. Its based on product years from now. I know less and less people are driving so if the demand is dropping the price should not be rising. I am blaming OPEC, Big Oil, Speculators, Gov, and city planners 60 to 100 years ago with building cities in a way so that no public transportation could be used. LA and Houston are in a condition I like to call Infinite City Sprawled, or ICS, that it would take decades and billions of dollars to put in a public train or subway system to hit all of the major suburbs as well as downtown. It doesn't help that the current city limits of Houston are about the size of the state of Connecticut.
  18. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    Uh no.... There are three things that can be done to fix this problem. 1: Open more refineries so that the supply can meet this "high demand"(that hasn't changed in 8 years) so that it could curb the price per gallon. 2: Gov strip away tax credits/tax cuts/tax breaks on big oil and instead cut the taxes on fuel so that it could be less per gallon. 3: Gov federally regulates the price of gas making a floor/ceiling on prices thus removing gauging being done by big oil/OPEC. Oh yeah, one more.... 4: Hit up Russia with a long term contract to buy from them since they have alot of oil and no real tech of drilling and refining it. Make it like 50 a barrel with a 30 year exclusive lock.
  19. Perfxion

    What the fuck, weather?

    Houston's forcast from early may until Nov. HOT! Right now at 7 in the morning, it's 80 degrees and 80% humidity. We only had 20 mins of rain all of last month. This sucks. Plus, for added bonus, its going to feel like the 100s today. Good thing central air is your best friend.
  20. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    Spring, TX (town north of Houston) 3.79 is about the average.
  21. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    I think its time for congress to allow the opening of new refineries that they have been blocking. Doing that would cut into the draw back in supply not hitting the shelf right away. Thus bring the price down anywhere from 50 cents to a 1 dollar gallon, hopefully more. As of right now, I rather keep my Jeep with its 20mpg on the highway than buy a hybrid. Even if gas does hit 6 dollars a gallon. Its will not off set the price of payments.
  22. Perfxion

    House: Season 4

    This is one of the top two eps in series history. I just re-watched it and its better than first viewing. The strip tease, then twist had me in tears with how true it is for the character. Only downside from this ep is they haven't fired anyone from the new team. Because the two dudes in the new team suck.
  23. Perfxion

    Lets ask Google images questions

    Who in the WWE isn't on steroids?
  24. Perfxion

    Spring 2008 WWE Future Endeavors Thread

    She has a good(but very fucking expensive)clothing store near by and I doubt she will ever go back to wrestling again. Maybe a quick spot next time they are in Houston for tongue in cheek angle. But she will not go to any promotion again.
  25. Perfxion

    Awesome Wrestling Pictures

    Not a still pitcure but worth the post: