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    Awesome Wrestling Pictures

    If my math is right, all three teams here were champions at the same time in 1987 BTW: is it kind of a bitch to find a pic of Arn and Tully as NWA tag champions by themselves.
  2. Perfxion

    Smackdown vs. Raw 2009: News/screens

    Is it sad that I now care more about the Legends of Wrestlemania game than SD (old) Roster Update 09?
  3. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    To make the battery, the NiMH needs to be mined. The process to get the raw goods is done by strip mining. Which does more harm to the earth than good. Thus its greatest dent is from making the battery. And since they use 200000X the amount of older Cell Phone/Cordless phones they need alot of raw goods per batch. CFCs, carbon emissions, sulfur smokestacks, and tree deforestations are four main ways of ozones layer depletion. CFCs are pretty big but not as common now a days due to an almost complete ban on the product.
  4. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    Uh...hybrids don't need so much HP because the electric motor does natural high RPMs thus freeing left over HP for 3/4 speeds on the transmission. And Chevy is working on v8 gas/diesel hybrids which will have high HP/high torque. Add a turbo charger and you can have a high performance tuner without much gas usage. As for the two biggest drawbacks to hybrids: maintenance is Bentley price levels. And the battery from hybrids leave a bigger dent to the ozone layer than an H1 Hummer diesel. Since strip mining of the NiMH is so bad to the environment. Best long term solution would be corn E85 with the stock used for fuel, and the by-product sold as subsidized feed for livestock. Makes two renewable resources for this country and cheaper fuel without any need for foreign oil.
  5. Perfxion

    Groom Shot & Killed By Police On Wedding Day

    That granny was bad ass though, they burst into her house, reading the wrong address off the warrant, and were met with a shotgun wielding granny in a rocking chair. As for these guys, if someone wields a gun at you at 4:00 o'clock in the morning in plain clothes, you do not stop, you keep moving. Plus being boxed in from the van, then you would feel its some kind of set up. The cop were 100% in the wrong. No way that the victims were "druggies" or "bad people" because some random stranger in plain clothes is trying to stop you with his gun.
  6. Perfxion

    Taking suggestions...

    Since its in High Def, you can really see the needle marks.
  7. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    two problems with what you said on hybrids: 1: As more people buy them the tax credit lowers. 2: any maintenance on the vehicle is doubled because of that high powered, always live, NiMH battery. Standard shop tools do not work and one could easily be killed by hitting a wire.
  8. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    Um...if gas gets a little beyond 4 dollars a gallon, congress will step in because election years are when shit gets done to "help" the people or get re-elected. But, if gas gets any higher prices for all goods will double and shit hits the fan. I just wish one of two things happen. taxes are cut on gas, or we hit up Russia at 30/40 dollars a barrel with a long term contract that cuts out the middle east.
  9. Perfxion

    Groom Shot & Killed By Police On Wedding Day

    Problem 1 with talking about the hit and run attempt is that first the cop was unmarked. So no uniform, no badge, no poilce/Crime related windbreaker on. Secondly the van was unmarked. So at 4 A.M. if a person tries to stop you and waves a gun, are you thinking ticket or robbery? Third the van drove up to block in the car. That seems more like a gang ambush than a police search or ticket. So with a gun out from an unmarked person, and a call full of unarmed people, logic would say get away like everyone else would try to do. Then after failing at that by hitting a van that blocked them in and the cop with a gun. They had somone open fire and the rest emptied clips. With one unloading 21 of the atleast 50 shots. If this isn't excessive force then what the hell is it?
  10. Perfxion

    The Sonics' Pending Move

    Every league needs an oilers: so OKC oilers with a black/silver jersey.
  11. Perfxion

    Sports Talk Radio

    Here in Houston, 97.5 FM is the only real choice. Mike and Mike are good. Tirico is better than Dan. Cowherd is great durring football season. He is horrible durring mid summer when he doesn't have much to rant about. He had me in tears ripping Rockets fans a new one for thinking their streak wasn't a big deal. As for the local shows: 2-4CST: Bottomline with Jerome Solomon is a great show now that Jorge Vargias quit to do CW sports. Jorge killed the show with his ra-ra of the local teams and OVERLY pro Clemens. 4-5CST: Carl Dukes is a great show. Should be longer as he is the best on the network. 5-7CST: Calvin Murphy is ok, not the best. But his show is good durring basketball season because he talks about the game smartly. Plus has the opinions on topics like Barkley. Thursdays 7-9CST: Scott Sullivan is great with his MMA show. Best part of the show is that all leagues get press on it. Best thing about the whole network: NO SCREAMING-A Smith.
  12. Perfxion

    Torrie likely not returning

    She has a clothing store and is doing well here in the Woodlands, TX(right outside of Houston). She has no reason to return to the ring if she is going to end up like Dynamite kid.
  13. Perfxion

    Smackdown vs. Raw 2009: News/screens

    My biggest hope is a simple one: Will the engine finally move on from the fact that the only way to hit a grapple or a finisher is a fucking toe kick first? Oh yeah: Will the game finally stop taking away moves and start re adding them back in. Why is it that over the last 4 games 250 moves have been removed? Yet seemingly 75 moves are added?
  14. Perfxion

    Who Are the Legends of the Wrestling Industry?

    By the WWE legend status: Greg Valentine is on the level of Andre the Giant. Level of Wrestlers who are not only bigger than the sport would be known by non fans in areas plus are true kings of the ring. Ric Flair, Rock, Austin, Hogan, Andre, Ventura, Gouch, Thez Level of Wrestlers who are mainstream within the circle of pro wrestling. Plus casual fans would know real well. Sting, Warrior, Bret Hart, Dusty, Taker, LOD, Savage, Samartino, Piper, Race, Moolah, Michaels, Vern Gagne, ect. Being famous and being good are not the same. The simple line in the sand to draw is this. People are legends in the business when they can put asses in the seat for a long time. Problem is that of the second group, Samartino, Vern, and Race are the only three to be draws as long as any of the major ones or as big. Since money is the main point of any business. No one can honestly say that Michaels, Hart, Sting, Warrior, LOD, Piper, and Taker combine to match the drawing power of Flair. Who is chump change next to the 4 biggest draws in wrestling of all time: Andre, Hogan, Austin, Rock. Flair as a legend is no debate. Michaels is a debate because he was great in the ring, as was Steamboat. But both didn't draw the big matches unless paired with someone who could do those gangbuster numbers. Taker, Michaels, Bret all share a big burden when it comes to the legend label. They are well known and loved but in terms of business each only had one or two really good programs as draws. Rest of the time they were the king of a hill the size of a pitchers mound. Terms of Hall of Fame, they all deserve to get in. But terms of impact on its hall. Allowing Michaels in for his work is like allowing in Sosa for 600+ home runs. Both got alot of love, but for being the it guy, it was so short. As for the Kournikova comment. She was loved for her looks. But the most famous female players of her time are the William sisters. They are the Rock and Austin to her Warrior(read: flash in the pan).
  15. Perfxion

    TSM Town Hall: The Brand Extension - Six Years Later

    There are three major problems with the split/WWE right now. 1: "To be the man, you have to beat the man". Wrestling by its nature is around to show a champion and everyone under that person. With the split showing that its the same company, who the hell is the man? Is it Kane, Orton, or Taker? All three are "world" champions for the same company? But who is the man? If they had the split only for touring and house shows fine. WWE has always done an A card/B card lineup. But right now, the split means nothing since in the last 2 weeks people from either show freely show up on the other show. This hurts the main titles because now its not Smackdown champion/RAW champion/ECW Champion. It is now "World title A", "World title B", "World title C". They have no meaning. 2: tag team and secondary titles only seem to change hands on suspensions and injuries. The only time they remember so and so is champion is when it comes to wellnesss problems(health/drugs). So MVP's massive title reign is a good sign of creative not knowning to do with so many titles. I can't tell you who the last three tag team champions on either brand were. Too many titles and too few storylines to go along with them. 3: Everything looks the same, just color changes. The only difference between RAW and Smackdown right now are the colors. The only reason I don't watch SD is because I hate Cole. Everything else looks/sounds/feels the same. It is pointless to keep the split around. ECW needs to be shot and given a mercy killing. My idea: 1: End the split. The only thing is keep some wrestlers only on some shows for touring/travel reasons. But if everyone is on every show as it is. No need to act like Matt Hardy is against the grain by attacking a RAW superstar when he was a tag team champion on RAW last summer, while still being on the Smackdown roster. 2: Restructure the title lineup: Merge ECW/SD/RAW world titles into a triple crown. If they want make a new title that shows all three belts on it, or have them wear all three to show them as "king of all champions". Keep IC/Womens/US titles. Drop one of the tag team titles if they are going to keep that scene too weak. Better yet, add more teams from the ton of wrestlers doing nothing and make the SD tag titles the US tag team champions(rip off the old NWA singles title for a design of the belts). 3: Keep a touring split of A Show/ B Show. Since it has long been a big source of their revenue. 4: Drop all PPVs back to 12 since they have too many and buyrates are not climbing for the smaller shows due to another one within 2 to 3 weeks. Once a month is more that enough, hell they can go to 8 and make either PPV MEAN SOMETHING. Why buy No Way Out when Rumble just was more important and Wrestlemanina is WAY more important? Why buy Vengence when Summerslam is more important? Why buy 2 crappy PPVs in June?
  16. Perfxion

    Gas Price Check...

    Houston, home of Shell and big site for Chevron: 3.31 a gallon. Either the US gov needs to cut taxes or Big Oil needs to cut prices. Either/or will need to happen ASAP. Or the Shit will really hit the fan by summer.
  17. Perfxion

    Dream matches

    Perfect vs Michaels dream match happened in 1991 and was very much a ****+ match with Michaels doing a tope over the turnbuckle, post, stairs and into the aisle. As for whats left, the only two big matches they can do at this point are Cena/Batista and title for title HHH/Taker.
  18. Perfxion


    I finally broke down and got my new HDTV. I went with this one. After a few best buy gift cards saved up from Xmas and birthday I spent 420 bucks for it. So I take it as a great deal. Only problem I have is the somewhat weak sound from the speakers, but my Sony solved that with my 5.1
  19. Perfxion

    ESPN sucks, so do thread closers

    Not to make this go much further but.... Mens final 4 did much better, Women's final 4 scored much higher than 90% of the games, few preseason games get any worthwhile numbers, NBA lottery did worse(trend of the league for its ratings to keep falling), Final 4 does better numbers than USA's highest show, RAW. And the top winter Olympic Sport is Women's figure skating. I am not saying that it should be on the level of the NFL but for a few hours as the top story of ESPN.com is not a bad thing. People talk about BOTH turneys so why should the sport station not cover the sports news? I rather see that than that stupid greatest highlight bullshit. Or even worse, Whose Now?
  20. Perfxion

    ESPN sucks, so do thread closers

    Its fucking retarded to think all women's sports are a joke. They are not more of a joke than mens sports. Hell, you can go one level more and state that we are all watching grown ups playing kid games. Most men on the same level as the women would win because they would score at random from the dunk because females would not be able to guard against it. It isn't saying much. It be like saying I bet my cobra mustang would win a drag race against a daewoo. College Women's BB is fun to watch and gets just about as much(sometimes more) ratings than some mens sports. More people watch the women's final 4 and finals last year than the NHL finals. Hell the NHL finals lost a ratings battle to the food network's "How to build a better burger"
  21. Perfxion

    NCAA Tournament Pick'Em.

    I was going to pick IU to go far but to take on UNC in the second round in Raleigh, NC is just criminal by the committee. Don't forget that if they get to the elite 8, they will be in Charlotte, NC. Plus if Texas gets to the elite 8 this year, they will be playing in Houston, TX for a "neutral" court game. I not one to make a big deal out of this many years but a default home game is going to aid these teams to the final 4.
  22. Since he broke a rule that would ban him from baseball. I do not think so. But maybe someday they will add him ala Shoe-less Joe when he is long dead and also when Selig and whoever was before him are both dead to prevent protest. Might be the same for Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens. Q: Do you think any players from the "steroid era" get into the Hall? Because the way TV and radio puts it, just about everyone is on some kind of performance enhancers and thus "ruining" the game? Q2: If Steroids are as deadly as it seems in the WWE, and with so many baseball players over the years on the juice, why aren't there as many deaths if any from baseball players as they are wrestlers?
  23. I love it when its Honky/Macho level of tease to build a match. I like it when it was Sherri getting tossed around by Warrior after attacking him endlessly to further the Macho/Warrior feud. I not found of it but it sells the feud when Jericho puts Stacy in the walls for extra heat. I really don't like it when its Dudley's trying to put Trish through a table angle for the payoff not being a match. I hate it when its Regal/Vince/Steph attack on Trish because it didnt move a storyline at all. Plus the barking like a dog thing was a little too much. I utterly hate it when its Stone Cold 10K chairshot on Lita.
  24. Perfxion

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    After a few eps of Making the Band 4 this season, I went and downloaded a big chunk of all three albums. "Damaged" by Danity Kane, "Got Me Going" by Day26, and "So Over You remix" by Donnie J are all three good songs. Most of the songs I heard are pretty good. For three RnB/Pop albums they are really good. Plus I do want Diddy's new tshirt "No Bitch Ass Ness" just for the sake of having something so funny and stupid at the same time.
  25. Perfxion

    Finals, TSM Worst Poster Tournament

    I don't know MVP is really bad. Plus atleast Marvin, didn't bump a thread in the movies thread to post a bunch of unfunny jokes about a person that just recently died.